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  1. On the Regal, the fitness/workout centre and the spa are quite a few decks apart. I have used the dedicated fitness private showers on the Regal, just have never been in the spa on that particular ship.
  2. Thank you. It’s unfortunate that Princess won’t allow us to reserve the specialty dining prior to the cruise using OBC as payment. Booking ahead of time allows for more choice in date and time. I find that, even if I run to the Crown right upon boarding, there seems to be very limited selection left.
  3. I will be purchasing a pass for the Enclave during an upcoming cruise on the Regal. Does anyone know if there are private showers in the Enclave or spa areas which I would be able to use? I have used the ones in the workout area. They are much bigger than the ones in the cabins, so I’m hoping something similar exists in the spa area as well.
  4. I have some OBC that I received as part of a Princess promo for an upcoming cruise. Looks like I can use it for booking excursions, but not specialty dining or mocktail packages, correct? Is there a list on the princess site that indicates what it can and cannot be used for pre-cruise? I realize that, when I go to pay, I will get the indication then, but it would be nice to know beforehand. Thank you.
  5. Good advice, Hank. Thank you. I’m thinking about getting off around 7:30 and being back around 10:30.
  6. From the information in some of the above posts, it appears that B2B passengers who have disembarked can bypass the embarkation lines inside the terminal and go straight through back to the ship. However, what about the lines of new passengers just outside the terminal doors - would we be able to bypass that line as well and go straight into the building? For those disembarking who want to leave the terminal, would we have to get in line with the regular passengers to go through the customs line or is there a special, quick exit? I understand that the ones who are going back to the ship right after the zero count are escorted through the whole process, but wondering about those who choose to leave for a while. I’m hoping we don’t have to get behind everyone and their luggage!
  7. We always ask our TA to get us a cabin on a deck where the decks above and below have cabins only; hence, we select a specific cabin, never a guaranty. We also ask for something mid-aft or aft to make it easier to get up to the sports area (for our kids) and for the buffet (namely me:D).
  8. My husband doesn’t eat beef and has had chicken fajitas for lunch every Christmas cruise on the Regal for the past 5 yrs. I prefer them over the beef, too :).
  9. Just had a thought...I booked this as a 14 day cruise (we come back to Fort L midpoint) and the ports are different in the two weeks, except for Princess Cays. I guess that doesn’t really make it a B2B, does it? Just a single two week cruise? It’s also sold as separate 7 day cruises. What does that mean for muster? Again, have absolutely no problems doing it the second week, just wondering what to expect. I could wait til I’m on board to find out for sure, but how else to wile away the time until the cruise (and the last few days of my school summer vacation) than to spend some of it on CC?! :D
  10. You’re both confirming for me that a walk to the shops, enjoying the Florida sunshine while my home city is besieged by 5 months of winter weather, is the best way to spend a couple of hours. Keeping my fingers crossed about the second drill, but no biggie if we have to do it again as Princess has made it about as painless as possible on the Regal.
  11. Forgot about the possibility of not having to do a second drill. Bonus! :D I’m thinking an early disembarkation to walk to Ross (trailing after all the crew who seem to be in that location regularly) to pick up a sparkly New Yrs eve dress for week two and then back to the ship by 10:00 to do some people watching. Looking forward to actually being able to take in all the newbies who come on with that look of wonderment which can never be recaptured after that first cruise! On our regular embarkation days, we’re usually too busy getting settled in and running to Alfredo’s for our traditional lunch to really do any people watching.
  12. Fantastic! Thank you, Floridiana and sail7seas.
  13. Once disembarking, can we come back at any time or do we have to wait until they allow regular boarding? Eg. Could we get off at 7:30 and re-board at 9:00?
  14. I like all aspects of your turnaround day! If the Harbor Shops are open early enough (it’s a Sunday, but it is the holiday season so perhaps earlier opening hrs) I might head out there and then come back early enough to do #2 and #3 :).
  15. I’m excited for our first true B2B, coming up this Christmas on the Regal Princess. We’ve done a couple of consecutive cruises on two different cruise lines in the past, but this will be our first time experiencing a true turnaround day when we return to Fort Lauderdale on a Sunday. Am so looking forward to my first time not having to get off the ship on the return to Port Everglades. I’ve always envied those who were leisurely wandering around or reading by the pool while the rest of us were schlepping our bags through the madness that is the Horizon Court on disembarkation day. DS 21 and DD 19 have already decided that they will Uber to Sawgrass while DH, my friend, and I will possibly walk to the Harbour Shops area. So, my question is...what have YOU enjoyed doing on that turnaround day, regardless of the port?
  16. The very plentiful waitstaff are continually wandering from table to table with the various trays of food as well as the teapots - no set courses, just a constant flow of deliciousness! I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than a minute or two before what I was waiting for came by. Should you not get a particular tray brought to your table, just let one of the other waitstaff know what you’d like and they’ll send someone over right away. If anything, the visits by the waiters with the trays are overkill - in the best possible way! :p I always feel bad having to say no every few minutes, but there’s just soooo much food.
  17. Well played, fishywood. I had to think :confused: about that for a sec before the lightbulb went off :D.
  18. 11 Princess cruises vs 1 (and absolutely last) Carnival cruise, so please take my opinion for what it’s worth :D. Princess: -have never seen smokers smoking outside of designated areas; smoke is well contained at the back (for the 5 ships I’ve been on). Was the opposite on my Carnival cruise. Saw people smoking in non-smoking areas with no consequences and could smell smoke in many parts of the ship. -much better stateroom storage spaces as others have stated -higher degree of professionalism in all service staff -much better entertainment where the theatre production shows are concerned. On our Carnival cruise, the two main production shows involved passengers dressed up to be famous singers, singing one of their hits. Absolutely cheesy and obviously meant as a cost-cutting measure. -MDR food was better presented and plated -the layout of the ships allows for a better spread of the passengers. On Carnival, it seemed like the entire world was gathered around the main pool all the time. -on the particular Princess ships I have been on, the buffet was definitely better in terms of variety and taste. -I found the adult not for pay Retreat sections of Princess better than the Carnival adult areas. Carnival: -Tandoor Kitchen was fantastic -definitely far more entertaining passengers. Just watching their shenanigans made up for the lack of good production shows on our particular cruise :D. Where else, but on a Carnival cruise, will you see a suitcase being rolled around deck at midnight by a bunch of teenagers, only to have a girl pop out when Security came along. That alone, was worth the price of that very disappointing cruise LOL. Still makes me laugh out loud, 4 years later. To give you a Vegas analogy, let me summarize by saying that, in my very limited experiences, Carnival was much like staying at a cross between Circus Circus and Harrah’s, where Princess is much like the Bellagio. Mind you, not the penthouse of the Bellagio, but definitely one of the mid-point fountain view rooms.
  19. There is something so absolutely old worldly elegant about afternoon tea on Princess ships: the white glove service, the pre-brewed tea, the cookies, tiny desserts and sandwiches. As others have stated, the warm scones with the cream are the highlight. I have been fortunate to have been seated with some very interesting people from around the world, something that does not happen at dinner time as we are usually a party of five and have our own table. OP, you must do it at least once! I’ve done a couple of fairly similar land based ones (no, sadly, never the Empress) that have set me back about $50. For anyone travelling with grandparents, take them for afternoon tea. What a great way to spend some time together and, hey, you’ll be grandchild #1 in their eyes ;). OP, you didn’t ask, but there is no dress code. People come in their afternoon attire (no bathing suits, though), so the gamut from shorts, jeans, sundresses, etc. I usually stay about half an hour and find that I get seated much faster if I come about halfway through teatime. On the other hand, if you are waiting at the doors just before they open up, you get to see all of the waitstaff in their finery, lined up inside the dining room. I hope afternoon tea is something Princess does not cut back on, as it is one of the special Princess touches that keeps me coming back.
  20. The Golden Princess in 2006 out of New Orleans, one of the first cruises after Hurricane Katrina. Devastation in New Orleans was still evident in many parts and the cruise terminal was a temporary tent-like structure, extremely hot with incredibly long lines. However, it was my family’s very first cruise and we were on with our kids, 7 and 9 at the time, my parents, and a friend and her family who had cruised before. I knew nothing about cruising, other than what I had seen on The Love Boat, and I had no knowledge of Cruise Critic. I had done absolutely no research beforehand. Now, I plan and research down to the most minute detail! Back then, though, everything I saw was wondrous, new, exciting. I had absolutely no expectations and no image in my head of how things would or should be on the ship; the novelty of it all can never be recaptured. Since then, we have been on 12 incredible cruises, but nothing will ever match that first time. I am still grateful to my friend who chose Princess for my first foray into cruising, as the bar was set high and I am now a Princess faithful.
  21. Too funny. Will have to keep that in mind if I ever lose my restaurant suppliers. As a fellow chili connoisseur, I appreciate his/her efforts! Am going to Seattle next month and I know there’s a panini/pasta place in the terminal that has the little packets laying out with the condiments. ;p Good thing I love their paninis!
  22. Great thread! Not just on cruises...I carry small (enough for 1-2 servings) individual packages of red chili flakes wherever I go :). Can’t eat pizza or pasta without chili flakes! Some restaurants don’t have them, or just have the chili oil, while others take so long to get them to the table that I’m done half my meal before they get them to me. Whenever I go to a takeout restaurant that has the little sealed packages (sort of look like condoms ;p), I beg for some extra to replenish my stock. Haven’t seen them sold anywhere. Have tried creating my own by putting some in very small ziplocks, but would invariably find flakes spread all over the inside of my purse. Was in Italy over spring break and became the chili connection for all my traveling companions! And Canadians will understand...I sometimes bring Tim’s brand of Earl Grey tea bags :)
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