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  1. The OP made me check my cc account. I got a refund also but for 4 CruiseNext. I bought them on March 5th. Called the CruiseNext Dept for a refund on March 23rd which was well with the 30 day deadline. Credit posted on my cc April 2nd which is within 10 days. Thank You NCL!
  2. For people who have flights cancelled now you can get a refund as long as you do not cancel first: "Federal officials on Friday ordered airlines to reimburse customers for canceled flights, saying a growing number of passengers are complaining amid the coronavirus pandemic that airlines are providing travel credits rather than refunds." https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/politics/airlines-canceled-flights-refunds/index.html
  3. ; Yes, Barbados Mount Gay or Cockspur Gold would certainly eradicate all concerns.
  4. . I don't think insurance premiums are refundable after the 10 day wait period.
  5. Vaccine 1st! So that makes it late '21 or early '22.
  6. ' Overpriced is correct. When I cruised the Sun a few years ago, I settled for the public bus (Pullman coach) which costs $6 in the opposite direction: Santiago to San Antonio. Very convenient and comfortable.
  7. . I cancelled 4 CruiseNext this passed Monday. The 30 day grace period was set to expired April 5. When I called, the rep working from home said I would have to fill out a CruiseNext form which I thought was ridiculous. She finally suggested to call the CruiseNext department. I got through sometime later and it was painless. Afterwards, I checked my online account and the 4 CruiseNext were already deleted. The refund is supposed to go back to my cc within a certain number of days (either 30 or 90, don't remember). Personally, I don't expect to be back on a ship until sometime next year, if NCL is still in business. Don't feel comfortable without a vaccine.
  8. . I don't think ships will be sailing too soon. However, based on the below info, it seems that customers' money held by airlines and cruise lines will be protected by the stimulius package. We'll have to wait for concrete details later today or tomorrow. "If you have a reservation for a flight, hotel or cruise, it adds reassurance that your travel provider may not see its financial situation become so dire that it will have to file for a Chapter 11 reorganization. Such a filing can add an element of uncertainty even though there's still a good chance that the provider will continue to do business as usual." https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/03/25/coronavirus-aid-package-2-trillion-stimulus-package-travel-details/2882385001/
  9. . Wow! Another ship to Barbados. There are many ships in Bridgetown already. I wonder if it is a good idea for an island that has only one hospital for its people to allow crew members to come ashore? “Because of that spirited partnership we have been able to be in a position where those ships that are now forced to go through a period of down time for a month or two are saying to us ‘we would like to do that down time in Barbados, would you accommodate us?’ and the answer is yes,” said Symmonds. “Each one of them that is anchored out there without any passengers on board, but with crew, and if we have 20 or 15 such ships and the average one is carrying 1,000 crew then you have between 15,000 and 20,000 people who need to be fed, watered, provided with some form of entertainment, relaxation and recreation,” he said. Symmonds gave the assurance officials were still maintaining the “strictest levels of diligence” and surveillance at the Port. “We will continue to maintain that because we have to make sure that we protect our citizens as best as we possibly can.” https://barbadostoday.bb/2020/03/19/ships-docked/
  10. . LOL. Sounds like most revenue centers on ships are a scam of differing degrees. People just have money to spend or donate.
  11. . In my case, when ships start sailing again, I will treat it like inaugurals and remodels. I will refrain from cruising for a few months to get comfortable that things are safe onboard again. Let those who are antsy to cruise go an works the kinks out so to speak.
  12. Say it isn't so! Look like taxpayers will be bailing out the cruise industry. Semantics calling it "relief": "Congress has already started working on a third stimulus package that is likely to address the needs of small businesses that are struggling due to the pandemic while also offering some type of cash assistance to Americans. There are also proposals for additional paid leave, bolstered help for the healthcare industry and relief for the airline and cruise industries. Senate leaders said they would not leave Washington until this third bill passes, which many hope will happen this week or next." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/03/18/coronavirus-senate-vote-expected-house-sick-leave-testing-bill/5076063002/
  13. Bliss in NYC https://www.portnywebcam.com/
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