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  1. On the Shadow in April an exceptionally large gentleman who was accompanied by his family and nannies, was allowed in the MDR on formal night wearing a luminous green Hawaiian shirt. It looked hideous regardless of the fact it was formal night. ive seen people turned away previously for not wearing a jacket, so I thought it was a little strange such an outrageous disregard for the dress code was tolerated...... until you realised this group (and another party who ignored rules about smoking cigars) were guests of the owner. I very much doubt it was done with his blessing and expect he would have been as embarrassed for him as I was for such an awful taste in clothing! Good point about the refurb change of restaurants. OP my advice / thoughts would be if you like to dress up, go for it (as you say, you are not limited in your situation). if you don’t want to wear a tux, dark suits are absolutely fine. You won’t be turned away from Atlantide if you are wearing a jacket and tie, but it’s probable you would if you are not. (Unless you are personal friends of the owner of course,). I have seen the Maitre’D “loan” guests a jacket and tie on a couple of occasions. On formal nights, it’s fine not to follow the dress code in La Terrazza and deck restaurants. Welcome to Silversea btw.... I’m sure you’ll love it and will certainly hope you share your thoughts on your cruise upon your return.
  2. I used the CC search to view cruises to Cuba. Pretty much all of them start AND end in the US. There are exceptions - I see MSC (Italian owned) didnt follow this rule either (same as SS hadn't). Not sure why youre saying they want to only use the larger ships. There are numerous Cuba cruises on the Wind which have been added very recently.
  3. Hmmm.You wont be the first to learn from Cruise Critic (though sounds like a self discovery) that your cruise has been cancelled. You would think in this day and age, its not just easy to notify guests by email instantly, but more than common courtesey, it should bea big concern to do so. Alas, it isn't. We're encouraged with a discount to book early and get the best deals and prices, but rather defeats to object, if gets cancelled and the equivalent in a similar timeframe has increased in price due to getting nearer to sailing. Hopefully its just some quirky website error, but I have my doubts. Best get in touch with your agent ASAP. Please keep us informed what the problem is and how it goes to resolve things.
  4. The reply above says "the regulations set out by the Carrier Services General License (CACR) specifically the requirement that “all Cuba itineraries must embark/disembark at a port in the United States” we cannot continue with our plans." The silly games don't appear to be from Silversea, but restrictions in place for US carriers, which I'm assuming Silversea have now become since the takeover which didnt apply before. Now I'm assuming that Silversea was fine to start from Nassau for Cuba and end in Costa Rica. And with Silversea now being bound by these regulations, theyve decided Fort Lauderdale is a better start point than Nassau, which they couldnt have picked before for a Cuba bound cruise for similar regulations. It cant go to Cuba as its ending in Costa Rica. I'm not telling you I know this is fact, but its not an unreasonable assumption. I'm sure there must be something online that spells out the CACR regulations.
  5. Brumagin1 is spot on. Be prepared for a very speedy boarding, quick check-in and first glass of champagne while you do so. Enjoy...... and dont forget if you can, to tell us how you got on with your cruise with your overall thoughts with a review.... and better still if you can manage, a live sampling as you go!
  6. les37b

    Newbee Question - what to wear?

    Not any areas as such where it's labeled "optional", but I have seen ladies bathing topless by the pool and I think it might be frowned upon by some of the other guests. Not as much as the budgie smugglers though obviously!
  7. Good point Silver Spectre. I expect that’s the reason and very plausible.
  8. Hadnt seen the “explanation” and whilst I understand things can be beyond their control,, I’m still a bit confused with the explanation. Im guessing starting from FLL allows the previous to “do” Cuba, else a bit lost of the purpose of the starting point change. (Which potentially is a huge deal!) i wonder if this regulation is new or missed? I have to say I find it odd to tell a cruise line it must start and end and trips to Cuba from the US. Would that mean SS or any other CL cant do any cruises to Cuba unless it starts and ends in the US? Most odd and reading between the lines sounds very restrictive towards citizens and businesses of all countries, but guess all down to the global political path the US is now taking? i know discussing politics is not allowed, but I’d like to think how laws affect cruises is not considered out of bounds. im hoping it’s something less sinister than how I’ve interpreted it. Anyway, regardless, if you have lost a portion of the air fare paid to cancel, then you have been disadvantaged. Plus for the reasons our forward in my previous post, I’d certainly be pressing for more than “a refund”. From personal experience, SS have been pretty good in this respect, though I hope this isn’t assigned to simply “beyond our control”.
  9. On my shadow cruise earlier this year, SS split ours also by offering two variants, one having a different start point. It honestly made no difference. It just meant there were a few empty cabins at the beginning which SS managed to fill on “part two”. Glad you sorted your cruise highlight tours. I have to admit If I were to do Angkor War, id begrudge paying for the trip AND the nights off ship but understand your reasoning and why SS do it. I do think they should offer a small refund though. After all, the Butler is not going to be offering room service for all the food and drink you’ll be missing out on! i know you’ll enjoy.
  10. What technical issues is it you are meant to understand? I’d certainly be asking that question and if that itinerary is now of no interest what they are doing to compensate. No doubt you paid paid in full and as embarkation time approaches, the cost this cruise just prior to the cancellation would be significantly more than what you’d paid and expect this to be taken into account. No point in accepting a refund and booking something else of less interest and paying more than what it would have cost you if you’d booked at the time you paid for this one. it sounds like they’ve not volunteered anything yet so may well be down to you to press the case. When it happened to us on the Spirit, the end game was in our favour and the cruise replacement was far in excess of what we’d originally paid. You’ve certainly nothing to lose.
  11. les37b

    Black Friday Sale

    That breaks the price guarantee surely? Tried to see which that was but couldn't work it out?
  12. les37b

    Spirit, June 2020???

    Just to clarify... not my video... but will certainly make one! it is possible to get back to the ship in Flam - but you pretty much end up coming straight back. im sure someone will post the options. (Hopefully!)
  13. les37b

    Spirit, June 2020???

    OK, I'd not picked up in your post it was on the Spirit.... The one I've booked is the reverse of yours (Copenhagen to Tower Bridge) and similar itinerary. One of the stops is the same as the one I left above. Not sure if that's the norm or not. Catching the Flamsbana it would appear that as soon as you reach the Myrdal, you're back on the train to go back to port and even that's tight, so wonder if the tours operated by SS have you meet back up with the ship at Gudvagen? Given the location of the port to the station and no doubt the markup, its one I will definitely DIY. That said, I'm sure the port timings must be to cater for a return train journey. Hope so.
  14. les37b

    Spirit, June 2020???

    Which Norwegian Fjords do you refer? Going back to these "you've booked, no you haven't" cruises. Given most people will have paid in full upfront, it does grate even more that the plug can be pulled at any time for a "bigger fish" or because the Cruise Line decides to go ahead with dry docks that should have been planned better. (I'm not referring to urgent maintenance here, but things such as "stretching" which should have been done AFTER all currently advertised cruises had been published and bookings made. Most of the cruises affected on the stretch were full or near as damn it.
  15. les37b

    Spirit, June 2020???

    I believe you Mrs May.