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  1. Couple of things; K-dam (975' in length) is only 25 feet longer than the Vistas (950' in length) who have no issues getting close to the glaciers and ensuring that both port and starboard sides of the ship get a good view On K-dam's Alaska itineraries next year, only Juneau (10:00 PM and Skagway (9:00 PM) will be evening departures, that leaves five days to enjoy the various dining and entertainment venues onboard
  2. Koningsdam in a heat beat! More entertainment and more dining options than the "R"-class by far
  3. There has been/will be some "captain movement" with retirements, losing a ship/P-dam, shore assignments in SEA, Capt. Mercer not coming back until his "retirement" world cruise next January, etc. Rotation mix ups are a regular thing every two-three years or so. Enjoy that long one!
  4. There is word Capt. Jeroen Schuchmann, he of P-dam, will be relieving Capt. Fred Eversen on 15 Jul. HD is scheduled to be Norbert Kovacs
  5. Hi Lisa, the McDonalds fan! Sorry to say that Oostie's master is still unk at this time since there has been a petit peu of shuffling going on. I'll keep my eye out for ya
  6. It won't be Pieter Bant since he'll be on Rotterdam. Zuidy's master during that time period is scheduled to be Capt. Bart Vaartjes
  7. Veendam's captain on the second part of that looong, wow, the Med all the way to Bean town, voyage, starting on 07 Aug. will be Capt. Steven MacBeath. Unk as of yet, who will be in command during the first part since VEDM's current second captain, Irishman Colm Ryan, is now a traveling master a la Capt. Albert Schoonderbeek, he of the daily blog. The HD's will be Frank Ulbricht and Leonie Henry. One of the CD's is scheduled to be Thomas Weber. The second is unk as of yet
  8. The horror of it all!!!! I will get back to ya!
  9. Howdy! P-dam's final captain before being handed over to the Teutonics eff. 01 Jul 2019, the vessel, not the master that is, Jeroen Schuchmann, is reportedly going to the Amsterdam to replace long-time HAL captain Fred Eversen there. Volie's master on the 30 Nov 19 'Amazon Explorer' is scheduled to be Capt. Frank van der Hoeven, a cloggie. As SailingDutchy so succinctly, as well as eloquently, presented aforesaid, that was, in point of fact, British Captain Christopher Turner in command of Volendam from 03 Nov 2018 until 19 January this year, his last HAL voyage before his retirement Enjoy that voyage to the Republica Federativa do Brasil and back!
  10. Hi Ma'am! Zuidy's master for the 15 Sep 19 voyage to the Big Apple is scheduled to be Capt. Bart Vaartjes
  11. Rotterdam's master on the 2019 VoV is scheduled to be Capt. Pieter Bant. CD is still unk, sorry! Enjoy that awesome itinerary!
  12. Yes, for your 27 Sep 19 Nieuw S sailing, you're scheduled to get Capt. Sijbe de Boer, her take-out captain. He's joining the same day you are
  13. Hi Dutchy who is sailing! K-dam's captain in August is scheduled to be fellow Canadian Darrin Bowland, eh! And yes, he would be the one performing the renewal of vows ceremony. The HD is scheduled to be Santosh Chandrasekher Nair
  14. Hi Wildcat that is Stormy! Maasie's current captain rotation is still Capt. Arno Jutten and Capt. Ryan Whitaker. Having said that, April and May 2020 is still quite a while away and that rotation can easily be altered with new personnel/masters coming in. If the rotation stays intact, it looks like that it will be Capt. Whitaker being in command of MADM for most of April and the entire month of May next year. Good luck with your ongoing studies and especially with your masters/first mate exam in January!
  15. Senior GRM Marion Koopman, awesome lady, filled in as HD last year but, as of today, Jessica S is the only female HAL HD. A few years back, HAL had Marcella Himmelreich (see pic below) as a female HD but she has since resigned
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