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  1. Wouldn't that also be on par with influenza? For those vaccinated, is there any reason to treat covid differently than influenza?
  2. It does beg the question of where we're headed with covid. Vaccinated people are practically immune from serious illness and death from the disease. That's an amazing success, but it doesn't mean that vaccinated people are immune from any illness whatsoever. So long as the virus is present in society, we're all susceptible to some extent. Essentially, those of us who are vaccinated may have some varying level of illness, but only in rare circumstances, generally with underlying conditions, will we become significantly sick. Compare this to influenza. Most who get vaccinated do so to avoid significant illness or feeling like crud for days on end, not because we think we might die. If we get sick, we typically stay home. We otherwise go about our normal lives without concern for the illness. We don't wear masks out of concern. We don't take flu tests. Given the success of covid vaccines and that they effectively make covid and influenza on par with each other, do we really need to treat the two so vastly different? Or could we really get by with the generalized "if you're sick, stay home"?
  3. Without data on how many positive pre-cruise tests there are, we can't say that all. What we do know is that people are actually going to medical when they they have symptoms. That alone is impressive. I would have expected people to just explain away that they got 'cruise crud' or have allergies or whatever (and it's possible that many do just that when they don't feel well mid-cruise).
  4. We've been to Cozumel a good many times and we're not interested in a tour. We plan to 'hitch a ride' to make some stops along the East side of the island. I've seen a couple of car services/private tours mentioned fairly often in this forum. And of course there is always the option of just hiring a taxi for a few hours. Any pros/cons to either one when we're solely looking for transportation to our desired locations? Is a taxi too hit & miss with a random driver to be reliable for that? Thanks! Dave
  5. My DS just got off the Equinox today. They had one covid case on the way to Aruba and 2 more on the way back to port everglades. A crewmember told them that there had only been a single Equinox cruise without any covid cases. Without data on how many 2-days-prior positive tests there have been, I would argue that vaccination and people being cautious in advance of their cruise is a bigger factor than the pre-cruise testing.
  6. You can book them at any time, once flights become available. Up until final payment, you can change flights without fees, too.
  7. You do realise that there are actual consumer protection laws that addresses advertising one thing but selling another, right? The cruise lines are on thin ice by advertising what they know is not available.
  8. Nope. Grand Cayman is closed. I can find lots of schedules that show ship schedules for this month next month, and beyond. Key West is telling cruise ships to not come (possibly illegally) and I can find plenty of schedules that make it look like ships have been docking there. It is not for the consumer to have to have intimate knowledge as to whether or not the bill of goods they're being sold is legitimate or not. That's exactly why consumer protection laws exist. If I book a cruise advertise desirable ports which the cruise line has no intention of visiting, knowing they're going to substitute with less desirable ports or no ports at all, how is that NOT a bait and switch tactic?
  9. Actually, the point is valid despite the Terms & Conditions. While they certainly reserve the right to change ports, there should be a reasonable expectation that the ports advertised for a cruise in November would be real potential stops. Selling a November cruise to Grand Cayman on the Reflection, knowing full well that the port is closed, should raise eyebrows to some extent.
  10. Not sure about specialty restaurants on Thanksgiving, but in the MDR on Silhouette a few years back there was turkey and traditional stuff added to the Thanksgiving Day menu. We all had steak 🙂
  11. They haven't said anything about a test other than the normal pre-cruise one. They're pretty out of touch though, but I can find out when they get home in a few days.
  12. Yup. My DS and DDIL are rather enjoying their honeymoon on a half-full Equinox in the ABCs right now. Bonaire today after Aruba and Curacao the past 2 days.
  13. It's very much personal preference. Blu certainly is more quiet than the MDR, and service perhaps a little better, but we don't particularly care for the "spa-inspired" menu, and often favour the MDR menu overall. Because of that, and that we don't use the Persian Garden, we don't see Aqua as worth a higher price, except possibly for room location.
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