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  1. We had one put on my wifes manual wheelchair for our current Iona cruise,which was the first time for us.
  2. Why do people not like apps? They are essentially identical to a website, and can perform exactly the same functions, seems very bizarre to me.
  3. But it is for many people who like to start their holiday ASAP.
  4. I doubt that P&Os IT system will ever be able to track down to individual passenger preference, but allowing saver passengers to express a preference seems a very sensible approach, which might in fact mean 90% received their preference.
  5. But she was built for the american market which made her light years ahead of the P&O pair as far as modern day cruising is concerned.
  6. But these will be slow selling cruises, a probably not very popular.
  7. And no shared bathrooms either, and the most common cabin is a balcony rather than inside.
  8. I got the same for a September Iona cruise.
  9. I thought that if you booked with the designated coach company then P&O guaranteed that the ship would wait, or failing that you would be flown to the first port of call, at P&O's expense.
  10. Why would they if they thought it needed editing, or do you think the edit involved changing Kate? Even the sceptical media haven't suggested that.
  11. It looks as though we will now be on the last cruise before Iona's first refit. I hope there won't be too much notice of the impending changes. We were on a Ventura cruise prior to a refit which included a change of shopping agency, which meant the shops were closed for the last 3 days, and the balcony flooring was being ripped up as we disembarked.
  12. Why do you think that Royal protocol advisors are likely to also be experts in spotting whether a photo has been modified?
  13. I hope that I would be equally sympathetic in that case, although I somehow doubt that Me me would be quite as quick to offer a no strings apology as Kate was.
  14. What on earth is misleading about photo editing a family photo, to try and improve the image. There is now a phone camera that uses its onboard photo editing features to advertise its benefits over others.
  15. I still firmly believe that the quality, and look of the MDR food is due to the standards demanded by the chief chef. However like @Selbourne I do think the hexagon shaped roast potatoes do need to be dropped and replaced with something that genuinely looks and tastes like a roast potato, and green beans should no longer be a daily staple, and sauces need to have more taste and substance.
  16. Why ever not, if I could remember how to photo shop from the 3 month course I did, then I would happily improve some of my photos before releasing them on my family and being subject to unflattering comments about my photography skills. And following the furore this has caused I would not blame them if they chose never to provide any family photos in the future.
  17. Mine are with the same broker, and what I did was to print out a statement then redacted all the unnecessary data and then send that version to stockperks.
  18. Applied to stockperks late Friday for a september cruise, e-mail yesterday saying it had been sent to P&O, and one today saying my OBC has been applied to the cruise. I think I like this new system, but I have no idea how stockperks will be able to guarantee that I will still hold the shares in September, but I guess that will be P&O's problem.
  19. Unfortunately it has gone pear shaped as some US news organisation suspect the photo might have been manipulated, and have pulled it from their news feeds. Such are the perils of being a newsworthy royal.
  20. It might need more precision on how you type it and whether and where you put spaces, I have had that on other websites.
  21. Glad you are back safe and sound, and thank you for taking me along with you to enjoy your adventures, it was a most pleasurable experience.
  22. I think you will need to talk to P&O or with a TA, because I cannot believe that they don't offer a cruise only option, unless it's because it's a world sector, rather than a fly cruise.
  23. We found that we were able to get a cheaper and better deal ourselves than with Princess. Then also decided to add on several days before and after to take in the barrier reef, Uluru and a longer stay in Sydney pre cruise, as well as a few days in Auckland before we returned.
  24. Arvias pricing does seem quite a bit higher than even Ionas, we recently booked a Sept Iona Canaries cruise, mainly because it was significantly lower than an Arvia one, which interested us because we have not been on her yet. However the Arvia one was only 6 ports and they were identical to a Britannia one we did in 2022, and apart from la Coruna and Cadiz not really very interesting, whilst Iona was 7, and although we have done many Canaries cruises, we do quite like all the ports.
  25. Thank you @TigerB that is most helpful, I think we will give that a go later this month. Not sure about the lift though, that's where I had my wallet lifted last year.
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