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  1. Thanks, Margaret. I don't kayak (yet) but a friend does and I've sent this to her. It is right up her alley.


    Wayfairers, I'm the same way. I get busy and when I come back, a lot of activity has occurred sometimes. No worries. We're just glad to have you.


    I know what you mean Laurie. We attended a DH family funeral one weekend in West Virginia. It's only one state over from Kentucky, but we are at the opposite end of the state. Drove almost 600 miles to get there, one day there and 600 miles to get home. It seemed like such a journey. Any time someone mentions a weary trip, my mind goes back to that event and it was several years ago when I was younger and so were my aching bones.


    Pam, how's the wardrobe coming? Any updates?


    Kim, you've got mail coming. We need to plan.

  2. Yes, Anita, I watch So You Think You Can Dance. Although I have NO dance experience, I enjoy watching. I think the girl and Cyrus are both great dancers but understood what Nigel meant when he said she needed to be more airy. I never realized before that maybe the clothing caused them to appear too grounded? I. Think. the concept was returning from an evening out--ergo the evening attire--but the normally great costume department could have done better by both dancers to have envisioned them returning from a rock concert or a different event. Their clothing made me think of an evening at the opera. I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the room about this fashion stuff and I don't want to profile anyone, but wouldn't the blue hair have been a clue of some kind?


    I record SYTYCD and watch after-the-fact, so I haven't watched the entire episode, but I like what I've seen so far. The competitors are so very talented. Even some of the kids that were sent home were really good to this uneducated spectator. I just love Fik-shun and have since he won his season. I'm still watching taped episodes of World of Dance, and so far, Fik-shun is still in that competition after the first Duel. Guess I need to finish it up before I inadvertently spoil it for myself.


    Yes, tree farm here we come! Did you ever manage to take a trip to see that area?

  3. Jane, I really like the scarf and top combo. It's a good colaboration, yes?


    Laurie, you always find great accessories! Can't wait to see the necklace with the dress.


    Anita! You know me. T-shirt dresses are so easy, the sunglasses are a perfect accessory and you look very put together, but I love the scarf! So botanical!


    I still use my no-line progressives for computer work at the office, but I've started wearing cheater glasses in happy spring-colored frames. Dollar Tree has several to choose from and their quirkiness factor makes me smile.


    Everyone else seems to be planning trips--Margaret, Melody, and Sally. Anybody else? Our next trip is a long weekend in the Smokies in October and then a February cruise with Kim and DH. We've packed a suitcase for the Smokies trip so many times now that I think I could do it blindfolded. It won't take any pre-planning at all. It's almost a wear-a-pair and take-a-pair trip. But, as my long-time buddy says, Go, Eat, and Stay All Night are the best trips. If you can do any of those it's a good time--all three is great, but all three over and over is the bestest of all!

  4. Understand totally, Laurie. I live in the world of "I'll know it when I see it, but I haven't seen it yet." The chocolate option you showed is lovely, but like you said--just a little too formal for that dress. You are so good at always finding that just-right level of elevating the outfit with the accessories rather than overwhelming. Please show us what makes the final cut.


    Melody, depending upon the shade of iridescence, that could be better than the chocolate. I first thought of the purplish shade (my favorite) but the tealish iridescence I've seen could be, like you said, stunning. Good call.

  5. Oooh, Sally. I know you or someone has mentioned that idea, but it just rang a bell in my head. I need to do this. Until last week, I didn't have anything I thought would work. Now I do. I know black and white isn't FIRE, but bottoms don't matter so much to me. I just wear a FIRE top and pretend everything is hunky-dory. Here's what I got:




    Pam, I think what you are describing is what I'm allowed to wear. Graphic T over skort or jeans or capris with jean jacket or other topper? Yep. Like this? https://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=225305178


    Ok, so now I have two distinct pictures in my head for swimdresses. FIRE ladies do definitely ROCK!!!

  6. Wow, Kim! I'm so sorry y'all were sick. Not fun. At. All! Hope Cozumel was a great trip up until the epizootics took over. I had that several weeks ago and it was a monster to tame--two rounds of antibiotics, a steroid shot to the hip and a steroid z-pak later and two weeks of hacking up my lungs. Nope. Not fun.


    What flavor ice cream did you eat while there? Did you revisit Mirador Chumul?


    Pam, I love to plan my suitcase by spreadsheet. I don't love the numbers game as much as I enjoy filling in the sudoku. I've been working on a 52-item grid from TVF she mentioned a few weeks ago. Using a 12-13 item basic wardrobe for toppers, tops, dresses, and bottoms and then adding 15-17 summer items and 15-20 cold weather items to create the wardrobe. I've started by using PowerPoint slides to create a casual, work, and cruise 52-piece wardrobe. How many cruise days in each trip will determine how few/how many wardrobe items. Then, I'll fill out the spreadsheet. Depending on how each cruise day is structured, many casual dinner outfits are used in the following days for daywear. My spreadsheet is one of the most fun parts of cruise planning for me. Airplane outfit is the nucleus. Start from there and plan around it. Right? Let us know how it goes for you, OK?


    Of course, my cup (and closets) runneth over, so the 52-item grid is another way to fool myself into culling my closets. The Marie Kondo idea of "hold it and see if it sparks joy" really works for DH, but I can easily talk myself into loving everything. That's how this stuff all came home to live with me in the first place! I've been working through my closets this season. If I put IT on and can't make myself wear it out of the house, IT goes away. That works for me. I still need to work through the last two feet of closet space, take out the winter stragglers that managed to be overlooked, and begin to take a really hard look at what I LOVE to wear. If I take everything out and only put back what I really, really, love to wear--my closets will begin to look like closets again and not the hoarder boxes they had become.


    Laurie, I agree that I've decided my age will now work in my favor and I'm not afraid to be ME. If I want to wear my hair short (or not) or if I choose to forgo the cold shoulder phenom I see everywhere I turn, so be it. I'll wear red and purple and not belong to a club where I need to wear a big hat. I'll wear skorts to work and pretend they are skirts. Actually, I love that little joke for myself. I'll wear a skort while camping and let everyone around me think I'm camping in a skirt instead of wearing shorts like normal people. Ha! Part of my pixie style personality is the fact that I MUST have a quirky factor (even if I'm the only one that knows the joke.) I've fought against that for a very long time and it is so freeing to be able to wear something--just because I want to.


    Sally, I think wearing what I thought I should is why I have closet orphans. I'm getting better about that. I hope. I know that J.Jill isn't for me. I wanted it and Eileen Fisher to be part of my wardrobe and I've bought a little EF that I must now decide if it can stay or must go away. I like the idea, but I don't think it suits me. I know the J.Jill catalog colors aren't for me unless I only want to wear ivory and I have plenty of that in my closet already. I wish I had been less influenced by others sooner.


    Melody, I always take an emergency baggie that includes a wide-spectrum antibiotic and a steroid z-pak from our doctor. DH once asked why I bothered since we never seem to need it, but twice I have used it. I think of it as insurance. I don't want to NEED to use it, but I'll gladly let it ride along in the suitcase, if it means we avoid the yuckies.


    Anita, I think you're right about accepting who you are. Now that I know who I am, I can get starting do just THAT!!!


    Margaret, I think about you often. Godspeed.

  7. Well, I couldn't make up my mind whether to let our thread die quietly and just keep talking on the EARTH thread, but in the end, I thought--just maybe--we could talk just a bit more here when the mood strikes and when the moderators switch us to a new thread....


    Of course, it's not MY thread to decide, but....


    Anyway, I thought I'd like to talk a bit more about my recent sashay into Style Image. I couldn't decide if I was a Type 1/Type 3 or a Type 3/Type1 in Carol Tuttle's game, even if lots of y'all were able to see it clearly, I was much adrift.


    I am able to know that I know that I know now and wanted to share--I am a Light Spring, Yang Gamine/Flamboyant Gamine. No wonder I had such trouble! I'm no more normal in my style image than I am in my color archetype. I'm one of those rare dark-haired light springs AND I'm a short blunt natural or non-frilly gamine. Think Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, but packing more weight.


    It all makes perfect sense to me NOW, but before, I was trying dress myself as Grace Kelly--Mz. Classic. Part of it worked--sometimes, and sometimes, it didn't. KWIM? Maybe not. Lots of folks seem to just get this automatically, but not me. I just didn't get it. Now, I do. I paid more good money than I'd ever dream, but it's as simple to shop now and have a semi-good idea of what will work as my "light-bulb knowing" that I was LIGHT spring instead of every FIRE color shade imaginable.


    I am so deliriously happy that I can immediately know if it works--or doesn't--that I could just spit. (Something even a southern 'Tucky lady never does!) Now, I can spend time here and on the EARTH thread just talking about fashion like everyone else and not worrying whether I'm right or not. I'm always right now, and I have permission to be a quirky as I want to be.


    The other day, I wore a coral-red linen A-line above-knee skirt with a lavender T and a lime-green cardigan. My earrings and necklace used all three colors (plus a few) to tie it all together. It was glorious!!!

  8. I'm sorry your mom is doing poorly, Margaret, but glad your work schedule allows this lengthy visit with family. We have a drive-up eatery near the lake that's only open Memorial Day to Labor Day and offers employment to lots of teenagers in that area. The parking lot is always packed. Sooo much fun to read building's menu board and wait for the kids to come to your car window and take your order. Have fun!


    Pam, I'm sure that I'm doing it wrong--the slub, I mean. I'm glad all y'all like it, but I might wear it once--maybe three times--and tiny holes appear. Not in a side seam where I could darn it--OH NOOOO! usually right on my belly or boobs where the darn thing has to be thrown away. I don't care if I only spent clearance prices, I don't want to pollute the environment. ThAAt. Much. I just quit buying it. I think I read somewhere that it's the reject thread that knotted up to cause that rough texture--so, it isn't that they are selling regular and charging more--they're selling inferior and charging more. I refuse. I'm too old. I wear mostly classic and casual clothes now, so, if I truly wear everything in my closet that fits, that I like, and that still looks current and fashionable "enough", I'll be dead before everything leaves through natural attrition. I'll fill in with ivory-colored sleeveless, short-sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, and long-sleeved tops, skorts and skinny jeans as needed. There, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I. Think.

  9. Thanks, Ladies, for the quick replies. Melody, I thought the background was EARTH and the print FIRE too! I always need to size up their swimsuit material items, Sally. I had a few minutes at work yesterday morning and was happy to see they were offering 30% off sale prices, but I got hugely busy after lunch until the end of the day and missed the sale. Bummer. I've left everything in my cart waiting to see what tomorrow offers. I don't really need anything, but this would have been a good time to catch an extra swim bottom or top to mix and match others that I have. I was planning to use the cover-ups as dresses (Maybe) since the swimsuit material would be super easy to pack with no wrinkles.


    Laurie, great dress and great bargain hunting!


    I think the quality of nearly everything has gone down over the past few years. It's so disappointing. I still shop LLBean, but my last order including a couple of items that seemed thinner. I need to read the descriptions closer. I'm not a fan of slub. For me, it wears and lasts just as the name implies. I don't want to appear as a slub and I don't want my clothes to look slubby, so why should I think I can purchase slub and expect a different outcome? LOL I've been introduced to Boden recently and like what I see. Of course, I only purchase sales.

  10. Well, I'm glad if I was off the boards for a bit and came back online to catch up--today was the day. Anita, DS is grown! We've seen him go from a younger fella to--well!--grown! I know you said he was shaving, but...well...I can't explain it. He sure can't wear short pants in the dining room anymore, can he! LOL


    So very glad you and Margaret were able to reconnect. I agree that we should really make an effort to get as many together as would want to participate, but I know everyone has a very busy life and schedule. Margaret, I like the tops--can't remember the brand name--and wish they used fire colors occasionally. I'm thinking they make the perfect effortlessly comfortable top, right?.


    Yes, I have the Missoni Converse and I still wear mine too. Love those shoes.


    Laurie, I thoroughly enjoy your outfit and jewelry posts. Keep them coming. Our next cruise is February, so I can be vicariously excited with you as you plan. Enjoy your game weekend in Boston. I hope your feet hold up well.


    SSally, glad your transatlantic wardrobe and the trip itself was good.


    Think I'm caught up.

  11. Will be thinking about you, Melody. When you can look at a "puter screen again, see what you think about Light Summer colors. It also has a version of lime green and aqua as well as the blue-red of that couch and it specifically mentions red hair and green eyes with images that look very similar to your eye color to me. Just thinking out loud here.

  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiXrOP4rKfUAhWHz4MKHfg4BRYQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnl.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F77757531047369807%2F&psig=AFQjCNHOXoWricTaoZbcUlkiA1MpIg6TUg&ust=1496774254468200


    See any colors here that you like, Melody? A lot of Bright Winter's colors look like Spring/Fire colors to me--apple green and aqua that you wear so well. The red like the couch in your black/white picture is here too. For me, the worst part about ushering at our local performing arts center is the uniform--white shirt, black pants, and that cute little burgundy bow tie right under my chin. I look like the walking dead! I could never in a million years wear white and/or black without everyone around me thinking I was deathly ill. It is one of your best pictures! I think I must agree with others here. We still love you and want you to continue with us here and on the EARTH thread, but I don't think you are a FIRE. I think you might be a Bright Winter.

  13. *LOL* I'm wondering where that underarm fat came from, too! I did not order it!

    I'm self conscious about my upper arms, but only because my dear departed mother decided to tell me one day that I should stop wearing sleeveless dresses/tops because my arms were fat. Its amazing how a mother can make a 50 year old woman feel like she's 6 again!


    My mother is a dear, sweet soul always thinking before she speaks. My 37-year old Daughter. Is. The. One. That. Helps. Me. With. Fashion. However! Bless. Her. Heart. I'll wear sleeveless no matter how large or droopy the skin on my arms. Heat & humidity trumps what your eyes are exposed to. Turn your dang head if you don't like what you see. So. There. Fired up, much!?! Nah!

  14. I ordered a pair of girls Columbia Youth Minx Mid II Waterproof Omni-Heat-K Snow Boots. In my excitement to brag, I think I linked to my account. Not totally sure, since I'm tech-illerate, but, in an abundance of caution, I edited to delete the links. Dark Mountain/Melonade is a dull navy (EARTH?) with light coral (FIRE) trim. I'm so glad I remembered I can wear girls sizes when they are wide enough. Laces help so much with extra width. Bargain. And. Score!!! I think they will go very well with my newest navy Columbia coat bought on clearance earlier this spring. Just six more months before I'll use them, but I'm prepared for winter!

  15. Thanks, Anita. That's exactly the info I wanted. It makes a decision so much easier when you have the advantage of someone's personal experience. I so much admire the ability to use exactly the right words to convey thoughts painting a picture for my brain. I appreciate everyone's generosity of spirit on our threads.

  16. Glad you made landfall, Sally. I hope we hear more about your travels when you return.


    Margaret, how DO you wear hats so you don't have hat hair? Regardless how many actual pieces you brought with you, it sounds like you've got a perfect 333ish wardrobe for your summer months.


    Anita, I'd like to know what waterproof Columbia footwear you are talking about, please. My feet ache. A. Lot. If you can walk in something all day, maybe I could manage to walk a block or two.

  17. I've finally caught up with my reading here. Thanks so much for the info, Pam. I know we can read reviews from others, but I really appreciate your perspective. Any "must do" items while on the Navigator?


    Everything about that sunbed looks wonderful, Laurie, but like Kim, I don't think my DH would get his money's worth. Therefore, neither would I. He's the reason I lose weight on a cruise. He keeps me moving. I could imagine spending the day reading to my heart's content. It looks lovely!

  18. I enjoy wearing jewelry while cruising and I am an over-organizer, so I list jewelry for each day outfit and night outfit on my spreadsheet. I put each outfit's jewelry in a zip-loc bag, poke a hole in the bag near the top but below the zip closure, insert the hanger hook in the hole and hang all on the cruise closet rod. When it's time to pack the suitcase, jewelry can be fitted anywhere. All jewelry goes in the safe when I arrive in the room. As long as I have my spreadsheet, I'm golden. My jewelry isn't enormously heavy and I enjoy wearing something special.


    Two tips I read many moons ago: 1) Insert necklace chain through straw to prevent tangles. 2) Keep several earring sets organized on a business card or index card.

  19. Kim, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. Life and Easter took over my life and I've just now resurfaced. LOL


    It's been a long while since office politics reared its ugly head around me, but I remember it well. Sorry you experienced it. The way it shaping up, I may escape office politics for the remainder of my working career. I sure hope so!


    HELP!! I'm struggling with an upcoming work fashion conundrum. I have a mandatory two-day conference to attend. I have the daytime stuff worked out. Wear Eileen Fisher; sit quietly and keep my mouth shut.

    The nighttime event has been labeled as: social event from 6-11 p.m. at (Distinguished Historic) Mansion, overlooking (other historical National Register buildings). Attire is casual and all are encouraged to wear dancing shoes! Don’t miss out on the great (60s-70s rock and roll) music provided by (associate office boss and his band).


    Now, I know they don't really, really mean casual. This time of year, casual to me is t-shirt, jean capris and flips. Can I assume if I wear a sundress, pack a sweater in case the air-con is freezing where guys normally wear suits, and wear cute shoes, I will be ok? You know--what I'd wear to the ship's dining room any smart casual night? I'm actually thinking about the lime green dress and bright navy open cardigan that I wore the last night of our cruise in January. I don't want be the only one in a dress if everyone else IS actually wearing jeans, but I don't want to show up looking like a slob compared to others. What would you do?

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