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  1. If you will only be carrying what appears to be hand luggage, then I doubt you will have any problem disembarking along with those passengers collecting their luggage in the luggage hall, just head for the gangway when you are ready.
  2. If you self disembark then I think you have to leave the ship before normal disembarkation starts which can be as early as 8:00am.
  3. @Selbourne and I need accessible cabins, and we know their location and are generally happy with any accessible balcony cabin. So if one becomes available late on, then we are more than happy to book it, and at the saver fare as well.
  4. You're assuming that any OBC also equates to an equal amount of extra pricing, which even it were true it would be difficult to know, unless they kept a meticulous spreadsheet of all the cruises in which they were interested, which few passengers do. So in most cases people look at the quoted price, and if it comes with OBC then they are happy that they have got something extra, although I do agree that a lower price would be my preferred option.
  5. I will check on Sky in 2 weeks, but last year drinks orders were taken and served by the table waiters.
  6. Now that we know we can book a saver fare and still get the cabin of our choice, then booking at launch may still be the best option. However like you we are no longer certain that my wife will be fit enough to cruise in 2 years time, so we are not looking to book anything at this launch, especially with having to pay 10% deposit.
  7. At that time you should have no problem getting a table by just walking up to the MDR of your choice.
  8. I think if they were planning anything major on the interior that they would be milking it for all it's worth. So I guess it will all mechanical plus an exterior paint job.
  9. Nope all the water has gone to Dubai.
  10. Well we have never had a moments magazine, or a Calendar or any other sort of gift, and I doubt I am signed up for marketing, so seems Leon does not realise just how erratic P&O's IT system can be.
  11. We have had the full questionnaires for our last 3 cruises.
  12. Just had a very lucrative phone call from Sky asking me how I am enjoying my TV package. As a result I have managed to negotiate a £24pm reduction including Sky Cinema, which we don't currently have. Quite happy with that.
  13. I don't mind the ents manager asking us if we have had an enjoyable day ashore in wherever, but dislike them asking if we are having a good time on board, and mostly on recent cruises they don't.
  14. We are considering switching to coach travel for our future cruises but as my wife is 'almost' a full time wheelchair user we are seeking advice. Does anyone know if intercruises provide wheelchair spaces for passengers who find it impossible to climb coach steps, and difficult to transfer to a coach seat? Anyone know for certain if Intercruises still use Woolly Edge services for their Barnsley collection and drop off point?
  15. They have, but the one thing that hasn't changed is the number of dining places, and now one third of those are back to TD which limits the numbers because they can only manage 2 seatings a night. This is probably the same number that a bookable dining room can operate because of the numbers of empty tables that are waiting for their customers. That will eave the walk up dining room very over stretched to accomodate everyone else who want to eat in the MDR. anyway come September we will find out.
  16. What do you mean by select dining, the current DMW system does enable you to book ahead of time and at a different time every night, and different restaurant.
  17. If you are on traditional 2 seating dining then you do not need to pre book normal MDR dining, but speciality dining can be pre booked before your cruise.
  18. Maybe some Russian govt approved mobsters have hacked the P&O website and all your money has now been converted to roubles.🤣
  19. We are thinking the same @Selbourne, and P&O have not made it any easier by doubling the launch deposit to 10%. We have also noticed this last weekend that our Iona Caribbean cruise in January is being offered at a £600 pp discount to the launch price we paid for a GC balcony in 2021.
  20. Even if you dont book through a TA you could check the price for all grades of cabin with them.
  21. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the change, but if everyone who used freedom dining pre covid wants to use it in future, then it will lead to long waits. I just have to hope that enough of them now prefer to pre book all their dining times, which would be an anathema to me.
  22. Britannia has a great pool deck with big pools, and a separate adults only serenity pool, but no prom deck. Arvia has a great prom deck but teeny weeny pools, although the Sky dome pool does have a swim up bar.
  23. But it will considerably reduce the number of true anytime or freedom places, compared with the older system of having 2 MDRs for Anytime Dining and one for Traditional Dining.
  24. You have obviously never been on Iona or Arvia..
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