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  1. It's marine traffic .. though there are several alternatives.
  2. Oh how I wished I was on the ship to have taken the photo. (I was lucky enough to see her under construction in Ancona in October 2019) Saddened by the fact I should have had 31 days under my belt on Silver Moon... But on the bright side, that's become 26 days on Silver Dawn to look forward to. Onwards and upwards...
  3. Current location Crete Whoop Whoop! Heart warming photo of the crew on Silver Moon in Greece. Not sure of the actual location but its started...... Just reminded myself.... I should actually be on my way to Corfu this morning on Silver Spirit. So near, yet so far!
  4. No just to Lima. Had it booked for last November also on the moon. PS... Yes Lois is correct.... I certainly should have said Breakfast and Lunch buffet. My bad.
  5. The last time I was in Portsmouth was aged 10 on a school trip to see HMS Victory. I did think about making a day of it and arriving the previous day (as it's my birthday), but as we've now got a bigger group, decided not to. I'm surprised, but pleased they've opened up for a few solo's. Are you a frequent cruiser?
  6. Your sail date is the same as mine in FLL...... Silver Dawn and Silver Spirit will be keeping each other company..... I'll give you a wave! 😃 As Lois has said, La Terrazza is the lunctime buffet restaurant, which you certainly served yourself. I suspect that will not be the case going forward. TVs on the Spirit, were renewed in 2018, so they should have USBs and several HDMIs, though they may have been disabled, but suspect will be fine. You will have a few USB ports by the bed and near the TV as well...... What is it you are hoping to do? I searched
  7. Haha.... Sorry. Obviously everything takes time to plan and these "little experiment" cruises were put together because the UK gave the window to do so, whilst the US indicated it would be November at the earliest. Look on the bright side. By the time it arrives all the gremlins should be sorted.
  8. Funnily enough, having booked a short cruise to nowhere in August on a line insisting all crew and passengers are vaccinated. I ask about proof and was told that the hand written card would be good enough as it stated name, date, brand and batch. I suggested that could easily be forged and was told until we have something else, that's what we need. These details are available digitally inside the UK NHS app, so that can at least verify, but not necessarily easy for all. In the meantime, I've already seen that those cards I was told would be ok for proof, has been ruled
  9. I dunno..... Certainly Easter had a huge display and a basket of chocolate in the room. Hell we even had a pair of bunnies on board with us! Ask Etual !
  10. My favourite ship in that photo.... and the starting point of my first ever cruise on her. Happy memories..... as you can probably tell be my profile photo at the same place with Silver wind! My Office window in the photo too. Gutted when we got moved 2 years ago. It was awesome seeing Silver Wind and Silver Cloud docked outside my office!
  11. Just been emailed an interesting news article, which featured a photo of Silver Cloud at Tower Bridge suggesting the CDC were about to lift cruising bans in the US if conditions met. A breakthrough we'd all been hoping for? https://www.businessinsider.com/cruise-travel-could-open-july-cruises-resume-summer-2021-4 Cruise travel could resume in July as new CDC guidelines allow ships to sail if 95% of passengers are vaccinated Hopefully more info to follow..... Fingers crossed.
  12. Fingers crossed. Easy to miss out. I had paid for premium upgrade on one of my cancellations which vanished into the new booking, which was the exact same cruise, but 14 months later. I lost it. The price increased, but because that booking was also from a cancellation caused by Cuba, it just got messy. Annoyingly, I think I will be going through the same thing again in Jan unless Peru, Equador, Panama, Southern Caribbean and US reopens, which i cant see happening. I rang Virgin today and paid for a ($300 bumped up to $400) package for each of us. Over the course of 4 nights, I'm s
  13. So you bought a drink tab, they didn't give you a refund, but now refuse you to allow you to use the money they kept of the thing you paid for with it originally? I've zero intention of ever using Virgin again, so that's a bit concerning, if they cancel this booking and think they will be ok keeping money paid out for a bar tab. I was intending on buying 5 lots in total for the party. I certainly have no intention on risking a non refundable payment. Also - its grating. The package is $300. They wont let me pay in $US and insist on GBP wanting £225 each. The exchange ra
  14. BA charge more! Not nickel and dimeing is it! And its each plane if you transit!
  15. OK many thanks...... Generally I never lose it..... and If I still have bar money left, be nearby for a freebie! haha As we now have 3 bookings for 6 people, we'll have to nurse maid them with the task of keeping a tab on their tabs! I assume the phone app updates with this data? (Or is that withheld so you carry on spending and have a bill to pay for overspending?) I'm not used to needing to view this stuff, but not really a chore. It's no biggie either way really.
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