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  1. Laurie, I'm kind of wondering why you didn't buy it too!!! I'm waiting patiently for the trip to continue.


    Anita, I really like both scarves. (Who would have thought?) I'm wondering though if the first scarf, although great colors and lovely, doesn't match your vibe as well as the second scarf? I'd wear the second scarf with jeans (because jeans go with everything) and boots, my off-white lace sleeveless T and any neutral-colored jacket/sweater I owned. Earrings with both the blue scarf color and whatever jacket color would tie everything together. Like this, maybe?




    I've been known to take my jewelry pliers and remove or add parts of earrings according to what I'm wearing any particular day or. . .just, because.

  2. Margaret, I've had that sleepy and achy feeling, but attributed it to the Bonine. I know it says non-drowsy, but I've always attributed my legs feel like lead to a few days of taking the medicine. Thanks, Melody, for explaining. I can't travel a 2-lane curvy road unless I'm driving. A pontoon in a good-sized lake makes me queasy unless I'm carefully scanning the horizon and my brother is great with a boat. Stabilizers, schmavilizers! My brain knows that larger vessels are more stable, but my belly sometimes doesn't gets that message. I'm jealous of y'all that travel easily. I love to travel, but I'm not an especially good traveler.


    I'm glad you didn't lose out on your Cuba trip, Sally. I'm sure it will be a lovely adventure whenever you are able to go.


    DH and I are meeting friends for a short bourbon and winery weekend. DH doesn't drink, so we've included a candy tour for his sweet tooth as a thank you for being our designated driver. Since we'll finally have a break in our 90+ degrees heat, I'll try to get a few pictures of my fall Light Spring Yang (Dramatic) Gamine self. I think I have enough items that fit the bill for a small weekend capsule.

  3. Glad Pam is ok and such a good sailor. I take meds two days before and two days after cruising to deal with the ookies my stomach tries to throw at me during calm seas. I don't think I'd be a good sailor. Can't wait to hear about the trip.


    Yea, Melody!


    Sally, how does it work when you don't take the cruise? Do you lose that money or are you able to pitch it forward on another cruise?

    Inquiring minds---

  4. I love that Steampunk inspired necklace you posted, Laurie. I'd wear it. It doesn't fit the description of my necklace proportions, but the lovely thing about my style is that I'm allowed an opposite in every outfit. That would be how I'd wear it. My off-white jean jacket with a FIRE-y top and slim-fitting jeans, cowboy boots and that necklace. Yum!

  5. I posted something similar on the EARTH thread a few weeks ago. Here's the FIRE version that was released earlier today:




    I'm a Light Spring and pretty positive Kim is a True Spring. I'm not sure about anyone else. I love both pairs of glasses!


    It's very hard for me to find my light spring colors in Yang Gamine style, but when I get the color right, it makes my skin look like I have a healthy tan. I didn't understand all that "glowing skin" stuff. FINALLY!!! By jove! I think I've got it!!!

  6. The scarf and skinny jeans are very warm colored. Light colors are not the best for me, but they work in bottoms and accessories. I liked that the scarf was lace. It was kind of like wearing a necklace for me. :D


    Ooooo! Laurie. I have that exact scarf, I think. Mine is very light cream that I got at Charming Charlie, maybe? You've given me an "ah-ha" styling moment. I've struggled with how to style this scarf and it's been left in the closet. A. lot. It may show up on our February cruise with a pair of whitish jean capris. Thanks!


    Really enjoying catching up on both conversations.

  7. Anita, I've thought all along that you were Soft Autumn and Yin Natural. Lace-inset tops and everything I wish I could wear. Take a look at a Sundance catalog or website for inspiration. Yummy clothes. I couldn't wear the drawstring vest but can see it working for you like a charm.


    I was told to fill my v-necks with a necklace, so yesterday I wore a necklace bought on a clearance table. It must have hit my sweet spot, because I had five complements by the end of the day and only one was from my hubs. It wasn't especially memorable, but I think the aqua and turquoise stones with the gold tone chain played against my skin color well. I love when I get this stuff right!!!

  8. Sally, I totally agree that I could never be prepared for the stress. I. Can't. Even. Imagine. I keep thinking about all the wonderful folks we met on St. Kitts, Tortola, and St. Marteen. They were so proud to show us their lovely islands. My little week plus of ice storm damage was so insignificant. I. Just. Can't. Imagine. and I hope they are physically ok. I just keep thinking that over and over again.

  9. Such great news that everyone and their families are ok.


    Laurie, thanks for taking the time to let us go on vacation with you. Loving the report so far.


    I have enough food and water to sustain us for an enormous amount of time but not all of it is what I consider sustainable food. A generator with 50 gallons of fuel stored, various grills with propane, and our campers should allow us to cook the perishable food in our freezers and refrigerators as long as necessary. I really need to increase my dried bean and canned supplies. I've become lax in that area. I'm not sure that I'm a prepper, but I was raised to be prepared. I'm comforted by the idea that we could be self-sufficient if the need arose.

  10. I'm so glad you're home safely, Laurie!


    Margaret, glad to hear your family is ok. I have a childhood friend that lives in that area. I've been checking in on FB for updates from her other family members. One of the best things about social media is keeping up-to-date with family and friends living far away.


    Melody, good news about your surgery is wonderful, but take care of those peepers.


    Sally, please let us know you are ok when you are able. I understand power is out for an enormous amount of folks.

  11. I'm so glad to hear you're ok, Laurie.


    Margaret, I guess I never think about city dwellers filling their tubs. I grew up with a well and electric pump. When Alan and I first married, I ran water at the first sign of a storm and he asked me why. I thought I was so smart and organized. He told me were on "city water" and didn't have an electric pump so there was no need. That was 39 years ago and I still sometimes think about needing to fill the tub. LOL


    Anita, I guess our Charleston Hugo experience was as close as I've ever been to seeing Hurricane devastation up close and that was 10 months after the fact. I feel so sad for anyone in the path of any kind of disaster. We bought a generator during our January 2009 Ice Storm, kept it in good working order and used it occasionally when the electricity goes out here. We have several full 5-gallon gas cans for generator use and won't lose anything from our freezers or frig if we lose power. In '09, our grandbaby was 6 months old, so daughter brought her and stayed with us until power was restored. Her lineman husband worked with minimal sleep for 9-10 days. It was bad. We have friends that didn't have power restored for 13 days.


    I heard news this morning that two cruise lines were bringing in 40,000 people today on cruise ships that would need to find transportation out of harms way. Did I hear that right!?! 40,000!?!!!!

  12. I'm hoping and praying everyone stays safe. I hadn't heard Irma was being compared to Hugo.


    I was a young mother that didn't stay up-to-date on current events during Hugo, or maybe, weather wasn't as national news worthy back then. Whatever the reason, when we made arrangements to vacation the following summer of 1990 in Charleston, I didn't have a clue what was in store for us. I had made hotel reservations using a "buy one night and stay for the second night free" coupon. When we came across a marshy area bridge near the shoreline, Alan looked around and said, "that's probably where we're staying" (he's positive like that) and pointed to a 4-5 story building with 1st and 2nd story windows boarded with plywood. My heart sank! It wasn't our hotel, but I'll never forget the devastation we saw that week--nine months after Hugo.

  13. Oh, Pam!!! I've missed your voice. I almost spurted tea all over my "puter screen. Calling every time you moved a foot and then asking Anita if she was busy? Are you already primed so far in advance that you've already started contacting her? I'm sure that was an inside joke, but my brain made that connection. I'm weird. I know.


    So, you don't have more or less port days, right? Just changed up the day from day 3 to day 6, right? 5 degree temperature change, right? sunny to rain, right? Talk a long calming breath. Add a light-weight hooded something in your purse/over your purse. Swap Day 3 and Day 6 columns in your spreadsheet. Maybe add one more downloaded book on the iPad/Nook. Go have a great time.


    I may not have solved your situation, but that's how this innocent bystander would attempt to roll with the punches. Well, that and take another little happy pill LOL I can't remember anything these days, but it's happier place in my little world.

  14. The paisley print looks much brighter in the outside picture than it does in the bedroom photo. It's amazing how pictures capture color much differently than in person. I think one looks AIR while the other looks FIRE. Which one is the best representative of the color, Melody?


    I remember way back when we posted our greens for everyone to help each other decide what looked best. I had sooooo many green tops--15-20, if I remember correctly. From my pictures, nothing that I had was the correct green. What!?! It wasn't possible! Now I realize that I gave up on colors that were ok. Maybe not my very bestest color green, but they matched my eye color and could have happily stayed in my closet and been wardrobe workhorses. The pictures didn't accurately show what my eyes saw. Oh, well. When Emerald Turquoise becomes an 'it" color again, I'll be ready!


    Two weeks sounds like a long no-screen time to me, and audio books might be the only thing that would keep me sane. I hope your surgery is a great success, Melody. Please let us know as soon as you can that everything is ok with you.

  15. My husband is also very particular. My mom had always bought my dad's clothes and laid out his clothes on Sunday morning for church. The first Sunday after we married, my husband found me looking in his side of the closet and asked what I was doing. When I told him, he quickly told me he was a big boy and I didn't need add that chore to my list.


    As most folks that have been married a while, we have our system worked out. It is necessary for me to pack his suitcase, however. He pulls 2-3 times as many items as needed for the trip, we cull through them together, and I pack them in the case. I love to make everything fit, and generous soul that he is, he allows me to have that pleasure. (He HATES that part!) LOL


    His job is to haul the suitcases to the vehicle, wait patiently for me to get in the vehicle, and then, as we pull out the driveway, begin to ask if I remembered to bring this, this, that, and the other. Yes, really. Gotta love him--can't break in a new one at this stage. Bless his heart. LOL


    Margaret, I love those glasses!

  16. Melody, I was expecting to like the paisley colors best, but agree that your favorite suit is also my favorite for you. I like the others, but the colors and the styling is really great on that one!


    Everyone have fun and share pictures when you return please. I'm waiting until February for my cruise fix and would love to go along on your trips.

  17. Wow, Wayfairers! Sounds like me except you figured it out much more quickly than I. I've been working on the clothes habit for several years now. I'm giving it another year to finish up and then I'll just talk to everyone here about my fabulous clothes that work for all occasions. Yeah. Right. (sarcasm here)


    Crochet, trip planning, reading--check. Genealogy is on my list to work on when I retire. Well, that and cleaning out my closets, and my drawers, and the upstairs, and the garages. We've lived in the same place since 1986 and it's time my children's keepsakes either go to live at their houses or go to live at the Goodwill.


    Pam, my answers were all over the place. When I couldn't decide on an answer, I just wrote down both and counted both. So, I have a total of 1 A, 1-3 Bs, 3-4 Cs, 0 Ds, and 4-5 Es. Since I'm assuming Cs are average or classic, and Es are yang or gamine, I'd say I was pretty accurate with my answers. It's why I thought I was classic and my analyst saw gamine. I'm never sure that others see what I think I see but that's due to my self-preserving nature (another qualifier of my true self). Yang Gamine is equal parts combination yin and yang contradiction always with one rebellion piece. I see you as yin rather than yang, but what the heck do I know. I didn't realize there are so many types of natural. Yes, there is Flamboyant/Yang Natural, Natural, and Soft/Yin Natural, but I've also read where it can be broken down like this: Girl-Next-Door, the Nymph, the Super Model, the Gypsy, and the Action Heroine. The more you read--the more you know or just the more questions you have?


    I googled my style and pulled up the the google images and looked at picture after picture--another time-consuming site to avoid mopping. Just in case you need one.

  18. Sally, while everyone is trying to invade the ultimate strip of land for eclipse viewing, I'm spending this weekend purging too! If I can get DH to help, it will be a miracle.


    Melody, lime and turquoise/aqua is one of my favorite color combos too! How good to get rid of stuff, make others happy to have it, and benefit a worthy cause all at the same time. Win-win-win!!! Now if we could just wish you to good health, you'd have it made! I hope everything goes well for you and your next surgery.


    Laurie, I'm glad the 12blueprints article on greens helped. On the left side of the page, you can research several articles for Autumns.


    After reading more about gamine style, I understand why it suits me. Several times a day I must dampen down my enthusiasm at work to a more "classic" vibe. Perky is pretty irritating to others in a small office setting. Heck, I've come to understand that perky can be pretty irritating to others, period. When my aches and pains are at a reasonable level, when on vacation, visiting with the grands--you know, all those wonderful moments--my husband invariably says, "you're feeling good today, aren't you?" After being diagnosed Yang Gamine, I understand why he thought my mood was improved. I have permission to be my authentic self. I like being me.


    Anita, I've always thought of you as Soft Natural or Yin Natural. Even though your Zuma clothes were cute and functional, I never thought of it as your personal style. Your gravitational pull is Pinterest boho style, correct? Tops with several coordinating patterns of color added nilly-willy with lacy ruffles, right? Mother Earth but with a twist? The chunky leather strap sandals you recently showed were definitely Natural. Just like we took pictures of ourselves in our colors, the camera doesn't lie about our clothes proportions either. That's the part of EARTH and Natural that I've always been drawn to. When I was told that I was a short yang natural, it all made sense. I can do certain aspects of Natural, but they must be in proportion for my smaller-ness and in my Light Spring colors. Because I don't think of myself as small in any way, it's been an eye-opener for me. I think that's where my image consultant and others like Inside Out Style understand that personality blends with body proportions to let you show your authentic self.



    I really liked a similar top in the store. Hit all the right markers. Vertical geometric design with ivory lace in spring colors. Took it home and tried it on. Little too small around the armholes because it was Junior-sized instead of Misses, so when the next size up went on sale, I bought it and returned the smaller full-priced top. Yanked the tags off and wore it last night to an outdoor concert. Not too small around the armholes, but it was cut too slender through my wide shoulders and showed my bra straps. I was self-conscious and I didn't remember it feeling quite so boob-a-licious when I tried it on earlier. Oh well, just me and DH. No big. Saw a couple of friends that sat down with us and visited. LOVED seeing them. She's a little bit of a thing and they both are so nice. Didn't really love them seeing ME. Made a late-night grocery run on the way home and ran into two more people we hadn't seen in ages! That makes two tops recently that will be used as pajama tops. Yes, the top was too gathered above my boobs and highlighted them--not in a good way.


    Everyone else has trouble with pants. I've got the jackets and pants down pat even though I keep buying sweaters for easy movement when I need structured short jackets. Why, oh why, are tops so hard for me?!? I either look like a schlump or here-come-the-boobs. signed, Screaming in KY

  19. Anita, you sort-of found the right system. I backed into the Kibbe stuff after reading elsewhere and, like you, didn't mesh well with his plan. Maybe it was the 70s-style wording used, but for whatever reason, I didn’t relate well.


    I actually began my journey at 12blueprints dot com for the color analysis portion and read everything Christine wrote. Cate Linden lives in my state and studied under Christine. One day while in her hometown, we met one-on-one to help me discover my Light Spring-ness. When Rachel Nachimas from Best Dressed dot us joined forces with Christine and they offered a quarterly newsletter subscription of up-to-date clothes with commentaries designed for each season and style type, I bought a previous year's worth on the cheap thinking I was a Light Spring Yang Classic. I continued reading everything available from Rachel's online blog and joined the Best Dressed Academy facebook page. Like my early CJW Spring color, I was close, but my style was not quite right. Some aspects of Yang Gamine and Yang Classic overlap, so some of what I chose to wear worked well.


    My mother is 5’4” and probably yin romantic dressing as yin classic. At 5’6-3/4”, I was surely average height and I knew I couldn’t be a frilly yin classic princess, so I must be yang classic like Kate Middleton. When the not knowing became more than I wanted and I saved enough money, I finally bit the bullet and had an online consultation with Rachel. She explained why and how she concluded Yang Gamine is a much better fit than Yang Classic for me. She explained my Yang Gamine is blunt yang rather than little pixie, and when she told me to think short Yang Natural, it clicked in place just like Cate telling me my perfect scarf was Light Spring. My inclination to covet everything in the Sundance catalog, boots, jeans, and leather anything, all made perfect sense. I just need for it to be the right scale. I can’t allow myself to be swallowed up in extra fabric peasant-type blouses and I want that one quirky element for each outfit. Yang Gamine is a rule breaker. I'm that person able to research backward once I know the correct answer and distinguish why the answer is right, but I'm not accurate at all by myself. For me, it was money well spent.


    I think my weight threw off my answers some too. In my mind, yin is for people with a defined waist and defined booty. Not always ruffles and frills, but softness and circles. Yang is me-no waist straight through hips and thighs. I usually wear belts because skirts can fall down and slide right off my body. Even when losing weight, my waist to high hip measurement is only 4” difference and low hip just 1” more-definitely yang. Geometric shapes definitely work for me.


    I need to take a closer look at Inside Out Style. I've read some of Imogene's ideas, but settled on my path before I caught up with her. It's nice to know there are so many nice ladies with slightly different approaches, but willing and able to help us be the best version of ourselves.


    Oh, how I would dearly love to see you again. I’ll email.

  20. How do you pack for a 38 day cruise? We will be going thru several climates, some shore excursions where it is 50 degrees with major wind. 1 person suggested 2 shirts/blouses for every pair of pants. But how many pants would youtake - do plan on hand washing, but preferablynot daily - any ideas

    sho-me, I can't speak about packing for a 38 day cruise, since I'm still a working gal and don't have that much time off at one time--Yet!--but I can give you a tip on what worked for me on our Alaska cruise for different temps. Good for both rain and cold, I packed a lined, hooded raincoat and a pair of $1.00 knit gloves (the one-size-fits-all kind) in the pockets. If you must have access to a fingertip or thumb, just slit the tips and the glove fingers will shrink down to about the first knuckle. I took several scarves to dress up my day and evening tops and bottoms and they provided neck warmth on glacier-viewing days. I layered a fleece zip-vest under the raincoat when necessary. I didn't take any other extra fleece or warmer layers other than a pair of leggings to wear under my bottoms because I found my fleece vest would fold down to gallon zip-lock bag size; with the air squeezed out, it was very packable-friendly. Your mileage may vary, but since Missouri's weather is similar to Kentucky's, I'll say that's what I would pack again. It worked marvelously for me. I can't remember now if they were black or chocolate, but I took one pair of dress pants and wore them only to dinner with different tops. I wore a pair and took a pair of jeans, both with lots of stretch to layer leggings under if necessary, and one pair of navy Columbia quick-dry pants that were sink-washed several times. Jeans are unmemorable and so were those navy pants. IF I were going for 38 days, I'd like to think that I'd pack for that same Alaska cruise and send out laundry as necessary, wearing those leggings and a tunic on laundry day. One carry-on sized rolling suitcase and one back-pack or tote for personals is all I can manage by myself and DH can't be pack-mule for me. He takes care of his own luggage and the c-pap makes a third bag for him to wrestle even if it is small. Because his pacemaker causes him to be wanded through, I wind up with everything that goes through the scanner at security. I can't manage more than bare minimum and wouldn't want to if I could.


    Good luck. Let us know how you manage.

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