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  1. I received an email from a MSC agent there is supposedly a bunch of refunds going out this weekend. We shall see.
  2. In COVID world, staying home and going to office are essentially the same thing.
  3. Sounds familiar. I once asked a local in Skagway what they all do in winter when cruise ships and tourists are gone. That's the answer he gave me.
  4. Fresh snow on Juneau mountain. Wish I can be there.
  5. To recover their huge R&D costs upfront.
  6. Until you get on a cruise ship. Those irresistible fried, fatty, cholesterol infused food, sugary deserts and drink package are a health killer.
  7. It is up to the citizens to do the right thing. COVID is also spiking in Europe, India and other parts of the world, not just US. Blaming it all on leadership is over simplistic.
  8. If you are happy and at peace, wealth doesn't matter that much. Some people actually prefer to live a very simple, stress free and spartan life.
  9. On the spot upgrade at embarkation check in counter. That's one way.
  10. It can also mean the smart ones get richer and dumb fools or suckers lose their shirt.
  11. My understanding is that gym will be open with social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocol in place.
  12. Cruise line like MSC is offering COVID 19 insurance and the cost is rather inexpensive.
  13. No quick turn around or quick fix I am afraid. COVID 19 damages are wide spread and enormous. I will take years to repair and undo.
  14. COVID 19 insurance, don't leave home without it.
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