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  1. . . If 4 nights will satisfy, this cruise is really cheap. Miami RT to Mexico NCL Pearl December 9 - 13 Monday to Friday Solo Inside Sail Away $129 plus p/t $114 And if you want a balcony, it is only $199 plus p/t
  2. . . Don't know but they seem like a pretty good deal for the number of days on board. Separately, the Joy is a new ship.
  3. NCL Joy ... Miami to Los Angeles 16 Days November 8 to 24 Sail Away Solo Inside: $824 plus p/t ********************************************************************************************* NCL Dawn .... NYC to Tampa 15 Days November 9 - 24 Sail Away Solo Inside $749 plus p/t
  4. On my last Pearl cruise, I went to Cagney's twice while sharing with another Platinum. I always order a ribeye. Both times I had to send it back because it was overcooked. Luckily, the replacement was good enough.
  5. . Why is it a sad day? All the nickle & diming and constantly raising the DSC was not a good thing?
  6. Don't care for newer ships from Epic forward. Been on Epic and Breakaway mainly because it was cheap. .......... Don't like reservations for evening shows .......... Too much density .......... No wrap around Promenade Deck Prefer Jewel Class (Gem 5x, Jade 3x, Pearl 3x): *** The Great Outdoors *** Full wrap around Promenade Deck *** Complimentary steam room *** Not as crowded *** No reservations needed for evening shows
  7. Yes! I eat breakfast in the MDR everyday. I always order several slices without the bagel as my bacon.
  8. . . . I am surprised to hear this. As a tea drinker, I enjoy the flavor of: Apple Cinnamon Mint Orange Lemon Chamomile I love mine straight up but have sat with UK passengers who add milk and sugar.
  9. I do not like ice tea. At home, I'm mainly a coffee drinker but in the winter months I generally have a cup of herbal tea at night. Chamomile is great just before bedtime. Completely opposite on cruises. I drink herbal hot tea, no coffee. Maybe 5 to 7 cups per day. I always look forward to tea & chocolate chips cookies late afternoon at the Great Outdoors.
  10. Good for NCL! At some point the deniers will get it!
  11. Another price DROP! $500 cheaper than my September 1 posting. NCL Getaway TransAtlantic ... Copenhagen to New Orleans ... 19 Days October 20 to November 8, 2019 Sail Away Solo Regular Inside Cabin: $998 plus taxes/fees $313
  12. OP I hate to hear that my favorite ship has the poo smell. Hopefully, they will get it fixed. I remember a cruise on the old Royal Princess back in 1999. For about 9 of the 13 day Russia/Scandinavia cruise, there was the same sewage smell in the hallway. Lucky you for having a balcony to get some fresh air!
  13. . . Couldn't agree more. As Platinum Plus, it works for me. Cash? no way Jose!
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