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  1. Hey everyone! I've just uploaded Part 1 of my Carnival Liberty cruise vlog. It shows embarkation day, a tour of the amazing Premier Vista cabin, and our time spent in Nassau. This is my first time cruising Carnival in 10 years, and first time as an adult. https://youtu.be/GFNGNgslhFs
  2. So_Tweetie

    Park West Gallery - VIP Event

    I'm posting this in Princess Cruises because it was on the Ruby Princess when we were first lured in to an art auction onboard with the promise of free champagne. Have you ever purchased art on a cruise? I know it's a controversial topic and Park West Gallery also elicits strong opinions from people, but I've always had a good experience buying from them. We were invited to a three night stay at our local Four Seasons hotel to attend auctions featuring Leslie Lew, Romero Britto and Daniel Wall. Here's a little video I made of the experience, we had a lot of fun! If you get an invitation to one of these events I do recommend going, there is no purchase required (unless you want to be invited back again 😆 ).
  3. I wanted to share a quick tour of cabin 8630 on the Norwegian Jewel, it is an aft penthouse suite with "large balcony". We really enjoyed this room and loved the wake views!
  4. So_Tweetie

    Cheapest drink package price

    The lowest I've seen (three cruises) is $42 for the Deluxe package, a 30% off sale.
  5. My record was 13 days prior to sailing. Excited to see how your trip goes, I'll be on Allure for Halloween
  6. Totally agree. I assume it's especially problematic (and more common) for famous people/those in the spotlight.
  7. That was my thought too! Her maternal instinct is strong. 😋
  8. Oh boy! I can definitely see Norwegian having reason to bring suit against the woman, but I'm sure the PR department is not excited to hear that the COO's mother is speaking with the news. :eek: "Mr Stuart's mother contacted the Daily Telegraph to protest that her son’s company was being wrongly blamed for the incident. His mother said: “She didn’t fall off. She jumped. This has cost Norwegian Cruise Line $600,000. This stupid woman....I spoke to Andrew at lunchtime. He phones me almost every day. What he said was ‘this is fake news’. He said that she couldn’t have fallen. You would have to take steps to climb over the railings. He said she jumped in the water.” https://www.yahoo.com/news/cruise-ship-survivor-branded-apos-203000936.html
  9. We arrived for our first RCI trip, also a four day on the Explorer leaving out of Seattle ��, around 10AM and got onboard pretty quickly. In my experience, Seattle is a very efficient port.
  10. So_Tweetie

    Norwegian Jewel Vlog - Hawaii - Part 5

    Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  11. Hi everyone! I've just posted the final segment of my Norwegian Jewel vlog from our cruise to Hawaii! We visit beaches on Kauai and Maui, have dinner in Moderno and La Cucina, learn how to make leis while enjoying our last few days on the ship. When it was time to disembark in Honolulu we were able to bypass the lines thanks to our awesome concierge, and our flight home on Hawaiian Airlines was a pretty amazing experience as well. Thanks for joining us on this trip, I hope you'll come with me next time when I unexpectedly take my first solo cruise! I will post links to the first four videos from this series in a reply below.
  12. What don't you like about (the people in) this thread?
  13. I have never encountered rudeness toward staff at the dinner table, thankfully. However, we were sitting by the pool having lunch on a Princess ship when an apparently intoxicated man in the hot tub screamed two or three times across the deck at a bartender, demanding a drink. The bartender had been serving other customers the first two times he was yelled at, but came running to take the guy's order as soon as he could. The passenger was incredibly demeaning and rude even though this crew member was doing everything to satisfy him (leaving the bar to take an order is above and beyond for a bartender IMO). Another passenger finally came over and scolded the man, allowing the bartender to get back to his station. Even though I could tell he was shaken up, he got right back to working. I went and asked the bartender what protections he had from customers treating him that way - if he could deny service and walk away. He didn't seem to think he had that power, so I asked how I could help. He said the only thing I could really do was put in a positive comment card, mention the situation, and then if the drunk and rude passenger filed a complaint my comment card would help in the crew member's defense. I did write a comment card, and I made sure to give feedback on my post-cruise survey. Luckily I have only run in to a handful of people like that in all of my cruises.
  14. Awesome review, thank you! I'm counting down the days to my cruise on Allure and this is very helpful.
  15. So_Tweetie

    When is a sale not a sale?

    The BOGO sale was happening for my cruise last week, which worked out to 25% off. I wasn't sure whether we wanted to buy the package so I waited, and then this week they put the package on a 30% off sale. We ended up buying the deluxe beverage package for $42 per person per day, which I think is fair. Coupled with my $275 OBC though, it was a steal! The credit was applied to my package, so for our 7 day cruise my total beverage package was $19 😆