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  1. Moley commented a while ago that P&O were considering allowing OBC to be used against pre cruise bookings, I wonder if that is still likely.
  2. We were pestered with them earlier on in the year, it was a bit too cold for them to have come in from outside, and I assumed they possibly came in on a christmas gift house plant.
  3. Yes, although they are classified as Millenium class. Celebrity has come a long way since we first sailed on Millenium in 2008, they just had the 4 Millenium ships and were due to take delivery of Solstice at that time, whilst the last 3 Century class ships were in the process of joining the TUI/RC joint venture Mein Schiff, plus the 2 R class ships that were eventually demerged to form Azamara. Now the 4 millennium class are still sailing, along with 5 Solstice class vessels and the first 4 Edge class ships, plus the 3 Xpedition ships.
  4. Beach house availability is interesting, we booked on board and could only get an 8:15 slot. I kept checking, on the app that isn't, but no luck, so went to the beach house desk one lunchtime to see if I could go earliet, and the answer was, "of course what time would you like, is 7:00 OK, certainly sir". So always best to talk to a human.
  5. You mean you have never had a waiter struggle to know where the table is? Or had the host send you to a table where they were halfway through their meal?
  6. P&O do now attempt to take you to the table, but quite often the waiter/stewards don't know where the table is!!😯
  7. Which if in a different country might be be problematic without passports. We have only experienced this once over 40 cruises, not to us, but a coach in Panama was delayed due to a major traffic accident. The coach was not involved in the accident but was 4 or 5 hours late getting back to port, and the Princess ship waited for their return.
  8. Our last house had a conifer hedge and in the 40 years we lived there we never had any birds nesting in it, we often had blackbirds nesting in the hawthorn hedge, but never the conifer one.
  9. I guess that would be more costly for the cruise line.
  10. But it would be a hell of a climb back up to the crows nest.😉
  11. Loyalty perks must work or cruise lines would not use them, I dont think cruise lines or supermarkets would be such keen users of loyalty/reward cards if they did not believe they increased sales.
  12. No but the daily hold does enable the cruise line to know if someone is likely to default, and their cruise cards can be identified and they can be denied disembarkation until they do arrange payment.
  13. What about Rythm of the rain ---Cascades, It might as well rain until September -- Carole King.
  14. NW is still a mutual and owned by its members, but it will certainly be a big one after it absorbs Virgin, and if we are to believe its management, it intends to remain a mutual and not follow Halifax's fateful transformation to a bank.
  15. That's a rather unnecessary post, my reading of MBs post was that newer cruises will possibly be unaware of the way that cruise lines place these holds, and the difference this can have when using a debit card or a credit card, and since the newer cruisers are likely to be younger families then they are more likely to need to budget carefully with holiday spending money.
  16. Avril, why not ring the NW travel line and get a quote now which if opened before the end of April will be under the current UK Inurance underwriters, I doubt their quote will be higher than the Aviva underwritten one which will start with accounts opened from 1st May. You will then benefit from
  17. I think we have always known that insurance underwriting is a dark art, but since having the correct cover and declaring everything is essential, it is something we have to put up with. However shopping around to find an acceptable product can be very time consuming, and as the underwriting pool becomes smaller insurance is going to become ever more expensive.
  18. Well that was the excuse the officer made for them not adopting the Princess, and other lines, system of issuing new disembarcation labels with a disembarcation time, and the baggage arranged in the timed slots. Which even if they don't allow passengers into the baggage hall until all the baggage is in the hall, always seemed a faster and slicker system than P&O arranging the baggage by floor.
  19. We were on the same cruise and, weather apart, we were happy with the food, service and the entertainment, the bits we saw, and enjoyed some really interesting dinner companions.
  20. According to the senior officer in charge of Iona's disembarcation on Easter Saturday, the port require that all luggage is offloaded and in the baggage hall before they allow passenger to enter the baggage hall; and this applies to all cruise lines.
  21. I dont think any of us know what the medical cover the new underwriter will be offering, I am fairly certain that UK Insurance offer a much better deal to NW customers than they do on most of the companies within their own group. So I am hoping Aviva will follow suit.
  22. I do note that the questionnaires we are urged to do on line do not have any parts where the quality taste or choice of the food provided on the ship is highlighted. Which IMO seems to indicate that P&O don't want to have discussions about this topic whether its veggie, vegan or bog standard omnivorian.
  23. We always ask our steward if its OK to leave our hand luggage and coats in the wardrobe while we go for breakfast and never had a refusal. It makes it far easier in the buffet and the lifts, especially as I am pushing a wheelchair
  24. 7 deg C and dry but only a gentle breeze at present.
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