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  1. Are you saying no allegiance and doesn't matter who wins? If the USA played Mexico, would you not want the US to win? Football is very very tribal For Liverpool to win, will be Manchester United fans worst nightmare, same for Arsenal fans if Spurs win. OTOH, bragging rights for ever more over your rivals is a very big deal. I dont see why national and local support is any different and I would suggest most (but not all) UK football fans have more satisfaction and joy from their chosen club winning a major trophy than National. I would hold more joy seeing Spurs win the Champions League than England win the world cup.
  2. I'm hoping they finish second again and the fact Spurs knocked out the favourites City, a first Champions of Europe title will testimony to their resilience. Liverpool and City will dominate the Premier again next season. I cant see anyone challenging that. But in a one off game, anything goes. The best Spurs can hope for will be 3rd, which they let slip at the death this season because they were more focused on the CL. COYS
  3. Sorry to hear your loss, though great your dad is coming along with you. I'm sure you'll have a great time and will be a good experience at such a sad time. Is the suit dark? If yes,it should be fine. That said, I don't think you will have any problem wearing it with shirt and tie even if light. Informal, should be ok. It does say tie is optional, but would say that probably is meant with a button down shirt. As you probably know already, The Grill and La Terrazza are more relaxed on dress code. Certainly The Grill, its casual every night. Breakfast and Lunch in La Terrazza is buffet - and is very good, so that box is ticked. The drill will probably be at 6pm the previous evening. Once you have boarded, you are free to leave the ship to sightsee during the afternoon or even at night...But the muster drill is compulsory. May I suggest a trip up the sky garden which is a 10 minute walk from the Tower docking point.... Well worth a visit, great views over London and the Wind below .... and free. Booking for the 22nd should be open on Monday morning 27 May (UK time).... though is a bank holiday, so maybe the next.... It does book fast though usually. And wont hurt even if you decide you dont want to visit on the day. Drron posted a photo from it of the wind a few days ago. Yes, he will need currency if you intend to spend.... but I also tend to use a credit card that gives me great rates so not always necessary. I'm not on this one.... but doing a similar one next year, but in reverse. Doesn't go as far north as you go, so quite jealous. Shame its an early morning start from London.... but still worth seeing I think. Have a great time and dont be afraid to ask away.....
  4. I expect you'll be getting to the Cloud real soon to board. I would be shocked if you didn't enjoy and honestly think you have nothing to fear on that front. We had hoped to book on for Lunch on the 4th June..... but meetings are taking place so got advised late in the day it was a no. We've something else up our sleeves, so all is not lost..... and it will be a re-union with the Wind instead. Hope you have a great time and look forward to your views. Shame the sail in to London is at an ungodly hour...... But dont miss it.. Enjoy....
  5. Have a fab time Unibok. Looking forward to your blog. If its even only half as good as the last, it'll be a corker.
  6. So what was the collective noun and phobia? (Questions are often regurgitated.... so just curious!) We had dinner with Cara on the first formal night also. She's from Stoke not Manchester which she may have said if asked. (Stoke is less known so saves confusion - even if this has now confused!) Lucky lady to have such a great job travelling the world at her age.
  7. Which begs the question that there may be issues relating to WiFi access points and some areas of the ship working ok, but others not. To be expected to a certain extent. On mine, it was working fine, but on one point I left the room for reception area (I assumed would be the best location) as I was sorting staff wages and simply couldn’t be ignored. I did get it sorted luckily and HMRC were happy to also receive their notification and pending cut!
  8. Your experience on the Muse sounds compatible to what we had 2 years ago on the Wind in the Caribbean where I was also able to stream. (Not that I did... but I was testing.) At the time, they were trialing different providers. I was really happy to report how good it was and on the next cruise (spins was on I think) it was dreadful again. it all sounds hit or miss! Hear what you’re saying re multi devices and paying for a better service. It still shouldn’t impact to any significant level and to do so spells they are not providing enough to share. What I was using was the free service. I had to log off to use another, though each guest had one device each. Lets hoe SS wake up to customer dissatisfaction and realise as Observer said, Internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity for the majority of passengers I’d think. I’ll certainly ask the question in the meeting I have coming up next month and hopefully there may be good news. I’ll let you know.
  9. The internet wasn’t great on the Wind and there were a few times I’d struggle to connect, but overall I think most would have been happy with what they’d got. I have no idea how accurate the logging was in .go.solversea but in 11 days I recorded 1.2gb on my phone and 600mb on my iPad which I was mightily surprised at. My wife also recorded over 700mb .Not quite sure how we got that high, but can say we did post photos in emails and on CC and it worked. i know I’ve said previously on here that I was told the fleet shared bandwidth. In the middle of the night on one side of the world, ships would receive less than others during waking hours. Sounds a good idea and a way to maximise a low overall share.. it does sound like the levels of service you had (and Spinnikers Spirit TA... and even the Winds TA straight after mine) was not anywhere near the standard we had. i was lucky. With us, I also had my Vodafone phone I was able to hotspot with and with 90gb of roam free data to use, it wasn’t a problem. I was lucky all ports of call were valid - though Les Santes didn’t seem to have a working 3G for data and had to rely on ships WiFi here! (Crazy but true) Obviously not any good more than a few miles off the coast, but it’s certainly something I’d recommend to look into. All of the cruises I have coming up will be roam free no cost countries... and that includes the TA. Yes there will be lots of times we will be out of range, but a TA is a bit of an exception. My wife’s 256gb IPhone XR with 90gb of data and free Spotify / sky is working out at £38pm (bought on Black Friday). Effectively she’s bought the phone and this covers the entire 2 year contract. A no brainier! I got my sim only deal for approx £14 and given cash back. (I pay Voda more but get it back every few months.) i appreciate that that doesn’t change the poor state of Internet you’ve experienced, but is maybe something worth considering for the fututre. I certainly hope you get an answer on why iit was so poor and you can certainly quote our Wind 19th April 11 day cruise where you know it worked fine. Seems no reason yours shouldn’t have been to the levels we had. I can’t descrbe it as good, but for free satellite I guess that’s what it was. Still don’t believe those data usage figures though!
  10. 3m32s ....... you'll see the fella in yellow trousers waving for about 30 seconds. He wasn't a Triv player....... they were playing at the time this was filmed.
  11. There you go...... hot off the press. Silver Whisper around the world...... Its still processing higher res imaging, so 4K version not visible at time of posting.
  12. CruisinPashmina, I've sent ME a link that you may be interested in of the Wind arriving with some nice close up shots, which you are free to download any at full resolution if you'd like to. There are 6 that TTS is in..... If you are in the right place, you'll be there!
  13. I'd suggest they do know....... but leave it in just in case. Its easier to cancel and keep all the interest money earned, than try to fill a ship with a late slot added to the program. I might be cynical, but there is zero chance the Spirit Stretch and the section building was last minute. Fingers crossed for you.
  14. I spotted someone on the Panorama terrace in yellow trousers, joined by a lady passenger waving frantically at one point..... Hope they get to see. I'm just starting to edit now. Whilst I know I've still room for improvement and the active track worked but not as intended, I can say this is by far the best I've done by a country mile. Hope you like the choice of music.... which I thought was fitting. Nice photo..... I did a similar but video on the Silver Cloud in Amsterdam setting off and doing a hand brake turn.... Looked really good IMHO.... though not such a landmark.
  15. Have arrived already at my usual spot.... far too early . You’ve not even reached Tilbury yet and I’d say that’s 30 mins from there to here! Look out port side. Will be at front at beginning then stern to the bridge. Hoping active track works this time!! Wave!
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