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  1. Thanks, Margaret! I've been reading TripAdvisor and the Bonaire section here on CC, as well as a few internet sites. Posted comments seem such a mixed bag of did/did not see flamingos. I should have clarified that I wanted first-hand knowledge from someone that reads here and could tell me where they've personally seen flamingos in the wild on the island. Have you toured Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary or Gotomeer and seen flamingos? It seems they are at opposite ends of the island and I'd like my odds to be better than 50/50 that we will see flamingos.

  2. Well, I’m finally going to take the time to share my thoughts about our cruise. It was very relaxing since Kim did all the planning and all we needed to do was ask each evening what time we needed to be ready for the next day’s excursions. Normally, I’m the planner for family/friend excursions. Thanks again, Kim! We wouldn’t have changed a thing!


    Swimming with the stingrays off Grand Cayman was fun, but even Ms. Kim SuperPlanner didn’t expect we’d be part of a wedding on the catamaran. We were even included in sparkling drinks and chocolates! Kim and DH showing us a totally different Cozumel than we’d ever seen and getting to snorkel while we were there was icing on the cake especially since I’m not comfortable in the water unless my feet are touching bottom. My DH enjoyed the ruins of Costa Maya almost as much as I enjoyed a day of reading and room service on our balcony.


    I don’t think I’ll try to plan future cruises immediately after Christmas again. I didn’t experience my pre-cruise excitement because I was caught up in holiday activities. I agree with Laurie that the pre-cruise activities of planning outfits and accessories expands the fun timetable enormously. While it’s not MORE fun than the actual cruise, planning and preparation definitely comes very close to equally fun for me.


    Laurie, I notice you are cruise planning on the EARTH thread. I like your choices. I’ve worn leggings with success under longer tunics that almost look like a short dress. Sometimes, either a tighter silhouette skort or pencil skirt that ends exactly in the bend of your knee will work too. I really like the print top.


    Thanks for the comments about my scarves. The yellow dress was definitely True Spring instead of Light Spring and I wanted to tone it down a little with lighter colors near my face. The scarf that I wore was large enough to use as a shawl, but the dining room wasn’t nearly as cool as some I’ve been in. I tied the knots in the front because it gathered the material together and gave it something to do instead of ballooning out from “the DD girls” and making me look as wide as I am tall. I thought my plan worked rather well but, after seeing the picture, would have preferred to put the scarf off my shoulders. Why can’t they have mirrors across from where you take pictures so that you can SEE what you look like and make adjustments before the photo is snapped? It should be a rule or something.


    Rule: Every ship floor has a mirrored wall parallel to a photo op wall centrally located and noted on the ship’s map.


    Yes, Anita, the magic scarf came along on this cruise. When it was new, it had elastic woven in two parallel lines from one end to the other. The stretch is almost gone, so the scarf has gotten much longer. I have more magic to wrap and design now!


    Kim’s dresses were spectacular. It seemed that every evening I was saying, “Wow, I really like that dress!” The long coral dress for our dressier night was perfect. The dress with the African print border flattered and fit her like a glove.


    My DGD absolutely LOVES flamingos. While Kim and DH are planning to dive in Bonaire, my DH and I plan to rent a golf cart and drive the island. If anyone has ever seen flamingos on Bonaire, please let me know where. I understand we will have a map and that’s my main goal for this cruise. Whenever my DD and SIL decide she’s old enough to go with us, I plan to take DGD to see flamingos in the wild if at all possible. I’d appreciate any help.

  3. I hope everyone had a happy holiday--whatever your holiday!


    I'm at work today trying to tie up end-of-the-year loose ends. DD and grands are off work/out of school this week so I'll be working some and playing some as they are available and NEED me to play with them.


    I'll be off the boards for a week or so. DH and I leave on Friday, fly to FLL and leave Monday from MIA on our Eclipse cruise with Kim and DH.


    I haven't finalized my spreadsheet and I'm not in a panic. That's two major miracles!


    I'm recycling some outfits, but may try to take a few pictures and post. They'll look much the same as last year--just a little tighter.


    PAM! I posted on another thread and had to edit it THREE times! Is that Type 3 enough!?! or are my punctuation and ALL CAPS Type 1? I've been reading and watching videos when I can and now think I'm a "51% Type 3/49% Type 1". How's that for decisive!?!!!!!


    Happy New Year Everybody!!!

  4. I totally agree with Sailor Sally! We cruised one July and were blessed with the most gorgeous weather.


    Personally, I took my lined hooded knee-length raincoat for my top layer and wore what I'd normally wear for 50 degree weather at home--cashmere T and cardigan, or long sleeve t shirt and fleece zip hoodie with jeans and silk longjohns, fleece tights, or leggings. Gloves, scarf and hat or earmuffs and what you'd normally wear at home on your feet if it were muddy. I made sure my boots were large enough to accommodate two pairs of socks if necessary. No matter what part of your body, it is AMAZING how much warmer two thin layers are than one thick layer.


    The only times I needed two layers were when visiting glaciers or while on our balcony, but I would not have been able to withstand the cold and would have missed many gorgeous waterfalls if I hadn't layered up. My buddy forgot to take her coat (don't EVEN ask!) and bought a 3-in-1 in our first port. They sold them at every port for $20. So, if you reside where it never gets cold and can manage it, that may be a thrifty option, albeit a chilly one. Sorry, OP, I just noticed you're from Maryland! Nevermind. I'll leave this comment in case it might help anyone else.


    Like Sally said, our cruise-mates dressed more casually than on other cruises. I took one pair of dress slacks and a few dressier tops and my blingy jewelry didn't take up much room. The waitstaff encouraged us to "come as you are" to the MDR because our dining time corresponded so closely to our sail-away time one evening. The majority of diners wore jeans in the MDR that night. It may not be that way on all lines or all cruises, but our Alaska cruise was all about the sights and not about being seen.


    P.S. My best Alaska tip: Fold and pack fleece items individually in large zip-loc bags--squeeze out air and they'll pack much smaller in your suitcase.

  5. I agree with Pam also. Primrose and Greenery definitely look like FIRE colors to me. Depending upon the IRL color, Island Paradise might work for this Light Spring but I think it is probably a Light Summer shade. I think I may be getting better at this also!


    I read somewhere that the 2017 Color of the Year (or whatever they call it--Season, maybe?) will be Greenery. If that is correct, FIRE ladies this might be a really good year for us to purchase our green items.


    We had 2.5 inches of rain over the weekend with Saturday's high temperature of 72 and Sunday morning's low of 13. Yes, that's correct Ladies, a 59 temperature drop in less than 24 hours. It was definitely a roller coaster ride, but I'm extremely grateful the precipitation was rain and not snow!!! Laurie's and Melody's pictures would have western Kentucky paralyzed for weeks!!! Roadway flash freezing was headline news here even though it didn't materialize as much as expected. LOL


    If I don't check back in until next week, Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

  6. Awww. I love this. Thanks for sharing the story, Pam!


    Yesterday was our annual four generation shopping trip. My mother, myself, daughter and granddaughter. We travel 100 miles to pick up my mom and then another 45 minutes traveling with her to the shopping area. Mother is 81 this year, so each year this becomes more precious. As we came out of one store, another shopper remarked how fun it was to hear sisters poking fun at each other. She was talking about me and my 36 yr. old daughter. Made my day! I was expressing my Light Spring/Type 1&3 self. My daughter, however said "Just how bad do I look that she thought I looked 60!?!" She was dressed in navy, and blue-red Christmas colors. Because I'm lousy at determining--she's either Lt. Spring like me or Light Autumn.

  7. I'm almost certain this is a "type" too, Kim! I bet you and I are a combo of two types and we haven't figured it out yet. I alphabetized my spices and have certain spots for things that aren't seen like Anita, but I don't have problem #1 with shoving all my laying out on the surfaces stuff into a Walmart sack and throwing it in the closet if necessary.


    I agree with the bossy image Pam talked about and wanting to throw something across the room when it aggravates me. I'm a rocket fuse always lit. It's just a matter of how long is my fuse. I try. Boy howdy, do I try, but it's always there. No matter how hard I try to be ladylike and calm. DH still seems surprised when I ignite. You'd think he know by now.

  8. Let's just say he always has an opinion or three about anything from the flow of traffic to why so many people are shopping a particular day of the week. The things he chooses to spend time worrying over baffle me daily. I'm not concerned with which gas station offers the cheapest price by the half-cent! Like you said though, he a most generous person with others. He sees to my comfort much more than I do for him. To the point I am ashamed that I don't do more for him. He visits sick in the hospital and remembers to take a fast food sandwich of choice. If he has ever eaten with them, he remembers their preference. He's definitely Type 2, I think. It's easier for me to decide what he is by far than to see where I line up.

  9. Ahh, Sally! Thank you! "slightly rigid worry warts who love comfort" Now I know my DH is Type 2. That describes him to a T!


    This may be a go-along--it may be an aside--but I want to get everyone's take on how this relates to Types 1-4, since I am more confused than before. Like Kim, I think I'm part-Sybil because I can partially relate with everything but Type 2 evidently.


    Here goes--DH and I runaround with two other couples and we had a conversation one day about "thinking outside the box" when the phrase was relatively new. DH remarked that he didn't understand why everyone needed to think outside the box. He likes the box. He feels most comfortable in the box and didn't see why everyone wanted him to think outside the box. I laughed because he totally described himself. While I was at it, I described the other five of us. BFF looks around asking, "There's a box?" while her husband is almost clairvoyant because he always knows where the box is and which people in a crowd will be willing or unwilling to get in the box. Frick and Frack, the other couple, spend every waking moment together, and are quickly gathering their belongings to hurry along because they've been told to get in the box and will be there at least 15 minutes early, bags and all, not wanting to be late. I'm not getting in any box and I dare anyone to try to make me--So There!


    Can you decide which type each of the six are? from Sally's description, my DH is Type 2.

  10. How 'cold' can it be on the ship with air con? or is it a case of it soon warms up with more bodies around? I hate being cold but dont want to overpack with sleeved tops if only certain ships/lines are arctic? Travelling on Thomson to Caribbean for 2 weeks....


    Outside around the pool and off ship at the ports won't be a problem, but I ALWAYS include a couple of toppers (sweater, t-shirt weight scarf, or wrap) for the dining room. It's iceberg weather in that place and I can pack it casually in my hand so it doesn't ruin the lines of my outfit and drape it across my lap if I don't need it, but I've never wished I didn't include it in the suitcase and they never come home unworn. Depending upon what time of the year you are travelling, the last day at sea can feel cooler both inside and outside.


    As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary). Enjoy your cruise!

  11. Margaret, I'm sorry about your mother. Distance is hard, especially when you think they really need you. Mine is only 100 miles away, but I can't check on her on my way home from work and really wish I could when her health changes for the worse.


    Laurie, you look Mah-va-lous!!!


    My go-to workhorse dress shoe for the past several cruises was a pair of pewter strappy sandals. They went with everything and fit no matter how much my feet swelled, but the heel became too scuffed and I purged them when we came home from our February cruise. Now I need a metallic kitten heel for our upcoming cruise and I'm afraid what I bought for myself Black Friday while shopping for others will not work. The stores are madness now with shoppers and this is NOT my time of year to enjoy shopping. Has anyone noticed a kitten heel metallic strappy sandal anywhere?

  12. Melody, I love the pictures of you and DH-then and now. Lovely!


    Laurie, I see what Pam is seeing in your dresses. I think she has something here.


    I'm still working through the Tuttle material because I'm not sure if I'm a Type 3 with a strong Type 1 or visa versa. Is indecision a major indicator of one type or the other? I'm wondering aloud here, but does our birth order have any place in this? I'm an oldest child.


    I downloaded the ebook and read/skimmed through most of it and I'll watch those blasted videos again, I guess. I'm also wondering if life lessons play a role in our typing. Much like Margaret, I was told to not/don't a lot--mostly talking. When I grew up, there wasn't preschool or kindergarten. My mother said I cried when the school bus went by our house the year before I attended first grade because I wanted to go to school so much. I do distinctly remember the first day of first grade and my astonishment and bewilderment about all those crying children. Why in the world were they crying? I was wiggling with excitement to be there. The back of my report card says "Debbie talks too much" on each and every grading period space. Even if they sat me with a table of boys I didn't know, I'd still talk. That part hasn't changed!


    A life-changing lesson concerning people several years ago, caused me to change how I view my life in connection with others around me. It wasn't a positive lesson and the personality I show others was altered from what it was, say 15 years ago. I see glimmers of my Type 1 childhood/early adult personality if I feel extremely secure with those around me, but for the most part, I'm a solid Type 3 now with a sprinkling of Type 1, I think.


    My trip spreadsheet is now the most fun for me. The planning and detailing of each day put to paper. If I feel someone else can take over the planning (Kim!), I'll gladly give it up because I become super anxious if anyone seems dissatisfied with the arrangements I've made, but I WAs the chief planner for every trip of which I was part after I married. I don't become anxious because my plans might be changed, but I take it personally that they are dissatisfied with ME and I never did before. Now, my master sheet, excursion sheet, packing list, and daily outfits page, allows my spreadsheet to become the trip long before we catch the plane in Nashville. It never gives me negative vibes! LOL


    Speaking of which, I noticed my countdown clock! Because we are spending a few days pre-cruise in FLL, Alan and I will be leaving 24 days from now and my spreadsheet isn't ready. I must get busy!!!


    Pam, what did you say about the exclamation points? What does it mean!?!


    TMI? I feel like I've been a little too personal and introspective, but I honestly think my personality has changed. Like Margaret, somebody else talk. Please.

  13. OK, long post ‘a coming—


    Pam, coffee, tea or wine—they’re all the same to me, so grab whatever you need, I feel a Loooong talking post in the making--


    Blunt? A bit aggressive? Know-it-all personality? Pushy-stubborn-bossy? I resemble that remark!


    I love that all of us process learning differently from different points of reference, kinda like Margaret said she discussed at her conference--turn the prism.


    I saw such a better reflection of myself when I tried CJW’s FIRE colors. I was sooo excited, but sometimes I still felt like there could be a “more better” me. That’s why I pursued until typed as Light Spring. For all you True Spring people, it worked great, so I was very hesitant to mention anything. I kept thinking my eye for color just couldn’t see correctly. It was infuriating/depressing to put every dxxn color of green top known to man on the floor or on my person and offer up the picture—only to be told than none of them did me any favors. I could have screamed. I thought there were absolutely no other greens on the face of the earth that could possibly be considered. When I discovered that “Light and Warm” were my most important words, the lightbulb turned on and I’ve been content with my colors since. I had the wrong saturation of color. I still occasionally wear True Spring color items bought during that time, but I know now to lighten the look of those items with a topper over or a top under that fits my Light Spring self. It’s not perfect, but will suffice until those items are no longer usable.


    I’m still working out how Debbie does Yang Classic/Dramatic Classic, because I know those look best on my body but I need a little “oomph”--maybe the 'kick' Sally mentioned. I could really relate to the outfits Anita mentioned in an earlier post. My mother sewed, so, one year in high school, I had a rust maxi-skirt/peasant blouse combo with ivory crochet lace trim, a multi-green vertical-striped wool midi pencil skirt and turtleneck comb, what I called “Alice in Wonderland”—light blue w-white polka-dots gathered knee-length dress with puffed sleeves and huge bow tied in the back, as well as two different blazer jacket outfits. I wasn’t allowed to wear mini anything. Since this was just before pantsuits were allowed at school, Mother and I devised a plan that allowed me to be different without looking old-fashioned. I loved it and didn’t care what anyone else thought. I was me.


    Now, I put together outfits depending upon my mood for the day. Do I want to blend in with the crowd? Taupe sweater and taupe ponte jeans with ivory top and simple gold hoops and flats. Is today a relaxed Friday at work? Multi-colored geometric print textured open-draped long sweater with matching colored top and dark jeans—grab my thrifted Cole Haan boots or my Kern knee boots and I feel spiffy enough to countdown to the weekend. Do I need armor to face the day or impress? Pull out all the stops with my brown ponte suit—no-lapel zip jacket with pencil skirt, ivory top and light spring jewelry. Gear up with my brown heels and bring it on! That’s how I work my non-conformity.



    Makeup? Five minute face was a breakthrough for me. I don’t remember where I first heard it, but I like it. I have never understood how it can take a woman all day to get ready. My DS talked about waiting and Waiting for a date to finish getting ready. I can take a shower, wash my hair, dry and fix same, makeup, dress and be ready to go out the door in an hour with time to spare. For me, those things are necessary but not the important. That’s not the fun part for me. The important involves interaction with others—not time spent on me.


    Triangles? I’d never heard this, but yes—sitting with triangles.


    Ok—now hair. Several years ago, a hairdresser let me in on the secret of not using a brush or comb on my hair and having a hairstyle that works with the hair I have—in terms of both amount of hair and texture. I have begun to use a brush again occasionally on dry shampoo days and I use a flat-iron to put a little bend in the ends of my hair and give a finished look. My hair was much thicker when I was younger. Whether age or surgery anesthesia caused it, I’d like to hold on to what remains. Less processing hopefully means less damage. I know it means that I can get it finished and be on to much better things. (Type 3, you say?)


    Sophisticated? Sexy? They should have seen us at the campground!!!


    Not Yang Classic? For me, yang is opposite of yin. Yin is ruffles and bows—feminine touches. I like wooden accessories and natural materials, but I don’t think my best look is Yang Natural. So, again with the “I’m not This or That, I’m a combination of This AND That”—I’m not FIRE or AIR—I’m in between—I’m Light Spring. Like my Type 3 with strong Type 1, maybe I’m a Yang Classic with strong Yang Natural. I’m uncertain about this still. My current body needs pencil skirts and body skimming tops that end at high-leg break or tunics with a curved hem where the side seams end at high-leg break. Non-tucked v-neck sweaters or tops with open-drape front sweater toppers work well. Texture is good. Different textures—knitted in different patterns but all the same color in one topper is really, really good.


    Sally’s talk about spontaneity and Pam’s reply caused me to think about me and my BFF. She’d rather be spontaneous at the cost of almost anything and I make lists and plan with contingency plans in place if no one else is willing to do it. If someone else (Kim!) is willing to do the planning AND more importantly, if I feel confident in their abilities, I'll gladly give up that job to another. We’ve agreed that we are the best of all combinations because we come at every endeavor from opposite ends of the spectrum yet always wind up on the same page of the same book. Our core values are the same.


    I heard this somewhere: Friends mean well, but when it comes to fashion, sometimes their remarks are more about what they think looks good in general or what looks good on/to them rather than what looks good on you. They mean well. They are misinformed.


    Woo-eee! Somebody else talk awhile--I need a drink of water!

  14. I have a bit more to say about the weight gain/stress weight gain. A few years ago, I learned a bit of information. It may or may not have come from this site:




    but the information that I retained (see Anita’s comment about filing away the information you want to retain and then disconnect from the rest) is much the same. I dutifully measured and was surprised by what I learned. I always thought my torso was long and my legs short due to the fact that I must always hem dress slacks one hem length (1”) and the fact that I can’t wear jumpsuits. After reading and measuring, I learned that my bust to hip is the only out of proportion part of my body. It is shortest. My take-away from that exercise was that my weight gain would naturally show first where my body is smallest or shortest. I was using faulty reasoning. I am 5’ 5-3/4” or I was before age and deteriorating discs took over, and I fall between the petite and average clothing models. I have a larger bust that filled out my clothes in the jumpsuit era. When I learned these things, I was able to understand why tops look better outside rather than tucked in my pants. My skirts and dresses need to stop at the bend of my knee. Midi length looks very granny on me. Tops and toppers that end where my leg attaches to my body is my sweet spot because it elongates that middle area. My favorite of all time dress was a lavender polka dotted swiss material with a drop waist and flippy skirt trimmed in lace interwoven with purple ribbon. Mother made the second dress from that same pattern, purple flower bouquets on lavender background with a different sleeve and collar. When you can distinctly remember two different dresses from your high school freshman year at my age, you understand the importance.


    All that to say that I may have stress weight gain, but I may also just really like to eat and, at this point of my life, I’m less disciplined than I should be. Maybe both.

  15. Well, a day or two ago, I typed this nice LONG chatty post with a little sentence or two to individually let everyone know I had read the past several pages (not ALL, you Ladies have been doing SOME talking since I’ve been MIA) and…


    Yep, it disappeared when I was ready to post! I love hearing about what’s going on here and will just jump in on the latest.


    I once wore black combat boots (daughter’s castoffs) with a broomstick skirt outfit. My husband was MORTIFIED!!! He is such a conservative person, bless his heart, and I don’t conform AT ALL. Well, I do try sometimes, but quirky just leaks out unexpectedly. I thought I was doing a great thing by recycling those boots. They were in great shape and had lots of wear left in them. I think it’s the fact that I clomped up on the platform to sing during a church service that was the kicker. They were donated to the church clothes closet.

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