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  1. That's not how we disembarked Sky Princess last June, I agree they do have colour coded disembarkation luggage tags, but there was no meeting points. The instruction was to listen to the announcements and as yours was called, make your way to the gangway. It was a very slick and fast process.
  2. I think it is the way that P&O want you to attend a meeting point and wait there until they say you can disembark. Princess, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean make regular announcements advising when a disembarkation group can leave the ship. This enables passengers to know how disembarkation is progressing and and allows passengers to speed up or slow down their breakfasts, and seems to avoid the mass scrums for the lifts, which are always full, and certainly makes the whole process much less stressful.
  3. @TigerB' explained the Sindhu pricing, as regards wine, if you are not big drinkers then buying wine by the glass will probably be your best option. Iona does not let you leave unfinished bottles for the next time you're in the MDR, so you need to take it back to your cabin, and carry back down the the next time.
  4. In Lanzarotte the shuttle takes you to the Marina entrance, the port exit is as you exit the car/bus park.
  5. In March Iona was nearly 2 hours late back because of a helicopter medevac, and main disembarkation did not start till about 9:45.
  6. I hope that a large enough number of passengers continue to make MDR reservations or choose fixed dining, and that the walk up MDR does not become the MDR of choice leading to long queues or lots of pagers.
  7. That's OK if your stockholder provides you with a flexible facility to print out a statement that needs little or no redacting mine doesn't.
  8. Since very few numbers normally self disembark, then splitting the queue would result in doubling the time taken for standard disembarking passengers which I think you will agree would be grossly unfair.
  9. I hope you're wrong @Selbourne, if you still need to provide regular statements to validate your shareholding, then I cannot see any benefit to passengers, and it will likely be quite a bit more expensive for Carnival.
  10. Self disembarking is done before normal disembarkation to enable those passengers wanting an early departure and willing to handle their own luggage to achieve it. If you dont need an early departure, but still prefer to carry your own luggage, then I am sure P&O will be happy for you to do just that. But dont expect them to provide a queue free line for you, you would have to patiently wait in the queues, which can slow you down, quite significantly.
  11. Probably the quickest way to get an ECG is to ring 999 and say you think you're having a heart attack.😯
  12. But you have to pay for these!!!! And you would need to treble your statin pills to counter the high cholesterol content of the cakes.
  13. End September early October is traditionally the rainy season in the Med. Although global warming might have changed that.
  14. If you have set up the stockperks app and redeemed your perk that way, then I guess they will know, and probably they have a way of tracking if you are still holding the shares. If not how are they able to validate each new redemption without getting you to provide fresh documentation each time.
  15. Doesn't it also have to be within 12months of the original cruise.
  16. We have used P4C for many years without any problems, other than a parking ticket once, which was quickly sorted out. So if they have available spaces then I recommend you book with them.
  17. Boarding seems to be based on which deck you are on, so you might be lucky.
  18. If you will only be carrying what appears to be hand luggage, then I doubt you will have any problem disembarking along with those passengers collecting their luggage in the luggage hall, just head for the gangway when you are ready.
  19. If you self disembark then I think you have to leave the ship before normal disembarkation starts which can be as early as 8:00am.
  20. @Selbourne and I need accessible cabins, and we know their location and are generally happy with any accessible balcony cabin. So if one becomes available late on, then we are more than happy to book it, and at the saver fare as well.
  21. You're assuming that any OBC also equates to an equal amount of extra pricing, which even it were true it would be difficult to know, unless they kept a meticulous spreadsheet of all the cruises in which they were interested, which few passengers do. So in most cases people look at the quoted price, and if it comes with OBC then they are happy that they have got something extra, although I do agree that a lower price would be my preferred option.
  22. I will check on Sky in 2 weeks, but last year drinks orders were taken and served by the table waiters.
  23. Now that we know we can book a saver fare and still get the cabin of our choice, then booking at launch may still be the best option. However like you we are no longer certain that my wife will be fit enough to cruise in 2 years time, so we are not looking to book anything at this launch, especially with having to pay 10% deposit.
  24. At that time you should have no problem getting a table by just walking up to the MDR of your choice.
  25. I think if they were planning anything major on the interior that they would be milking it for all it's worth. So I guess it will all mechanical plus an exterior paint job.
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