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  1. Hi Paul I don't know if you've flown AA Premium Economy before but we did to and from Miami (from LHR) in November last year for our Reflection cruise (we were on the same cruise as you). We were really impressed and also had the bulkhead seats. My main complaint is that the drinks service is shared with economy, so same selection and plastic.cuos rather than glassware. The food was excellent though, I ordered the Asian Vegetarian as a special and it was excellent. You lose a small amount of seat width in the bulkhead because the IFE screen is in your armrest and you have to have this docked for takeoff and landing. The leg rest is far better in the bulkhead. We flew on the 777 and the bulkhead has no window but I think on the 787 you'll get a window. You paid in line with what we paid for a similar journey.
  2. On the one occasion I had cause to report smoking in a non-designated smoking area I approached an officer and pointed out the lack of ash tray was a fire risk. He responded appropriately.
  3. Without wanting to turn this into another tipping/gratuities thread I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience. After a 7 night cruise on Infinity this month we received our invoice by email and noticed a minibar charge of $8.50 for the last morning. We hadn't used the minibar. An email to Celebrity One Touch has had this charge refunded without question but my husband thinks it was the room steward being vindictive because we didn't leave an additional tip. He says this is common in the hotel industry too. Has anyone else experienced this? We are British so the tipping culture is different for us, but when we go away we think "their house, their rules". We always leave the auto gratuities on and consider it to be a - you do your job, we'll do ours relationship. The room stewards job being to steward the room twice a day at mutually convenient times. Our job being to pay the auto gratuities, keep the stateroom tidy, accessible and notify the steward of any problems so they can be easily rectified. We leave an additional tip when the steward goes above their job specification, for example remembering our names, predicting or doing an extra service. On our cruise on Reflection our room steward remembered our names, always greeted us regardless of where we saw him on the ship and arranged for an inexpensive piece of art (<$100) we'd purchased in Grand Cayman to be wrapped by his friends in the maintenance department so that it'd survive the flight home. When he left the verandah tap on and water was streaming across the back of the ship we called him and he couldn't have been more apologetic despite the fact it had no impact on our enjoyment of the cabin. He even arranged for a bottle of wine as an apology. We felt he was more like a butler than a room steward! We didn't leave an additional tip on Infinity because the steward didn't do their basic job. On every cruise we've been on we've met the steward during embarkation day. We met our steward on Infinity on day 3 and that was because we introduced ourselves. For the first 3 days we only got the room serviced in the morning, no evening service. He said he assumed we only wanted it once a day. We had no shampoo for the entire cruise despite asking for it, and leaving a note. And the wash cloths that they put in an 'X' shape in the bathroom appeared once. On the last morning he walked past us without acknowledging us. Other stewards from other staterooms stopped and said good morning. In fact I'm struggling to think of a single time on a Celebrity ship when I've walked past any member of staff and they've not at least nodded or said hello. Were we unreasonable not to leave an extra gratuity? Has anyone else experienced phantom mini bar charges in similar circumstances?
  4. On my first X cruise on Connie in 2017 in the Mediterranean the pool, although quite deep, was used by myself and other cruisers to cool off, chat and relax. On one of our sea days in the afternoon the pool was busy and one lady was very put out that she couldn't swim laps. She tried and made it clear she was very frustrated that she wasn't sharing a pool with competitive swimmers! She took it very seriously with a swimming cap, goggles, special gloves. The pool was about 10-15 meters long at most, so hardly conducive to swimming lengths!
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/28/business/peter-max-dementia-cruise-ship-auctions.html#click=https://t.co/U6pDsjT7I9
  6. On Reflection in November I was walking from the pool to the Ocean view cafe on a sea day, however there were a lot of officers in the lobby area and one side was completely closed off. The AED has been removed and was presumably in use. It was reassuring that there appeared to be a significant and calm response. It was impossible for the casual passerby to observe what was occurring. I also witnessed a lady slip in the Ocean view cafe and the staff's response was incredible. I wasn't far behind but before I could get to her to offer assistance there were a number of crew managing the situation.
  7. Has anyone used Celebrities Private Journeys and can share their experience? We're they able to accommodate your bespoke requirements? Was the cost reasonable? I am cruising to Israel in 2020 and the itinerary has an overnight in Ashdod. I'm considering contacting the Destination Concierge to see if they can arrange for a tour of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas with a hotel night in Jerusalem instead of returning to the ship. Would that be something they could arrange? Your insights would be appreciated.
  8. Completely correct. I am a 30 year old millennial and my partner is 35. We both work full time and earn above not only the median salary for our ages but also nationally. We consider ourselves to be in the extreme of our generation as we purchased our first house when I was 27 and first cruised when I was 26. Our contemporaries buy houses after they're 30, having lived at home or renting rooms in house shares in their 20s. If they go away they take cheap RyanAir flights to European destinations out of season, or do one big trip every few years. We are lucky in that we have minimal student debt, thanks to benefits from our employers and only have a mortgage payment to meet each month. If we had childcare costs or other major expenses we wouldn't be able to afford to cruise. The majority of our contemporaries have children, massive student debt and are on temporary employment contracts. If they own property are either paying to renovate it having bought it from the estate of an elderly person who has died or saving to move into a larger property to fit their needs. When we choose our cruises we are still price concious, we want an included beverage package and a level of service which means we get a break from our jobs. We like Celebrity and Princess because of this, and especially Celebrity because of the range of speciality dining. We book oceanview cabins and have one verandah sailing booked next year for our honeymoon. We are aware of how lucky we are to earn what we do and how our lives facilitate our careers, yet even verandah pricing can be too much for us. Edge pricing is way outside of our comfort zone, in addition to concerns we have regarding the facilities onboard. For now we'll be sticking to the M and S class, booking at around £120/pppn and with an included beverage package. We see no value in aqua, concierge or suite class and to avoid the MDR we instead spend on speciality dining. On Princess we book the sanctuary too. We do use celebrity excursions where it'd be difficult to do what we want to do in port and feel we also pay for a level of convenience (turn up and someone else does all the worrying). We're excited for Virgin Voyages and always shop around between the lines when booking, meaning we're lead by itinerary, price, line and ship.
  9. Thanks for the replies, it's interesting to know each ship can do their own thing. Although I'm surprised some experienced Celebrity sailors here haven't heard of it. It wasn't particularly a disappointment on Reflection, the sunset bar turned out to be a poor area anyway because of the constant cigar smoking. We got wine and cheese and sat on the lawn at lawn club anyway as that was a new feature for us. Other than themed buffet nights I didn't notice any other special offerings, although we did go to Taj Mahal at Sushi on 5 which was excellent. I also wonder if this is linked to the location of the ship. On Constellation we sailed in the Mediterranean whereas on Reflection we were in Central and South America. We're on Infinity in June, again in the Mediterranean. Maybe I'll see it again or something else, each cruise is always different. I wish I'd kept a copy of the Celebrity Today, surely I didn't dream this!
  10. I took my first Celebrity cruise on Constellation in October 2017. One of our favourite venues on the ship was the sunset bar. Every evening at 5:30pm they hosted what they called 'Tapas Corner' and it was listed in the Celebrity Today as a food and beverage event at the sunset bar. The Oceanview buffet brought out two tables with tapas. Each evening we'd go to the bar, get some wine and some tapas and take in the view before getting ready for the evening. It was one of the things I really enjoyed about Celebrity and assumed it was a standard feature. So when I boarded Celebrity Reflection in November 2018 I was very excited about the return of Tapas Corner but there was no mention of it! Moreover in the buffet they hardly ever had whole olives (that I could see). So my question to experienced Celebrity cruisers is - did I just imagine Tapas Corner!? Has anyone else experienced it? Is it just one of the magical features that come with sailing on Connie?
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