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  1. The entire island of Roatan is surrounded by coral reefs, really close to shore, and greatest snorkeling you can do on a cruise. Check out what your cruise line has to offer AND check out some of the independent operators there. They all depend on the cruise ships for business so they are very responsible... but you can check their ratings on Trip Advisor if you want to be sure. We love Bodden Tours.... you can actually do a package with them to see sloths and monkeys, then go snorkeling, or just snorkeling, or different beach clubs, etc. Other people love Roatan Five Star, others go to a beach club on the West End and snorkel with a guide there.
  2. Walk off the Main street there, just a block or two away. Food will be half the price and 10x better.
  3. We have used it 3 times and it was approved each time, no issues. It does have to be the same, like if Carnival includes lunch then the matching excursion has to, also. I think that is the sticking point for many matches.
  4. Here are our videos: Paddywagon Odyssey Let me know if you have any other quesitons.
  5. Liverpool we did a HOHO Beatles tour bus. It was awesome, booked thru Viator. Glasgow we did Serca tours. Awesome small groups. Cork we did Paddywagon tours. Belfast we did Odyssey tours. book ahead, don't wait until last minutes.
  6. For Cobh(Cork) choose Paddywagon tours. We did a great one with them to the Blarney castle and Jameson distillery. Loved it. For Glasgow... Serca tours. Awesome small tours (only 6 people per van). Highly recommend.
  7. YouTube is your friend. Hundreds of videos to look at and show you excursions.... not just mine, I do have videos, but other people's adventures. You can also check out videos by Parodeejay, they go to Alaska for several trips back-to-back every summer. Tons of videos and information that would be helpful. As for us, we have done Carnival to Alaska twice and loved it, planning to go again this year if we can work it into our schedules.
  8. Xcaret is on the Mainland, across the water from the island of Cozumel. You will need to take a ferry over, downtown pier, and they run approx every half hour to hour, but sometimes not... From there you will have to take transportation down the coast to Xcaret. Personally, I wouldn't do it... too many variables that can go wrong.
  9. The Playlist Performers are a group that sticks together thru a contract on a ship, doing the 4 shows they have been trained to do. There are a lot of different shows, on different ships, but if you do the same ship over and over you might be seeing the same group of people do the same shows. That's how it works out. Yes, in 15 Carnival cruises on many different ships large and small, we have seen some of the same shows multiple times, some we like and some we LOVE. We'll be on the Jubilee coming up soon so we'll have all new shows.
  10. ditto Victor Bodden tours
  11. There are plenty of places just outside the port gates, you can walk north, or take a taxi downtown for cheap.
  12. Make sure to book reservations online before you go! When there are a lot of ships in port, all the beach clubs sell out.
  13. If you are just in Cozumel for the day, I wouldn't rent a car. Use taxis, they are cheap and reliable. Plus you don't have to worry about one-way roads and potholes and gas... its just not worth the hassle there. The taxis can get you almost anywhere and back.
  14. Does the Princess excursion include a lunch? I know when I did it thru Carnival, we had an hour at a place for a hot lunch, all we had to buy were drinks. When looking at the Coral Breeze link, it didn't say anything about food.
  15. Just did a 10-day on Princess, we are Platinum on Carnival. BIG difference it two things that matter to us! 1. Music - Carnival wins hands down. Princess music was like horrible elevator music, rock band outright stunk, and there were 3 "lounge singers" in the bars. Boring.. We love the variety of music on Carnival ships and go see a band or singer every night. 2. Comedy - Princess had a comedian do 1 show twice, he was great, but nothing like you get almost every night on Carnival with a dedicated Comedy Club. Production Shows were good, but nothing worth booking the ship for again. In fact, my hubby says he will give up cruising before going back on Princess... he likes his rock bands and shows on Carnival.
  16. All of them are sooooo good, but one moment that stood out to me was seeing Mike Pack get down on his knees to chat with a little girl about the animals on her dress, helping her name them all. It was so sweet and totally not in his job description, but he did it anyway.
  17. You can get plenty of walking in once you are over at Mahahual. It is a long strip of shops on one side, beach clubs on other, really nice stroll.
  18. Ditto what Crews said! I have done all 3, but we are big history nerds and love the Mayan culture. If you are into it, go to Lamanai or Xunantunich... both are awesome but are inland so longer bus ride.
  19. BELIZE has the Best ruins you can visit on a cruise. Go to Xunantunich or Lamanai. Its 2 hours each way but the tour guides are constantly talking, giving you info on way of life, history, politics of country, all very fascinating.
  20. you mean like this? West End.... whole fish at almost any restaurant....delish!
  21. Hmmm..... not so sure this is legal. I would do more research.
  22. We just did the Regal Princess 10-day to British Isles and LOVED it. Every port was good to fantastic. Yes, if you love history and castles, this is your cruise. we have 8 videos of all our ports here:
  23. We did the one that is listed as Small Group... we went to the Distillery tour instead of Kinsale. Yes, it was a full 8 hours. Had a great time. I should be posting the video of it in the next few days.
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