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  1. Concerning items from the MDR, I am sure if you ask for it they can arange it for you also on Edge?
  2. Royal Caribbean unfortunately doesn't invest into cabins of older ships except for replacing carpets. For the Oasis and Allure it would be to early to make any major renovations, however once the ships reach 15 or 20 years the whole cabin should be redone. But as can be seen with Voyager Class now, 0 investment in fully updating cabins including new bathrooms.
  3. I don't think that any of the speciality restaurants (except for Izumi) would let you leave hungry. Not on the main courses anymore, but for starters you can order more than one and same with Wonderland, if you like a certain dish / dishes from one of the elements they will let you order more.
  4. this will probablyy just work out fory you, last passengers (Tag numbers) shoud be heading our between 09:30 and 10:00 latest
  5. Don't get me started on ignorance. Do you think just because cruising evolved in the USA there is a trademark on the concept and it can't be adjusted to local cultures. Just the way RCCL adjusts it's food items to local cultures when basing their ships in other parts of the world, they should also adjust the tipping culture, which at least with the gratuities has been done when the ship is based outside of the USA. With drink prices on board suffering of crazy inflation over th past years there is a high enough margin that the company should reward it's employees. I am very sorry, the tipping culture in the USA is just absurd, add the full price to the items and use it to pay your employees make sure that minimum wages are secured in sectors such as gastronomy or retail. I will not generalize, but how many americans travel to Europe, but could not tell you the countries they visited and what the difference of Italy, France or Spain would be/ knowing if Barcelona is in Spain or Italy. Instead of enjoying the local cutture and food, they only look where the next Starbucks and McDonalds is located. Talking again about ignorance, if you watch local CNN or other news channels in the USA, you would get the feeling that the only country in the whole universe is the USA and somethimes you would even have doubts if another state than the one you are currently located in even exisits. Concerning your point of being tired how things are done in the US, take a simple example, those surveys you receive at the end of the cruise and how these are evaluated. The only thing RCCL counts as good is 10/10, well let's face it nothing is absolutely perfect and you always need to be able to leave a motivation to become even better / contnue to work just as hard to keep the standards on this level and trying to even get them up one notch. Once you received a 10, you achieved everything and this extra hunger to go above and beyond is gone. Now take a deep breath and think again about your post 😄
  6. The US is one of the only countries where mandatory tipping is applied and since the cruising business also started from there the model with the seperate tipps was also applied. Nevertheless Europeans or also Australians are not used tipping and do not see why we need to add 15 or 20% to a bill. I mean in the US everyone grows up with it and it's a natural thing however for Europeans or Australians for instance we prefer to know what we need to pay at the begining without having a mandatory additional charge. Of course if service is excellent thent you round up the bill in a Resraurant etc. From a psychilogical factor the gratuities should be automatically be included in the total price and this will then probably also have less people remove them, since they knew from the begining their total fare without any suprises.
  7. Navigator and Mariner were really changed into party ships with the aim to attract lot's of cruisers in their 20's and 30's whereas Voyager is aimed for families, hence the whole concept with Bamboo Room and the enhanced pool bar / deck will not be introduced. However, something RCCL absolutely sucks this is to update it's cabins roperly. If they plan to keep the Voyager Class for probably another 10 years+ they should have finally replaced all bathrooms in all cabins as part of the refurbishment program. Interesting what will happen with Adventure and Explorer, probably the enhancments will be equivalent to Voyager. One good thing it looks like these 3 ships will keep Giovanni's 😉
  8. This looks more like the exception, generally no Lobster night on european sailings except for Transatlantic cruises originating or ending in the US For cruises leaving US, lobster was also served in the past on sailings as of 4 or 5 nights (Bermuda for instance), now it seems to be only served on 7 night +. Anyway, as was mentioned here already several times, the lobster you receive on board is not the real thing. If you want to taste the freshest most delicious lobster go on a New England cruise and skip the lobster night 😉 and have the real thing at ports such as Bar Harbour
  9. For years the cheapest drink available on board, a simple non branded water bottle was not part of the happy hour drinks and often bar tenders refused to provide them because of useless "policies" implemented that got them scared to get in trouble. Luckily this "enhancment" has been made that water bottles are now part of the privilege, I think it was implemented simultaniously when Corona was enhanced away from the menu
  10. Oasis Class will not fit to Circular Quay, hence if a Oasis Class would ever make it to Sydney it would be at a future port to be built outside of the center of the city
  11. Exactly and then they can apply the US / Caribbean 7 day cruise model there
  12. A lot of the ports on the way to Asia are commercial ports that can take on the largest cargo ships, hence ports such as Ashdod, Aquaba, Dubai and Mumbai could possibly handle the ship. Probably before we will see a Oasis Class ship in Asia we would see it based out of Brisbane, Australia offering one week New Caledonia cruises year round and this will also not happen so fast
  13. The buffet experience on Adventure was probably the worst I experienced fleetwide and this was on seperate cruises, one in 2013, the other in 2015 and last one in 2018. Concerning the MTD it was ok, not the worst but also not the best experience. The Chef last year was from the US, so that didn't help, however I am sure that each time I sailed on Adventure it was a different chef.
  14. I can imagine that we will see one of them go next year when Odysey will join and in 2021 when Oasis 5 will be here the latest. Only reason why they will stay in the fleet is if anything changes concerning Cuba deploymnets. But then again how much longer is it feasible economically to keep them, they are due at some point for a dry dock and due to their age this requires heavy repairs.
  15. f I also enjoy smaller ships, the problem with the Empress and Majesty is that they are just too old and do not meet the standards from public areas to cabins on what you would expect for a 4 Star (hotel rating style) cruise line, such as Royal Caribbean. Now that not even the destination factor of Cuba is relevant it woud just be the time to finally remove them from the fleet for good.
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