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  1. A heads up; those grey suits and orange ties (CD Hamish in 1st pic again) are worn by male Front Office staff as well (2nd pic)
  2. You don't actually believe that HAL has the ability to "tongue-tie" a now retired captain, do you? He no longer is employed by them 😵
  3. You're welcome, but I hope you do realize that's not a current pic of Amsterdam's Marshaling Area so there are no 22 Project Linus boxes. I worked the entire 2016 Grand World Voyage onboard her, as well as partial 2017 (where I met Sir PMP) and 2018 GWVs. I took this pic on the very last night of the 2016 GWV just prior to arriving back at Ft. Lauderdale/Port Everglades when, as ship security officer, it was my responsibility to pick up the PE pilot in the Marshaling Area and escort him up to the bridge to liaise with Captain Mercer
  4. More like this; stacked neatly in luggage bins by the hardworking HK guys and girls in the ship's Marshaling Area on A-Deck with space left open for the pilot to come onboard via the pilot break
  5. The CD's on HAL have not been eliminated; there has been a name change to, are you ready? "Cruise and Travel Director" as they've given them the added responsibility of what used to be the travel guide. Stupid move in my humble opinion
  6. Yes and yes! I did not say they're going to turn the a/c off...........
  7. If/when they all go in long term layup, they will have a very reduced crew and no need for 100% a/c throughout the entire ship
  8. We don't know for a fact that any crew was disembarked off Tanjun Priok.......... Singapore, or better yet, off Singapore, is a prospective long term layup point, as are some of the Malaysian ports
  9. Most definitely not a current one, Mr. Roy! Stay safe!
  10. A small correction, if I may 😉 Celebrity's Century was actually built at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, between Jan 1994 and Nov 1995. Although not built by Fincantieri, the yard(s) (Monfalcone and Marghera) where all current HAL ships were/are being built, Century did spent five weeks at Fincantieri's Palermo yard as part of an extensive refurbishment in 2006. After leaving Celebrity, she became SkySea Golden Era for start-up Chinese brand SkySea Cruises, a joint venture between China's Ctrip and Royal Caribbean Cruises, in May 2015. SkySea ended operations/is no longer with us in Sep 2018 and SkySea Golden Era subsequently wound up in Jan 2019 with UK's Marella Cruises, the former Thomson Cruises, where she is currently sailing European cruises as Marella Explorer 2, an "adults only" ship
  11. No worries mate! 😉 Would love to have a chat with that officer so he can show me the "rusting inside out" part, having worked on that ship for several hundred days over the last several years and knowing her inside out as part of weekly HESS inspections
  12. Re; the "schweindam," I do believe you forgot a "t" somewhere............🤓
  13. A little tidbit; if a passenger ship, any passenger ship, would be "rusting inside out," that ship would not be able to pass the United States Coast Guard's regular inspection process and, as a result, they, the Coasties, would not allow her to sail until that "rusting inside out" dilemma would be taken care of to their satisfaction. All HAL ships call on U.S. ports on a regular basis and, as such, all must pass such an inspection
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