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  1. this is a pic from room 1140 on the summit Decide for yourself!
  2. Cabin 1547 is considered a partial obstructed view. Window washing equipment is to your right, not really a concern. It is one of my favorite cabins! We always book this cabin when available. And you are wrong in this case.....it is the SAME on ALL S class ships for these two rooms . Happy cruising!
  3. We always sail in AQ. Blu does not offer lunch. Unless something has changed in the last few months
  4. I totally agree! i have Never had a good experience in the MDR, drink service....awful, food service barely acceptable, and we have always had the misfortune of ending up with table mates that were either mute or lacked conversational skills. Once switching to AQ, and we always do, Blu has been an enjoyable alternative. My wife feels that the drink service is too good. Is that even possible???? i may be in the minority here, but....... happy cruising!
  5. Being sailaway, i would opt for the Lawn Club Grill. A bit more casual, in the event you do not receive your luggage until later, food quality excellent, great service and plenty of views. The down side is if you are sailing from a colder climate. Between Murano & Tuscan......Both have good food /service. Although i must disagree with most here that Murano is in any way superior. it has a different flair, but the menu is unforgiving to those with specific diet needs. it's all personal preference. Get a package and try them all!
  6. i totally agree. the coffee in OV is undrinkable, unless you order an americano from the bar staff. even then, i still prefer Al Bacio
  7. I totally agree! We did ONE sailing on the Summit, before they added AQ, after multiple sailings on S class ships with AQ,. The main dining room was sooo bad we had to eat in specialty dining rooms for the remainder of our trip. Drink service was non existent. That was a deal breaker for me. Always had superior service in Blu. They have been especially accommodating to my wife's diet requirements, making up dishes just for her on nights she could not find a suitable meal on either menu......that is going above and beyond! We have never waited more than 5-10 min to be seated, but maybe we were lucky. Just MHO
  8. i totally agree with this statement, as we always sail AQ and enjoy Blu and our balcony. will be a while before we switch from S class ships to the newer ones.......not quite sold on the infinite veranda idea yet. But i am happy for those that do, as i appreciate all the info/comments, good and bad. thanks to all for contributing
  9. Excellent point Mike! Last cruise in Blu, our Sommelier offered me some Caymus Cab by the glass. it had definitely been hanging around a few days, it wasn't terrible, but not worth the extra coin. He actually left the bottle and said no worries no charge. you still cruising with Sean?
  10. As most of us know, Celebrities pricing is all over the charts. It pays to check often. Last year we booked , on board the Eclipse, the 2020 TA on the Connie, paying $980 for the 4 perks "deal" Changed to the Reflection 2020 TA which is actually 1 day shorter, and the 4 perks "deal" was $1274. i knew this price would change so i didn't sweat the outrageous price. This past Veterans day sale they advertised 4 perks "for free", So i called my TA(travel agent) and complained. they credited the cruise fare $495 per person, plus refunded the $1274 for the perks.......so sometimes you can actually get a deal, i think i did OK LOL
  11. Yes they are offered I have a 2020 Transatlantic booked with all 4 perks included
  12. When we book on board, and we always do, the deposits are lower(usually $200 or lower), and always refundable and transferable Happy for all who were able to save some money
  13. We had booked a TA on the Reflection for 2020, with paying for all 4 perks, while onboard the Eclipse recently. After seeing the sale, like everyone else, tried in vain to get the website to "work"???? LOL My booking was already transferred to my TA(agent). so she had to do the calling to X, supplied her with screen shots ect. I was pleasantly surprised at the result. My rate dropped $495/person, and they dropped the $1274 price for the 4 perks that were on the original invoice.That was almost $2300 savings! i would say at this point, the 4 perks are now considered FREE FYI my deposit stayed fully refundable as well somehow it pays to check!,
  14. We had booked the Reflection 10/20 transatlantic a while ago, with all 4 perks, A1 cabin, with a refundable $200 deposit. The website will not give you the same savings as you get directly from celebrity. I had my TA call Celebrity, and was happy to receive a $970 price reduction on the cruise fare, plus getting the 4 perks for free, which by the way we had paid $1274 for! Total savings of $2244 which is awesome, and we ended up with $750 OBC to boot! thank you Celebrity
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