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  1. This one is directly on other side of ship but same stateroom. As mentioned in post #7, you see how shallow the deck is? You have a chair and the foot lounger which they tuck under the chair, but if you angle them sideways a bit, you can use the foot lounger. And yes, 5121 like 5126 is a connecting room, but I don't know if that would bother me. I've had them many times before. https://halfacts.com/signature-class/5126-eurodam/
  2. Report from Denali Borough latest information was July 4 8pm. The fire was 5% contained as of date and time. See link for details and they provided a phone number. https://www.denaliborough.org/index.asp?SEC=6947563F-9A1C-463A-BF96-D10724F39115
  3. I agree with post #2. The nice thing about NA is that there are chaise loungers on the Promenade Deck and the ability to walk around the entire deck v looking out from a window. We usually book in the obstructed category because they are good value. You probably didn't book the cruise to sit in your stateroom anyway.
  4. We are south of DNP and are not affected by these fires. Last week we were over in Eagle which is on the Canadian border and were flying home and that is when we ran into the smoke. It's not fun going through smoke while flying. Once we reached passed Tok, it was clear for us the rest of the way home. I'm hoping the rain they got yesterday will help tamp down the fires and hot spots. Thanks for asking.
  5. « Riley Fire Updates 7/3/2024 1:00PM Update July 03, 2024 Posted by: Emily Miller Progress is being made on efforts to contain the Riley Fire, active in the entrance area of Denali National Park and Preserve. Fire crews continue to focus their efforts on the fire’s southern flank, the portion of the fire closest to facilities and infrastructure. As of Wednesday morning, July 3, crews report 25% containment. Fire size remains stable at an estimated 388 acres, with low fire activity overnight. Cooler and calmer weather is helping crews with containment efforts. As of early Wednesday, two additional helicopters have been deployed to assist fire crews, bringing the total to four. An additional wildland fire crew has joined efforts on the ground with two interagency hotshot crews already engaged on the incident, and a strike team of engines has been added in efforts to secure both flanks. Two fire investigators are on site to investigate the cause of the fire. Park tour and transit bus service remain suspended. All visitor facilities and park trails remain closed, and the park remains inaccessible to private vehicles and day use visitors. Park campgrounds closed at 11:00am today. Although park operations remain suspended, local businesses in the area are still open and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the many other opportunities to recreate in the Denali area. Additional information can be found at denalichamber.com. Cooperation between the Denali Borough, National Park Service, and all cooperating agencies has been fantastic and has contributed to the success of fire management operations thus far. As of yet, there is no anticipated date as to when park facilities will reopen or operations resume. Stay informed about Alaska’s current wildfires, red flag warnings, and more by visiting https://akfireinfo.com. Tourists may also want to look at Fairbanks North Star Borough fire information as well. There are several large fires and smoke in and around the Fairbanks area.
  6. Denali Borough · RILEY WILDLAND FIRE UPDATE - JULY 3 - 7:00 AM The Riley Fire in Denali National Park and Preserve was described as 25% contained by Tuesday evening and has burned an estimated 388 acres. The fire activity has been smoldering and creeping in steep terrain about a mile north of the park entrance. Cloudy, cooler temperatures are aiding the firefighting efforts. Two interagency hotshot crews from the Lower 48, the Mill Creek and Golden Eagles Hotshots, are fully engaged with firefighting efforts. Air quality north of the Riley Fire in the Healy area has an AQI of 133 as of 6:30 AM which is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. The air quality south of the Riley Fire has an AQI below 50 which is considered moderate. For Real-time air quality conditions you can go to: https://map.purpleair.com Golden Valley Electric Association provided the following update regarding power in the Nenana Canyon area: “Power has been restored to those affected by the #RileyFire for the evening, as all firefighters are in the clear and their efforts have ceased for the day. The line will be deenergized and power will go out at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning when crews resume work on fire suppression.” Updates will be posted later today when available on the Golden Valley Electric Association social media page(s). Denali National Park tour and transit bus service will remain suspended on Wednesday, July 3. All visitor facilities and park trails remain closed, and the park remains closed to private vehicles and day use visitors. Park campgrounds will close at 11:00am on Wednesday. As of yet, there is no anticipated date when these facilities will open or operations will resume. The Alaska Railroad announced Tuesday afternoon that they will have modified service as follows: “Northbound passengers will travel by train between Anchorage and Talkeetna, and between Healy and Fairbanks. Transportation between Talkeetna, Denali, and Healy will be provided by motorcoach. Southbound passengers will travel by train between Fairbanks and Healy, and between Talkeetna and Anchorage. Transportation between Healy, Denali, and Talkeetna will be provided by motorcoach.” The Parks Highway remains open and unthreatened. The Canyon Clinic intends to remain open for emergency medical service from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The clinic is operating on generator power and is unable to offer routine services. The exact cause of the fire is unknown. A fire investigator will be brought in to conduct an investigation and provide more details on how the fire started. This person has not been assigned yet. A team from the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have established the Tri-Valley School in Healy as an evacuation location for anyone needing shelter and support. Some areas remain in Evacuation Status is as follows: Red – Go!: All Bison Gulch and Antler Ridge hikers, Riley Creek Campground and all employees housed at the Denali National Park Joint Venture facility: ANYONE IN RED AREAS SHOULD EVACUATE. Yellow – Set: There are currently no locations in “set”. Green – Ready: The Nenana Canyon area (aka Glitter Gulch), Denali National Park Headquarters, C-Camp. Anyone in GREEN areas should stay alert and monitor for evacuation status updates. If you are still in the Denali area but have had your tour impacted due to the fire, other local businesses in Healy, Carlo Creek, McKinley Village and Cantwell are operating as normal with local excursions and tours still operating as well.
  7. Holland America Line Cruise Friends Alaska - Facebook Page Steve Cole · · Ask Our Travel Advisor - Denali - A wildfire in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve caused disruptions to several resorts, including Holland America’s McKinley Chalet Resort and the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. The Riley Fire was first reported on Sunday and spread to 350 to 400 acres in a matter of hours, covering the area across the Nenana River from the McKinley Chalet Resort, one mile from the park entrance. As power outages spread across the area, Holland America’s McKinley resort is experiencing service disruptions while Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, located less than a half a mile from McKinley Chalet, has closed to new arrivals. Princess has also closed its Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge within the park, and its Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge, located in Fairbanks, Alaska, another gateway into Denali. “Due to the impact of the Riley wildfire in the Denali National Park area, we have closed Denali, Mt. McKinley and Fairbanks to new arrivals,” the company announced.
  8. There is smoke north of Fairbanks, Fairbanks, east of Fairbanks all the way to Eagle, AK on the AK/Canadian border and as far south as McKinley North. This can be seen on the FAA Weather Cams. We flew from Eagle to Tok 5 days ago and visibility was down to 3 Statute Miles. Good news is that a strong low pressure system initially with high winds, but then rain and very cool temps should arrive Wednesday but as the National Weather Service warns, this will not allow the smoke to completely disappear. Here is the special weather statement from the NWS: https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=AKZ844&warncounty=AKC090&firewxzone=AKZ944&local_place1=Westgate AK&product1=Special+Weather+Statement&lat=64.837&lon=-147.761
  9. Fires also up in the Fairbanks area. We flew through smoke from Chicken to Tok and were down to 3 statute miles. Glad we got through. https://www.nps.gov/dena/index.htm
  10. We received offer to leave ship and had a great offer also, but we declined due to not being able to get a flight from South America. It was an overbooking situation.
  11. @BermudaBound2014 I see. I guess I don't notice because I don't book excursions through HAL and I don't book reservations online. I do that as soon as I get on board.
  12. I would also check out your roll call. Sometimes there is a very active group that are planning excursions together.
  13. Other than going through the check in process, I think I have only booked once or maybe twice (4 star) on the official Holland site. The majority of my bookings, other than the one or two I remember, are through a reputable on line cruise discount company, and I can honestly say that: 1. I've never had a booking problem 2. The online booking cruise discount company has beat HAL all but one time. Sometimes, the cruise price is so significantly different. Maybe it's time to chuck booking on HAL and go somewhere else.
  14. @goldsmip115 Check out the 14 minute mark on this vid which was posted 7 months ago on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txe_bxCyvcM
  15. We are doing a coastal trip in October this year and we are staying near Canada Place for the first time. I booked in March and hotel is $248USD including breakfast which was reviewed very well. We have also done the SkyTrain with 2 roller bags and 2 carry ons which connect to the roller bags and had absolutely no problem whatsoever on the SkyTrain or the sidewalk to CP. Finally, we also took the HAL bus from the terminal (near baggage claim) to CP and that worked out well and didn't have to deal with luggage. Sometimes we stay at airport hotels in various cities if we have long flights and don't want to "deal with" more after a long trip and that has worked out very well for us. The latest was at Haneda airport and we actually ended up staying two nights before boarding and I would do that again in a heartbeat. Not everyone wants to stay or can stay near the port; especially somewhere like the Pan Pacific which IMHO is an insane price. But, to each his own. I don't think you are going to miss much if you don't stay downtown. I personally don't see the appeal unless you are going to take some kind of pre-cruise excursion.
  16. Scheduled for Havensight on Dec 18. https://www.*****/cruise/ship-schedule/12-2024/ You are going to have a lot of company that day!
  17. Dutch Cafe for lunch. Keep in mind, you do pay for coffee at DC, but not for the food. It is probably just enough to hold you over until dinner.
  18. Not sure of the point you are making. I think most of us know what we are getting and not getting with HAL. Farewell and I hope it works out for you.
  19. I was wondering about Deck 1 and how that might work out. I'll have to remember to get back to you this fall and ask how it went. It has seemed to me that sound travels farther on the Pinnacle class leaving us fewer choices for more "budget friendly" staterooms and now of course, avoiding the 3 and 4 person rooms on top of it.
  20. I have no idea why anyone would say that. The Music Walk has venues going on until late in the evening.
  21. Noticed that, but it's good to have up to date information. We are going to be on our first ever Neptune Suite. I am going to try out BF in CO and Pinnacle Grill. It will be nice to have decent coffee. I can't drink the Lido coffee.
  22. I won't book any staterooms on the Pinnacle ships on deck 4 forward. We did that once and we could hear the bass (boom, boom, boom) until 1 am every night.
  23. I can only speak about Holland America. Your question is subjective. At least on HAL, there are die hard regular cruisers that embrace the smaller ships so keep that in mind as you read the posts. I have grown weary of them because even with some updates, they still appear dark and old to me. Two things I can say about the older class HAL ships that I like is that the staterooms are larger as compared to HAL Pinnacle class ships, AND you can lounge on the promenade deck. The promenade deck on the Pinnacle class ships are for walking only. However, having specialty restaurants is a bonus on the Pinnacle class including Club Orange. You can find quiet places on all of the ships despite the number of passengers. Lunch time will be busy in the Lido on any ship but breakfast and dinner is easier to find a place to sit. Look at some vids on YT of various ships and classes and you will get an idea. HAL does not have any mega ships but for some of my fellow cruisers, I am sure the Pinnacle class does feel that way.
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