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  1. Nonsense! Sounds like talking points from certain media. In every state some businesses are still fully shutdown or operating at an allowed 25% - 50% capacity. Furthermore, companies like American and United announced cuts of 30% of the management workforce and are just waiting for October 1 to layoff rank and file workers after the stimulus obligations expire. Good luck to the Harvest Cay workers.
  2. . Why would you be ashamed? Don't you know that everything must be done so upper management can take home their multi-million dollar paychecks?
  3. Harmony of the Seas arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados May 27. https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/245786/update-harmony-seas-arrives-crew
  4. I not only got a mailer this past week but also an email from a PCC. As usual, I just put the mailer in my recycle bin. Never used a PCC before. Oh well, I guess NCL has money to burn.
  5. I had plans for this same cruise but because I book last minute I never got a chance to pull the trigger. I did have Southwest booked but canceled mid-March. I also had a room booked at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Sq. 8 Ave to stay in NYC for a couple of days but that too was cancelled at the same time. Oh well, today would have been a relaxing sea day. 😥
  6. Taurangua, New Zealand. I will never forget my hike of Mount Maunganui. From the summit beautiful views of the Bay of Plenty. A really nice beach too.
  7. . Just remember to write a review every time so the cautious like me can enjoy your experience from land.
  8. . 9/11 ain't no COVID-19 😉 Diehard cruisers will go with whatever restrictions. The general public may or may not return after a vacccine and no restrictions.
  9. . Personally, I don't care for Studio cabins. I normally book last minute and like to get a regular inside cabin that is roomier. Sometimes I have been able to get a balcony for not much more. No suit, not tux! Maybe one of the surviving lines will adopt the Sail-Away rate.
  10. The first one that copies NCL's Free Style cruising at a reasonable price for solos.
  11. .. Have you seen the videos online about some US airlines flying almost full planes and people not even wearing masks? Furthermore, I am chomping at the bit to get back to the gym for stair step and elliptical exercises. I spend thirty minutes on each and I clean down the machines. However, gyms are closed. Why is a 1 hour exercise more dangerous that being cooped up in a tube shoulder to shoulder with a stranger for 6 hours from NY to LA? I think airports and planes are sources of the virus (or a leg in the transmission of same). Flyers deplane and spread the virus in the community or on cruise ships. Politicians here in the US including the great orange one are always looking to blame someone else.
  12. American Airlines announced today that passengers must wear face coverings. This requirement follows JetBlue. I guess the other airlines will follow. I can't see the cruise lines not requiring it. So how comfortable will cruisers be walking around all day and sipping cocktails with a mask? "*New requirement for all customers to wear masks during flight beginning May 11, and recently announced requirements for flight attendants *Measures to provide sanitizing wipes and face masks for customers on select flights *Enhanced cleaning procedures to disinfect high-touch points throughout aircraft and increased cleaning at airports"
  13. I am rooting for the scientists at Oxford University where human trials for a vaccine have already begun. Even though I have no intention of being among the first to get back on a ship, I will be looking forward to cruise reports post-vaccine.
  14. Vaccine! In order to take a cruise I have to do the following: **Lyft to airport **Spend time in airport **Get on a plane **One night in hotel **board a ship I'm not comfortable with any and all of those steps. The virus lurks in all of them. Biggest problem for leisure travel is for customers to get past fear of contracting the virus. Sure some cruising fanatics may go but that will not even fill a forth of the cabins. 6 weeks after getting the vaccine, fear would be alleviated.
  15. . Touching your mask every time you have to put a fork full in your mouth or take a sip is a big no no when it comes to contamination. I wonder what the Disney parks will come up with that can help the cruise industry? Even though the parks have more space to maneuver, they have to deal with crowds in restaurants, close seating on rides and long lines waiting to ride.
  16. ' I have seen people who have food hanging over the lip of their plate, use an index to swipe in back in. Then lick their finger. Plus some start sampling what is on their plate as they move through a line or from station to station. So the initial washing when entering the buffet is negated.
  17. For those cruisers who are wanting to be the first to hit the high seas again, maybe the cruise lines will have testing like this to make everyone feel more comfortable. Hopefully, there won't be any undetected carriers: "According to a statement released by the airline, the first rapid Covid-19 blood tests took place on Wednesday at Dubai International Airport, with passengers on a flight to Tunisia all reportedly tested before departure. The tests were conducted by the Dubai Health Authority at the Group Check-in area of Terminal 3 and results were available within 10 minutes. Emirates claims to be the world's first airline to conduct such tests." https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/emirates-passengers-blood-test-covid-19/index.html
  18. .. I agree with this. In my case as a last minute booker, I had none pending because of the escalating crisis. However, I had 4 CruiseNext certificates that were eligible for a refund. Feeling that bankruptcy is a possibility, I quickly applied for a refund and got it. Passengers would be bottom creditors in a bankruptcy and likely to see nothing or maybe at best 5 cents on the dollar.
  19. . I wonder if they will now give solos Dinner for One? 😒
  20. I never thought I would say this because I normally cruise at least 4 times a year. However, to get to a cruise I have to fly. Right now, I have no desire to get on a plane. No flight-no cruise. I think airports and planes are the sources and then we become carriers leading to community spread on the ships. That vaccine will be very important!
  21. . Of course! Regardless of the ship size, they will have to cut the capacity in order to get an acceptable space ratio for virus mitigation. But, but how do they make a profit at reduced capacity? I wonder about the airlines too that we have to use to get to port of embarkation. Will the airlines need to put a passenger in every other row? Since the airlines need to squeeze in every butt to make a profit, it looks like a similar problem.
  22. Up to 15 ships anchored off Barbados including the Norwegian Spirit which arrived last week. https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244976/anchored-cruise-ships-operating-minimal-crew
  23. Up to 15 ships anchored at Barbados "MOST OF THE SHIPS anchored off Barbados are now operating with skeleton crews.Barbados Port Inc. chairman Senator Lisa Cummins said crew members had been boarding chartered flights and returning home.“For the last month, passengers have been getting repatriated and once they were gone, the crews have also been getting repatriated all over the world by way of charter flights. Last night [April 11] most of the crew of the Norwegian Spirit left on two charter flights,” she said. The Norwegian Spirit, which arrived last week, would usually have a crew of 965. Cummins said some other ships had as much as 1500 but they were almost all down to around 200. “The ships cannot be abandoned so the minimum crew stays behind until they receive instructions as to what to do next. Until then the ships will stay at anchor and that is the same worldwide,” she said." https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244976/anchored-cruise-ships-operating-minimal-crew
  24. Maybe the bigger ships would make social distancing easier.
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