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  1. Hi. I was on Anthem last week. I'm due to receive my crystal block as I reached 159 point on the cruise. I didn't receive my block on board will Royal post the block to me?
  2. I have just left Anthem this morning. There were just over 1,000 of us on board. They said there were evdn less passengers on board this week.
  3. We had booked a 2 bedroom grand suite for May. I would not be happy if they put us into 2 junior suites. We are travelling with other family members who have all booked suites. Grand suite and owners suite so they will be fine. A 2 bedroom aqua theatre suite would be fine.
  4. We were booked on the Allure the end of May in a 2 bedroom grand suite.Looking at Wonder's deck plans she doesn't seem to have that suite. I wonder which suite Royal will move us to?
  5. We sail in 2 weeks. All checked in now. Booked our Covid test for the Thursday as we sail on the Sunday.
  6. Our ta phoned us this afternoon. Cruise is cancelled. We were sailing on the Grandiosa September 11th.
  7. I'm in the UK due to sail September 11th. I have just looked on MSC website to check the price of our cruise it now says sold out. There were cabins still available yesterday.
  8. We were told there were 880 on board.
  9. I noticed that our sailing is now under the 5+5% discount and €50 per person OBC. I emailed my ta on Monday who has emailed MSC. Still waiting for a response from MSC. Our cruise is in 2 weeks so paid for in full.
  10. Shocked91

    NHS App

    I completed this yesterday. Within 10 minutes after I finished filling in my details my email came through saying I had been approved. Shows the date of both of my vaccines dates.
  11. For the NHS app did you havee to add proof of ID such as a passport or driving licence? Thank you.
  12. I was up at 7am and it said Fantastica package. When we booked at 9.30am still said Fantastica.
  13. When the sailings first went on sale it said the premium drinks package was only available when you booked with the Fantastica experience. It has since been changed to all experiences.
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