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  1. This will take a while, but at least they will need to wait for numbers of new cases to go drastically down, which is likely a thing to the impossible looking at the mess that will be in the US for the next 2 months until the Government change and even then it will time. Hence, Trial cruises maybe to commence in February earliest at this stage and short cruises March / April if we will not see a little miracle over then next couple of months.
  2. Radiance Class is not in danger to leave the RCL fleet anytime soon as they need this class for their one way Alaska itinararies and also for getting into certain ports in Australasia for instance and could be used to serve ports such as Tampa and Baltimore. However the whole COVID situation might accelerate the retirement of the Vision Class. Assuming that Majesty and Empress will get scraped as well, we might see them use the Vision Class fleet to start a new Pullmantour or when times get better have them sold to cruiselines such as Marella to renew their fleet. Let's see how thi
  3. I would not make any of such plans, firstly we are still quite a bit away before sailings will begin and at least at the begining things will be very different from before. Hence, at some stage some clearer guidelines will need to come from RCL also on the question of B2B if it's possible and what for restrictions apply etc., but I would not commit to anything yet as you can only get disapointed.
  4. All of you booked on Empress it's best to find a good plan B as it's very unlikely she will come back at least to the RCL fleet and if for some very unlikely reason she should return she will likely be amongst the last ones. Looking how things are going currently, I doubt we will see more than 50 - 75% of the RCL fleet back in service by summer / Autumn at very best.
  5. Ok, then this will be really interesting which criteria they will apply to choose such candidates. One of these might be to get a mix of different age groups for simulation purposes of the real thing as close as possible.
  6. You had quite a few people on this Forum that thought they would be on a cruise way earlier and no later than Thanksgiving but refusing to even accept wearing mask and having a different cruise experience than before COVID 🤔 Let's see how things are going, but test cruises will start the earliest in December more likely towards the end or even begining of next year. With COVID numbers spiking up, partially due to the colder weather in some states where people are more inside or in other states where no proper protocolls were ever implemented or respected by the majority of the popu
  7. Looks like some are looking for free lunches. As mentioned above, the volunteers will be purely employees from the company of which there are more than enough and if needed and likely to happen in the final stages travel agents to convince them of the new and fully tested protocols.
  8. I would avoid the M class ships that did not get the aplification yet. But who knows, they might also just leave the fleet for good now, due to COVID.
  9. This sums it up very well. All these promises about getting a effective vaccination next week, next month, just in time for some elections is all "fake news"
  10. It's important to understand that once cruising will begin it will not the same it was before. Some things will come back eventually some things might never be the same again ever. However when deciding to take one of the first cruises, it will not be recomended for the ones that care about Diamond Lounges, a concierge for D and above. It will be more important that the quota for such position will be used for a much more important role in connection to the safety on board in regards to COVID procedures. All the ones looking for boarding the ship as if COVID didn't happ
  11. I think this post once again brought it to the point 🤡🙉🤡 People barely have a clu which states suround theirs, as soon as you leave the borders of the counry it ends in something like that 😄
  12. People need to understand that COVID will leave some marks, like other things did in the past. Hence, we will see certain things on the longer run, especially when it comes to hygiene. Maybe we will see ships in the long run at max 90% capacity, but instead prices will go up 10% to absorb this, a premium most will be willing to pay. Certian thins in Windjammer will likely change as well, one thing hopefully for the long run, that food will only be served by staff permanently. The element of masks might also stay with us on permanent basis, especially during flu season etc.
  13. Actually it's really true what you are saying. In my country most people including myself do not own a helicopter and would not have access to this super health care treatment that somone in Washington had and claims that it's there for everyone... 🤡
  14. Is there no way to get out of it, such as actually docking at Freeport for instance for a "Technical Stop" not letting anyone disembark? If this woudn't be possibe then we will see them start with 2-3 day Coco Cay only cruises.
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