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  1. Well it looks like RCCL is using the itinararies to keep the ship lucrative, but we will see for how much longer. I doubt they will invest into the ship another dry ock
  2. I doubt we will ever see a Oasis Class ship in Sydney, at least for sure not until a new Terminal will be constructed outside of the City and further ports will be able to handle it. The first Oasis Class ship to be seen in Australia will be based out of Brisbane for cruises to the South Pacific and this will not happen before the new private Island of RCCL will be ready around 2022.
  3. The whole idea with brining Navigator and Mariner to Florida for the 3 / 4 night cruises is to attract a younger crowd, which you will then feel especially on the 3 night weekend cruises. Neverheless the crowd should still be better on those cruises than on lowest of the lowest you get on Carnival.
  4. Talking about costs, why is RCCL not finally getting rid of Majesty and Empress? In case Cuba would become an option again couldn’t a Radiance or Vision class be deployed for that?
  5. If this is the case the island will for sure not be a american theme park like Coco Cay. It would be a new concept to have a ship year round in Australia, hence I guess RCL will start to have one based out of Brisbane, also more favorable due to the climate. Eithere we will see them begin with a Oasis Class or at the begining Voyager, if they want to base a ship year round from Sydney, due to the weather in winter there it would need to be a Radiance of Quantum Class which is made for colder climates,
  6. Quite impressive how the dimensions changed, well now we hopefully reached the limits for the time being, even the Oasis Class is almost already to large
  7. It's been more than 10 years since the first Oasis Class ship, hence it's time for some major design / feature updates. However that there seem to be much more closed of areas reflects the needs for the Chinese / Asian market, who don't like to be outside / exposed to the sun. Nevertheless the Ship will have various open spaces such as the Central Park and Boardwalk, which stronlgy suggests that the ship is not ideal to be used in winter out of Shanghai which makes it realistic to assume that a seasonal deployment can be possible out of Singapore.
  8. Voyager Class are great, what unfortunatelly ruined them a bit are all the additional cabins that were added over over the past years which worsens the experience quite a bit when the ship is sailing at full capacity, hence to be avoided during holidays. As mentioned earlier, Once Wonder arrives to Asia it will likely be based seasonaly in Singapore which will bring Quantum to Australia and possibly then replace Voyager. Before we will see a Oasis Class ship, to be used for South Pacific Cruises (year round) RCCL first needs to open it's private Island, no update heard about that.
  9. You can't compare Empress (at the time the largest ship for the mass market, The Oasis Class from the early 90's 🙂 ) to the Luxury market, which will always have small ships to cater for this segment
  10. For sure, in your situation you will need the right balance and a long port intensive itinarary would also not be the ideal. Just keep in mind at the end of the day Europeans and Americans are culturally very similar and all of us could find our way around comfortably with each other. The Chinese culture is completely different and when you have a ship catered to only that population it can be quite disturbing, especially since their manners are anything but acceptable, especially when it comes to dining and being with them in the Retaurant is not the most inviting without being rude or insulting. If you are aware of it before the cruise and you can live with it there is no reason not to book a cruise out of China with RCCL and it might bring you some advantages such as empty outdoor decks 😄 Out of Singapore the population is more diverse and I wouldn't worry to much taking a RCCL cruise from there (Not talking about repositioning cruises)
  11. I've seen it lately on several cruises, it seems to be something rather new that they finnally serve as well occasionally freshly caught fish and not only the frozen stuff
  12. It's not clear on this picture, but I assume it goes through just slightly above, otherwise it would block the view
  13. The younger generations are not that disciplined an also since the policy became less strict with "Wear your best" or something like that people do not seem to take it that serious anymore. But wearing a nice shirt and black trousers for men shoud be the minimum and for sure no t-shirts and shorts
  14. The cruises out of Shanghai and Tianjin / the experience on board is fully aimed at the Chinese cruisers. Also the itinararies meet the local needs which sees rather short cruises with mainly sea days in order to maximize the time for shopping and Casino. It's not worth it for a European or North American to travel half around the globe for that. If you want to cruise in Asia and experience port intensive families you will need to choose Celebrity (If you want to stay eithin the family 😉 ) Same as with Spectrum the ship was designed to meet the needs for the Chinese market. The outdoor spaces see to be getting reduced, Deck 15 seems to be hacing a large indoor area and the open deck pool area i smaller with a fully closed solarium. The Suite area which will be a seperate enclosed area, probably as on Quantum Ultra accessible through seperate elevators will be fully seperated and the Deck 16 /17 area seeems to be wider taking up more area towards the front of the ship / more suites. Possibly there will be now suites facing the front o the ship to comensate the new space found now towards the back. The ship still has a lot of open space, hence if it will be year round based in Shanghai is questionable, I will not be suprised to have she ship based in Singapore to replace Quantum. I have a feeling that we will see Quantum at least seasonably to be moved to Australia to either replace Voyager or be brought as a additional ship.
  15. At least on last year's cruise the average crowd was more towards 60+. Also, in the next years at least smaller and older class of ships will offer this itinarary (Vision Class)
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