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  1. The Corona Virus will most likely disapear by end of April, hence the likelyhood of another outbreak next winter is very small. The whole world panics, but the Influenza "Flu" is much more deadly and kills many more people every winter. However for the media it's now much more exciting to talk about the Corona Virus.
  2. Spectrum most likely will not be moved out of Asia since the ship is in it's current configuration fully designed for the Chinese market. What coud maybe happen is, that once the situation calms down in Southeast Asia that the ship will be repositioned there for the time being to operate cruises originally planned for Quantum and in early Summer +- have the ship move back to Shanghai. hat would Quantum do in the meanwhile, they could move her to Europe for the summer and replace Explorer from Rome.
  3. I don't think that it makes any sense at all to worry about what could happen in a cruise more than on year out. If the violence will not escalate / get back under control which is likely there is no reason why the port of call in Hong Kong will be cancelled / replaced. If another virus outbreak will occur next winter then the whole cruise will be at Jeopardy, but again no point to worry about these things yet as so much things can still happen. Nevertheless I would guess to 90%+ per current status that the cruise will be operated as planned.
  4. Probably what is currently happening with the Westerdam is why X has taken these measures on Constellation and is turning around the ship for the rest of the season in Dubai.
  5. There are hundreds of passengers of the 16th of Feb cruise currently on the way or already in Singapore, hence the ship would then likely be sailing almost completely empty. I anyway wonder what the load will be on this cruise, probably not above 80% This is the by far most cilized / Westernized country in Asia and the local authoriites are really doing the utmost to get the virus under control, hence before Singapore will get a travel ban other countries will be before.
  6. It would be much more beneficial to have a larger bathroom but wth shower and not the bathtub, would be nice to see this change going forward on new ships. Hence the Junior Suites on Quantum Class are great with the large walk in shower and honestly the bathtub that is there as well is wasted space but at least it's there for the ones that need it.
  7. It will depend over the next weeks. I gues that RCCL will pull out of China at least until the summer, hence more than one ship based in Singapore will be too much. Hence it's likely that we will see changes to Voyager which would be based most of the Summer from Hong Kong. Possibly they could reposition the ship to Japan and offer Japan / South Korea cruises. I doubt they will redeploy it to Europe though. Since I will cruise out of Rome, I am hoping that RCCL might bring Quantum to Europe for the summer to replace Explorer and then have Spectrum take it's place temporarely out of Singapore and possibly this will make Voyager be based out of Japan for the summer.
  8. Gilchrist & Soames in Suites of all ship types except for Oasis and Quantum Class. On Oasis and Quantum Class the product's are from L'Ocitane. Quite ridiculous, they should really stramline and offer the L'Ocitane products across the fleet in Suites.
  9. At least you are not having new people entering Singapore brining the virus. Now it's about getting the local spreading under control.
  10. I odn't know if it depends by ship, but they usually have 12 -14 menus and for the remaining nights some previous menus would repeat.
  11. If they currently have no use for Spectrum / are still considering how to proceed maybe RCL uses the opportunity to use the ship for practical purposes of crew recruiting / training given that a large number of crew in the fleet are recruited there? Another option could be that due to cheaper port costs in Manila compared to Busan for keeping the ship, although this is less likely since it also costs a lot of $$$ and fuel for the repositoning
  12. There is no reason for Singapore closing it's ports. They are doing everything to get the situation in control and do not allow any travelers from China mainland and Hong Kong to enter since February 1st, hence in a few weeks they should see a drastic reduction or not even have any further new cases. Regarding Spectrum, maybe she could be used instead of Explorer out of Civitavechia.
  13. A bit on a different note, it seems if I will book a internet package pre cruise I can not ask for the discount as it claims that no Captains Club discounts /promotions can be applied for the offers in the Pre Cruise planer?
  14. Booking on board a Royal Caribbean Ship a Celebrity Cruises and vise versa provides you with the same offers as when you would make a booking on Celebrity for a Clebrity cruise and same for Royal Caribbean.
  15. They converted Qsine some months ago already to Petite Chef, hence this will stay mostlikely also after dry dock. Shame they are replacing Qsine with Petite Chef acrros the fleet, it was in my view the most fun speciality restaurant option in the fleet.
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