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  1. FUNNY THINGS YOU HEAR ON A CRUISE SHIP What time is the midnight buffet? Does the crew sleep on board? Do the elevators go to the front of the ship? and I was personally heard this one disembarking in Alaska - What is the elevation? Answer: Sea Level OK, keep it going guys. I'm out of here the rest of the day, so I will check back in tomorrow.
  2. I saw this somewhere else and it lifted my spirits from the "serious" talk. Post funny jpgs, quotes etc. Let's see how funny HAL supporters can be. I'll start.
  3. I've used the actual cruise line ONCE for my booking. I can't tell you how many cruises I've been on, but I only use online TA plus, some of them are not completely on line; I can still talk to them if I want to. Since you can't post TAs here, I do suggest you ask your question over on the tripadvisor cruise forum board. There are very experienced cruisers there answering questions. It is best to google tripadvisor cruise forum board so that you don't end up on the regular TA forum board.
  4. You will be required to do more than bring your card. There will be a Vaccine Attestation, a health questionnaire, and COVID 19 Risk Acceptance. Plus, there will be testing, temperature checking, and tracelets for all.
  5. In Alaska, we have a shortage because we are a large tourism state and we have a lot of foreign seasonal workers. However, we know many businesses owners that do not own seasonal businesses and the workers were all from AK. It is the same story, the state and federal governments incentivized people to stay home with big unemployment checks that exceeded their pay. Finally, AK stopped the additional bump as did some other states, but I think it's far too late for some businesses now that will never reopen. IMHO, this is what happens when the government gets involved.
  6. HAL said ship-only excursions not required indicating you can go off on your own. We have friends doing a couple of land tours for 3 weeks (non cruise) and they indicate most of the land tours have been sold out so I would say land based events are wide-open for exploration. I'm sure they will have some COVID protocols in place. I have heard that Alaska tourism has been very active even without the cruise ships. One of the huge issues we are seeing here is the lack of help. We were in Seward a week ago and the lack of help was obvious everywhere. The person running the lodge where
  7. It will be the same as this room on Koningsdam: https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/6167-koningsdam/ except you won't have that little bit extra balcony as you see in the last picture shown
  8. Normally I find stateroom pics on Halfacts.com or other sites. Not this time, sorry. But, to answer the question if that cabin would be good for a long cruise, and my answer would be NO. That cabin is directly above The Main Stage which means you will hear noise for every performance, every talk, etc. I had a room fairly aft of this room near the elevators and I could hear the rumbling from the Main Stage. I vowed never again to be anywhere near the Main Stage.
  9. See my previous post. When I get all of the information, I will post across all sailings. See post #124
  10. Have you checked out the 7-24 Roll Call on this site? It is very active. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2781447-nieuw-amsterdam-july-24th-2021-first-alaska-cruise/?tab=comments#comment-61143583
  11. I talked to people in those communities. What I know right now is that smaller cruise ships have been in port and on those ships people are disembarking on their own and are around town. Everyone says it feels different without the big cruise ships. In Juneau, the city bus is running and visitors are using it to get out to Mendenhall Glacier; well, close...you still have to walk a bit, but that is option. Also, cabs are running. You can also take the bus to go hiking, Douglas Beach, etc. Some good restaurants are open as well as food trucks including Tracy's Crab Shack, Deckhand Daves fo
  12. I'm using your post to continue the discussion, if that is possible. The problem I have with the hard line 100% position is that 100% to you, to me, to someone else's definition is different. Case in point, on this forum in another thread, and perhaps even posted by someone in this thread, the issue of AZ vaccine came up. People on this forum have said, people who had the AZ vaccine should not be allowed to cruise, or I don't want to cruise with anyone that had the AZ vaccine. So what? Those with Moderna, J&J, and Pfizer are ok to cruise, but not AZ? What about the other type of vacc
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