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  1. This is the reason why I prefer the fresh disembarkation labels that are coloured and have a time code on them. If you then disembark as they announce your colour the luggage is all in the same place, and since the earliest disembarkation luggage is at the luggage hall entrance, then the hall empties towards the exit avoiding the rugby scrum that is the P&O experience.
  2. I wondered if everyone had set off for their easter break on Friday or Saturday, we have never seen the main routes as quiet for the last 20 years.
  3. We were also on this cruise and agree with some of your comments. We thought the food quality was reasonably good, but the choice was limited for for non veggies, which is probably 90% of passengers. Disembarkation was poor, not helped by the 90 minute delay in arrival time, I have given my views on this elsewhere. We did not experience your problems with finding a seat, possibly helped because my wife sits in her wheelchair, but the reluctance of most people to share with others leaves lots of empty single chairs. Despite the poor weather we really enjoyed the cruise, and met many interesting dinner companions.
  4. The inset cabins on deck 15 will be more shaded from the overhanging deck above than those on deck 14.
  5. Probably not, because like most guest entertainers, his availability will not be known until a few months before sailing. But the precedent was set when Barlow did his first show on board, and I understand the proceeds go to charity and not to Barliw or P&O.
  6. I agree with you regarding the lifts Michelle, and I have no idea why they are so small, if you check the gap between lifts, there must be ample room to fit lifts about 50%+ wider than the current ones.
  7. I doubt that which charter airline is to be used is a high priority for the majority of P&O cruisers, I know it figures highly on here but we are a tiny fraction of the total number of Caribbean fly cruise passengers, most of whom are more than happy that P&O offer such a good service at way below schedule flight prices.
  8. You may miss out on the lottery as well and not get a ticket.
  9. I was highlighting that maybe seeing an AB passenger using an accessible cabin, might not be because they are cheating the system. Because P&O do their best to ensure that only genuinely disabled passengers are allowed to book them. Although how rigorously they check the disability level of scooter users needing an accessible cabin is another matter.
  10. I have never measured cruise ship toilet heights, but certainly our Iona accessible cabin toilet was definitely higher than ouir standard toilet at home.
  11. There are always likely to be able bodied passengers allocated to an accessible cabin, if one is available, especially on fly cruises. We dined with a couple last week on Iona who were in a deluxe accessible cabin, these are probably last minute cancellations, and the cruise had no wait list for accessible cabins, or they had no takers.
  12. You do not appear to understand the effect that having timed labels has on the way the luggage hall empties from front to back, rather than the haphazard way it empties when passengers disembark by deck. This leads to the hall emptying in progression rather than passengers swarming all over creating chaos and slowing down the queues. In addition most cruise lines using this system do not request you attend a venue, but they make regular announcements calling for the next coloured group to disembark, and strangely this seems to reduce the crowding that is always apparent with P&O.
  13. As the husband of a severely disabled wheelchair user, I would not be happy to see anti discrimination legislation trump safety issues when it comes to cruising or flying. On our recent cruise in addition to accessible cabin users, there were many hundreds of passengers who it seemed would have required significant help, in an emergency, to use stairs or to board any survival craft other than the large lifeboats. It is becoming increasingly concerning to me that if we were ever involved in an ultimate emergency, we would struggle to survive.
  14. Apologies for the long delay @TigerB, no we didn't venture out at Tenerife, it was cloudy quite cold for the Canaries, and showers were forecast, which duly arrived with regularity. But I will keep your map for any future Canaries cruise
  15. But you can take milk from the buffet, use a coffe mug or a plastic water glass, then keep it in your fridge. Also less fiddly than the plastic tubes.
  16. I doubt that it would be anymore chaotic than the current system. Although I understand, after our late arrival yesterday, that it's the port that dictates when embarkation of those collecting luggage can begin, which is not until all the luggage has been offloaded and stacked in the luggage hall, because they use FLT's to bring the crates into the luggage hall, and they don't want passengers in there when FLTs are still being used. However it could be massively improved if P&O used colour coded disembarkation luggage tags, rather than the deck system they currently operate. The benefit of timed colour coding is that the hall empties chronologically, and if you wait until a few colours beyong your own, it makes it far easier to find your luggage. On our Princess cruise last July our colour had been first called about 15 minutes before we disembarked, and our cases were very easy to identify making the disembarkation much less stressful.
  17. That scoop is exactly the same on Iona, kids or adults, could force water over the scoop, but only in handfuls and certainly not bucketfuls, and if the sea was rough enough to cause enough water to cascade into the trough and over the scoop, then the pool would most assuredly be closed and the water level reduced to avoid any overspill.
  18. We are on Iona at present and the aft infinity pool has been well used, but no sign of any splashing issues. Kids do try to splash the water over the spillage tray, but never succeeded while I was watching.
  19. On our current Iona cruise the biggest change we are noticing is the number of overweight passengers there are on board, and quite a number could described as morbidly obese, some quite young but mainly among the elderly retired. So it appears that the withdrawal of trays might have reduced wastage, but possibly the passengers are now eating it all rather than leaving it!! The age range of all passengers goes from very young families right up to the very elderly, so no significant noticeable change in the age demographic for a 14 nt winter sun cruise.
  20. Clearly there is different interpretations made by the hotel staff, I imagine if you ask to speak to the stewards line manager, then you should get a different answer.
  21. If you request body lotion and daily facecloth change, your steward will happily provide them.
  22. We are on our third Iona cruise and enjoying it just as much as usual. The ship has 5400 passengers on board, and according to one of our table companions 1700 are first time P&O cruisers. There are a lot of young families on board, which is probably P&O's aim, and with inside cabins selling at under £1000pp, with under twos going free, it would be hard to find a 2 week full board sunshine holiday with lots of inclusive entertainment at anything close to that price.
  23. I think they have very sensibly timed the announcement so that the children won't have to face immediate questioning by their school friends, and hoping the frenzy will have settled down by the time they return from the Easter holidays.
  24. On board Iona at present and thought we would try Sindhu again to see if it had improved, sadly IMO it's not changed. We tried to select dishes that sounded like something we would enjoy, but unfortunately they did not live up to our expectations. Not that they were bad or poor, just lacking in flavour and we were glad when they were finished. Probably it's that they don't suit our tastes, but we both much prefer Sainsbury or M&S Indian ready meals which have more flavour. However the day after in the MDR I had singapore satay chicken as a starter and salmon fillet as a main, and the whole meal was 10 out 10 compared to the 5 we would have given to Sindhu. And so far we both feel that the MDR quality has improved, although still too many green beans!!
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