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  1. No need to correct 😉 Amsterdam had 36 Neptune suites while Zaandam has 28
  2. That is true, exactly 52 more Zaandam 1,432 Amsterdam 1,380 However, Amsterdam is/was still the bigger ship
  3. Sorry Sir; the other way around: Zaandam 61,396 GRT Amsterdam 62,735 GRT
  4. Thank you all for your service to your country/countries and for your sacrifice!
  5. One more of Rotterdam VII (ex-Ryndam IV) during her sea trials in the Adriatic in early May
  6. Roy, how is the chow in there? Kinda like dinner in the Pinnacle Grill? 😉
  7. Thinking about our friend Roy today and his cardiac surgery. All the best for a successful procedure and speedy recovery!
  8. You're referring to Captain Darin Bowland, the only Canadian, being replaced by Captain Sijbe de Boer on Nieuw Statendam as her take out master. Capt. de Boer had been fleet cCaptain (Corporate Marine Quality Assurance) out of Seattle, prior to that move. Capt. Bowland subsequently took command of Nieuw S' older sister Koningsdam
  9. He got Nieuw Statendam for his first command until Covid hit and he eventually went back to the yard in Marghera for Rotterdam VII, but once again as staff captain
  10. Did you mean Ryndam to Rotterdam 😉 and no, he was never selected as the take-out captain of the new ship; they usually select more senior captains for that position
  11. The Dutch Crown Princess, daughter of the current King. Her name is HRH Princess Catharina-Amalia. Her mom, grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother have all been godmother to HAL ships in the past
  12. From Captain Schoonderbeek's blog although no longer 100% up-to-date https://www.captainalbert.com/current-captains-and-their-schedules/captain-kevin-beirnaert/
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