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  1. Have done a tour Xuan it was OK... Liked the tours offered through Pham Tours much better. For our last four trips to Vietnam and rhe nex two we have used and will ise Pham Tours highly recommond his tours.
  2. With these offers you really do not have time to debate and post here. You need to take the offer or not take the offer as soon as you get it. Princess is making lots of calls and offers and it is only valid until someone else says yes to this offer.
  3. I think this case is in trouble. The lawyer is building a business around bedbugs.... that is fine and it could be a good business, maybe. The lawyer may know bedbugs, but now he is sailing into Admiralty Law which is under its own set of rules and how to do things. Kind of like asking a top ER Doctor to do a heart transplant.... He maybe a get doctor but it requires very special skills. My opinion is the lawyer is using this case to promote himself and get other business. He knows he cannot take on Carnival Corporation, with its hundreds of lawyers and billions and win....
  4. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    No visa fits all scenarios, if you are traveling for business, working, staying longer than 30 days..... The e-visa is the best choice on a Princess Cruise for most passengers.
  5. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    As you have already stated you have never used a e-visa. No issues getting off the ship, it is 100% a legal visa, in fact better than the group cruise visa issued on the ship. I have had over 20 e-visa, been into these ports on four different Princess Cruises using a e visa NEVER ANY ISSUES. Stop trying to scare people here with false information. E-Visas are the correct way to go.
  6. On the Sapphire in less than two days was told by a current guests he has a package. I will find out in about 36 hours.
  7. I'm sorry but the phone rep you are talking to is wrong., We are boarding the Sapphire Princess in two days from now. Only minutes listed on the website, but have already confirmed with a passenger on a back to back that they purchased a package. Lately Princess seems to be doing a lot of these mistakes...
  8. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    Your entry port is Nha Trang and the exit port is HCMC Seaport. These are the two we have always used for your ports. You can can also use Vũng Tàu Port for Phu My, both HCMC Seaport & Vung Tau Seaport will work for the exit point. Also set the start date for the Visa you can use February 1 and it will be valid for entry anytime in the month.
  9. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    yes first port in Vietnam and your last port in Vietnam what are they?
  10. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    I'm sorry but this another case of Princess Cruises giving completely false information. First your Visas are between you and the host country not Princess Cruises, the host country says they are valid that is the end of debate. If Princess try to present your passport to Vietnam and says a on ship visa needs to be issue the agents will say no this passport holder already has a valid visa. This is nothing more than the corporate office no knowing or understanding what is going on. It may also involve the simple fact that if you use the ships service they make a extra $48 dollars profit per guest. Do the math lets say 1500 passengers ship visa services, that equals a extra $72,000 dollars in profit for doing nothing. No reason to do anything bring your e visa and tell Guest Service to use them. You have nothing to lose by doing so. Even if they were not valid you still can take the cruise and use the ships visa service....But e-visas are 100% valid and allowed under the rules set by Vietnam and Princess cannot change these rules....if they do they risk not being allowed into the country.
  11. Your port is over a hour and a half away from HCMC. You really should book a tour to see the city. You can self tour but the costs for transportation to and from HCMC will be more than a good independent tour. You will not find taxi, any phones, shops or anything at the port. It is a cargo terminal which is 8 KM away from the small town near it. You really need to set up transportation before getting to the port. Many cruise lines offer a free shuttle to the local town. You cannot even walk out of the port they provide a shuttle from the ship to the gate. We have done Phu My Port four times in the last two years. Highly recommend booking a tour through Pham Tours, it is only $60 per person, includes guide, and driver, lunch and the places you will want to see. Dung Pham has always provided great tours for us. Here is a link to his site http://phamtours.com. Our last trip in March our CC Roll Calol group had over 50 guests with his company everyone was happy.
  12. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam visa

    UK Passports are Visa Free to enter the countries. For those who do need Visas here is another thread with the links to apply online. But since Celebrity only charges $6.00 it is a better deal then the e-visa at $25.00.
  13. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    You paid a extra $20 for nothing, the same visa given to the day guests is what you were given. Princess does the same thing up charges guest for a night off the ship. But the e visa covers all for 30 days within the country. Your entitled to your very narrow America view about tipping, will not change the majority of the World. Must see Americans tipping and think stupid Americans..... But again your choice, but this American will not be con with these false claims of tips.
  14. I have run into this on several Princess Asian / Australia Cruises. When you look online it only shows per minute packages available. But when we get on the ship they offer unlimited daily packages. I think you will find once you are on board the top package is $19.95 per day, ( 3 packages $9.95, $14.95, $19.95) but they offer a discount for the whole cruise. At $20 day x 22 it would be $440 dollars, then the discount it is 1/3 to 1/2 off so for 22 days somewhere between $220 to $290 for the top unlimited package.
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