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  1. Like I mentioned on YouTube after watching the Beyond revealing this cruise line has one of the best fleet to attract myself. The make a fantastic job with the refurbishment of the older ships the Edge ship are beautiful and the beyond seems to be one step further up. I think they are doing a fantastic job. Sea ya Eric L
  2. Nope your correct we are in no shape to relax any of the traveling as the vaccine rollout has been terrible this side of the boarder. If you guys start opening stuff and travel again trust me our Canadian Government will be in trouble for the next elections. We are very disappointed on how things got handle in Canada.
  3. in the meantime aren't we all just wanting to board a ship and enjoy ever moment. I always get so excited on cruise day and boarding the ship but next time it will be even bigger as this Covid thing got us miss the people we love and things we love to do. Sea ya Eric
  4. Amazing like this honest post.
  5. Like I mentioned before being on vacation means not worrying about anything so if this situation would happen to us ....I would not want to get into any arguments that might make this trip less enjoyable so because of that we usually will withstand of doing a slow dance. Don’t worry though we do dance like crazy to other stuff. The only time we might try to slow dance one day is if we are with a group or friends and family that would make it easier for us but then again I don’t want them to have to shame the people that would make derogatory comments. Anyhow I think it’s a
  6. Wow ! That’s when you just to want that cruise to finish as in the real world it doesn’t usually happen as is.
  7. I know this may sound crazy for some but as a gay couple ...I still cant seem to be comfortable enough to have a slow dance with my partner on a cruise ship. We have never had any bad experience when saying we are a couple to people we meet but to actually slow dance yikes I personally cant yet. Cant wait to see you all miss cruising Sea ya Eric
  8. When money will be back for refurbishing your ships make a better job to put them back to date. Celebrity does a great job at that.
  9. Having a nice pre-dinner drink in any bar. Trying all of what Normand Love does best. A nice sea day doing nothing but think of us. Being with family and friends onboard. Soon Soon let’s keep on tract. Sea Ya Eric
  10. Little did we know that boarding the Sea Princess out of Brisbane a year ago, would be one of this ship last journey and one of ours for a long time. Here are a few nice pictures of the Sea Princess. I miss cruising and meeting all these nice cruisers 😉 Be safe all soon it will be better. Sea Ya Eric
  11. Wow love them ....this will definitely a site that I will visit for next cruise. thanks Sea Ya Eric
  12. So happy to have done one of the last cruises on her last February 2020 out of Brisbane. It’s unfortunate the ship left Princess as it was a nice medium size.
  13. Interested in the answers as well as it’s been quite a while since a Carnival cruise and those ship are the ones we liked to try as well. Of course the Mardi Gras is on the top of our list but the comparison from the above 3 ships will be very informative for sure. Ses ya Eric
  14. The last time I sailed Allure they had the 70s party and told myself that next time I would not attend as this is getting a little dated and when you have done a few RCCL it’s pretty much all the same. Perhaps to please or try to please everyone they should alternate the party’s each week like have 70s,80s and today’s and just rotate them. ‘this would at least give a chance that if a BB is done your will have 2 different parties ✌️ just an idea coming from a guy that loves the 80s. Sea ya Eric
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