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  1. So true both are very different. For us this time around it will be very needy time as I’m with my 87 years old mom first ever cruise and also my brother and wife first cruise the other couple with us is friends of the familly. I’m sure they will be following us everywhere and we are organizing all the tours lol. its very different when we are alone but both are fun 🙂 have you ever been on EQUINOX
  2. Not everyone but seems like we have kinda taken over the roll call lol 😂. Are you cruising alone with husband ?
  3. I also think this place will have same ending as Cellar Master unless the concept changes a bit ....like free appetizers.
  4. Same here it’s unfortunate to charge for finger food especially when NCL has a pub free of charge. As for the $10 charge for the beer ....you don’t only get the Miller it’s a flight so you get all the one mentioned in that flight for $10. Sea ya Eric
  5. Hey, Martin and Eric plus our family going on this cruise. just saw you posted on the other roll call as well ...seem like a fun group Sea ya Eric
  6. For having sailed on both lines sister ships I could definitely say we prefer the modern chic of celebrity. It’s a more adult contemporary vibe and with less kids. in my opinion because you have younger kids RCCL could be a better choice for the whole family as the kids will have more dedicated rooms to make friends this leaving you space to have a romantic dinner together. On a side note RCCL is a good product but my last cruise on Allure of the seas confirmed that we prefer smaller ships. have fun Sea ya Eric
  7. That was not in anyway a negative review it was well detailed and love the format. You were able to show some less pleasant stuff without letting it be a distraction from the rest of your cruise. If we embark through that second entrance of the ship will we still get our Champagne glass ? Did you have the time to have a drink before or after dinner at the Ensemble Lounge ? Was there a band ? For the World Class bar can you get any other drink if you have a Classic package ? Being on Keto lots of those special drinks have syrup and sugar so have to be very basic with my drinks. If I do see a specific good one then will use my Classic package and pay the difference. Also we are a group of 7 and beside sitting at the bar this place doesn’t seem to have any other good sitting area if I look at pictures of others is that the case ? We love having a drink at Sunset bar before heading to our cabin at the end of the day. Again great review and pictures Thanks Sea ya Eric
  8. Going on a Caribbean cruise in November and in the App it says 7/9 for theatre shows. Personally not a fan of those times the 07:30/09:30 was better. It seems they want everyone out of the dinning room so early now making it less enjoyable 😞
  9. You should wear it and make one for your wife that would say “ME 2” 😂
  10. nimiq

    Hayhu Beach Club

    Haven't but will be following this thread.
  11. That seems to be right with the description. I wonder if the have them for beg, intermediate and advance ? Would be interesting in hearing from other. Sea ya Eric
  12. Hello, can you tell me how it went with the Classic package as was hesitant to upgrade. We’re you Abe to order classic martinis ? What bottled water did they have ? Was the wine good t dinner ? thanks sea ya Eric
  13. Yes sometimes groups can get louder, I have experienced that myself being on both end at times. My simple answer to the OP would be tell the Maître D to try and put the group as far as possible to all or to choose a better time when that group is not around. Your on vacation and they are as well but because they are in a group they do tend to make more noise. This has nothing to do with Celebrity being a mass market or a no more luxury cruise line this is only a group of people or Familly enjoying life and friendship together. To the OP since when does fine dinning rhymes with not having fun ....Come to the MDR and you will see how lucky you are to have the extra dollars to dine in Luminae. Sorry but lots of other options should of been attempted from you like other have mentioned before ruining your entire vacation on a situation that was not manageable.
  14. Hello all, Does any of the bars serve hors d’œuvre or munchies at night during pre dinner drinks ? Will be on the Equinox. Thanks Sea Ya Eric
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