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  1. My daughters and I always get pedicures upon boarding. It's become our boarding day tradition. We haven't booked ahead once and so far we've been able to get an appointment that afternoon.
  2. My adult daughter was unable to go with me at the last minute. When they asked me I just told them she was checking in later. She turned it into her insurance, didn't affect my sailing at all. Her port fees and taxes were refunded. I actually received triple points because I was in a suite. Had a great time!
  3. If both you and your husband have the same C and A points, it won't matter which of you is in the solo cabin, but if one of you has more points I would book that person in the solo cabin.
  4. I would call back to get a different representative and try again. Even if it was a mistake it's possible you might get further with someone else. Try to call during the day hours. It seems that you are more likely to get a stateside rep and they are sometimes easier to work with.
  5. They are definitely coolers. I leave the cabinet door open so that air circulates around them. This seems to help. I also will leave the ice bucket in the cooler.
  6. I don't have all your answers but the cabanas can only be booked through the concierge. I emailed the concierge and asked for one to be reserved about a month before our cruise.
  7. I may be reiterating somethings already posted. I would definitely book excursions in advance via your cruise planner as the good ones often sell out. If it is already not available, the concierge may be able to assist prior to the cruise when you get you welcome email usually a week prior to cruising. Just email them back with your request. As far as the spa, unless you have a service you need at a specific time, I would wait until on board to get the discounts and they often run spa specials once on board. Also if you are interested in the Chef's Table ask the concierge if he can get a discounted rate. They often need to fill a table on certain nights and will do this. We were invited to join for free a second night but had already made plans with friends. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. When we were on the Mariner and Harmony they were strict about the age.
  9. In order to qualify for the free cruises or money off simply insert your seapass card to track your points.
  10. Keep checking the cruise planner. On one of our recent sailings it showed up and then a few weeks later it was gone. About 4 weeks prior to sailing it showed up again. Possible there may be some cancellations.
  11. I just received via email a dining survey from RCI. It asked questions in regard to the type of dining I would like to see on the ships. They asked about the types of dining (casual, fine, buffet, MDR, specialty), how likely I would be to dine at those and whether I would pay extra. They wanted to know if I would prefer a tasting menu, fixed price menu or ala carte pricing. They specifically asked me several questions about five types of dining establishments. They were Fine dining with a twist, high end steakhouse, dining in the dark, underwater dining and tree top dining. This further leads me to believe they are going toward different specialty type of restaurants that would be an additional fee.
  12. I can't see them getting rid of the Key. They are making money on it. I can see them not releasing it long term because it is a fairly new product and I am sure their marketing people are pricing to see what the market will bear......
  13. This would be great. I think it would free up space in the Diamond lounge.
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