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  1. The selection behind the glass that used to be there when the Explorations Cafe was a full "bar" on the starboard side of the Crow's Nest is gone. On NA, they had some Biscottis where you place your order for coffee (you pick up on the opposite side) one day and a plate of zilch the next day. It ain't what it used to be
  2. Three pair; gala, casual and running
  3. ...thanks for your request for a quote but I spend all day on the phone and don’t have time to reply to emails for quotes. If you call me I’ll help. Wrong answer! I would go with someone else based on that response alone
  4. Tamarind can only be found on the Signature-class and up, so currently Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam (Ryndam as of 2021) Volendam, a "R"-class ship, doesn't have it due to lack of space
  5. Deck 4 aft is known as the aft mooring deck, a crew only area
  6. Had the Cruise & Travel Director on Nieuw A last month. Although she (Rebekkah) was very good, taking away a specialized position like EXC Guide, announced with a lot of hullabaloo along with the EXC program not too long ago, is another example of "dumbing down"
  7. HAL "cheerleaders" appear to have now morphed into HAL "loyalists" How refreshing 🤓
  8. Nieuw A's Crow'as Nest as of August 2019 - The "Explanations" Cafe on the starboard side has been removed, is now the shorex counter, and has been combined with the Crow's Nest bar on the port side
  9. Westie; last HAL ship arrival/departure from Juneau on 01 Oct to close out the season for them
  10. The bigger ones (scale 1:900) run in the neighborhood of $300+ and they also appear on eBay at times. Unsure about the smaller ones You can email them with questions at sansim555@msn.com
  11. FYI https://antiguanewsroom.com/breaking-caribbean-cruise-lines-pulls-out-of-antigua-more-cancellations-expected/
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