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  1. The system applied would very likely be the ones who paid lowest fares will be asked to move, but looking at the natural cancellations / shiftings to new bookings RCL likely will not even need to apply such measures.
  2. The biggest threat for the cruiselines will not be COVID-19 or any other virus it's the people who are not and also will not obey the rules and take care of their personal hygiene. If we could relly that each passenger on a cruise would do so, crusing could start in a month or so without an issue, but this is not the case. Hence whatever safety precaucions the cruiselines will take, without each passenger taking care of their personal hygiene and obeying the rules they can only pray that non of their vessels will be hit with an outbreak. This is also one of the reasons why it might take longer for cruises or at least for certain cruiselines before they will start up operations again as no one can afford to be in the media with one of their ships that suffered again an outbreak of COVID-19.
  3. COVID-19 gives them a good excuse to include CoCoCay and Labadee even more on it's itinararies going forward, more $$$ to stay in the family 😄
  4. Due to the unique itinarary the cruise did sell out very quickly when it initially was launched. This does happen on very popular itinararies which was the case with this one.
  5. I would be more than happy for your if your cruise would be happening. But now we are at a point that cruises out of the US will not be happening in August, hence why continue to hope that you will be even more disapointed when it will not happen although you actually know it already.
  6. At least on Constellation you were able to order a Cappuccino with one o the staff and they would bring it to you.
  7. IIf for X as of August we might see the operation of APEX as of August and 2-4 Vessels for RCL it should be possible to source the crew during July given that air travel will be more open again. But then again who knows, this might not happen after all.
  8. The call centers are useless they don't know anything. You will find information first on CC before you get vali information from them.
  9. They can't force the people into this but on what you mentiond I wouldn't be suprised that during the booking process there will be extra options to answers on the main interests / activites someone has on board and that they would then suggest deck levels / cabin location that meet best their criterias by helping people choose their cabins.
  10. Tui will start of sailing with 50% capacity this summer, however as they will develop the new concepts this will also be gradually be increased. If cruises will be happening in January RCL will either react soon to cap the maximum amount of passengers, which will likely be above 50% but maybe not more than 80%, a level they might not even be able to reach over the first months once sailings will begin. What confuses people, the crusilines are no planing to sail at 30 / 50% longer term. When RCL made the comment they refered to what the minimum capacity they need that it even makes economical sense to operate the cruise. It's not a break even point but already will make them loose less money than having the ship in warm layup. That cruiselines don't want ships over th first months at 100% capacity will probably happen automatically due to demand developments and if not they will take needed measures starting with lowest fare cabins etc.
  11. But then it's not like one specific level has most features needed for the cruise, will be difficult to implement that wihout helping to reduce the movement around the ship. On the top levels you have the pool and Windjammer then 4-5 decks down you have the shops and other restaurants etc. Already now the cabins for disbaled are located close to the elevators, not much more they can do. Only if taking the evacuation into consideration, then all these cabins should be on the lower levels close to the muster stations.
  12. As long as you hope for something that has a very small chance to maybe happen, unfortunately here there is no chance and nothing to hope for.
  13. Even if the ship could technically be delivered ontime no one knows yet if cruises will be operating by then. Or if halted again, given the fear of a 2nd wave which is expected in Autumn / early winter.
  14. The protection will only be granted if everyone will wear the mask. If people are not willing or able to wear masks should this be manndatory in specific venues / situation during the cruise should simply stay away as long as these scenarios are mandatory. This has nothing to do with discrimination or anything else and should be as is without any legal action to even be possible.
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