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  1. I will be very surprised if Carnival pays anything to thees claims. Could see several million in legal fees. But suing Carnival is not a easy thing to do, and many will learn that.
  2. The United States Government should bail out the three major cruise companies. But they should not give them cash or other things that will cost the taxpayers money. Very simple way to do this with no costs to the US and great benefits. Allow them to do cruises with their Foreign Flagged ships from US Port to US Port with no required Foreign Port. These types of cruises are not allowed under Passenger Vessel Services Act, some people says Jones Act but the Jones Act is for Cargo. The Passenger Service Act fines the crew line almost $800 dollars per guest on the ship if they break the rules. The answer is really very simple. The US Government waves these fines for a set period of time. Maybe 6 months to a year. It would allow ships to go from the West Coast to Alaska without stopping in Canada. They could do East Coast Cruises with no foreign port call. Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, Key West, etc. Once the United States is clear of this virus it would help the US ports and the Cruise lines, it would allow guest to cruise without passports and stay within the United States. Even very seasoned cruisers would be interested in these cruises which are never offered on very large cruise ships. Except Hawaii Pride of America. Other cruise lines could do Hawaii cruises too. It seems like a win win to me.
  3. You do not have a lot of time but you have enough to see loots of things. The port is close to downtown Boston, you could walk to Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market in about 30 minutes. But have several options with public transportation. From Quincy Market you can walk to the North End, Freedom Trail, Boston Common & Public Garden, and the waterfront. I would not recommend the Hop on Hop off bus for you not enough time to really use it and hope off. Unless you want to use it to do the complete route and not get off. You can also consider a taxi or Uber, The Charlestown Navy Yard and the USS Constitution is worth seeing and it is a short taxi ride from Quincy Market. If you want to visit Harvard Square in Cambridge you can take the MBTA Red Line from Government Center. Enjoy your time in Boston I was born just outside of Boston and lived in the Area for 40 years, it is a wonderful City.
  4. Sorry you are not sailing on this cruise. The cruise will be cancelled.
  5. Asia is still here and moving along like the rest of the World. My wife & I are still at our home in the Philippines. The country is under a lock down with limited travel and limited business open. Most hotels are closed, most retail is also closed here. No domestic air travel and very limited international air travel. Food stores are still open and retail serving basic needs doctors, food suppliers, etc. Life is moving on here. Have talked to my friends in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, all are working through the current issues. Once the virus is over Asia will be back again strong and ready to welcome tourist again.
  6. Had two cruises book that are effected here. We took Option 1 for many reasons. First we have 3 more cruises with Princess already booked over the next two years. Second want to support Princess and leave the cash with them. We understand cash flow the problems they have now. Third Princess (CCL) is not going to go bankrupt, they are in the best position of the big three, they have the lowest debt and the best ability to pay. I hold CCL stock have purchase a lot more shares over the last few weeks, strongly believe in the company. My stock is worth more per share than the current market prices. Princess will get through this and be stronger than ever. Look forward to many more years sailing with Princess Cruises.
  7. When you use FCD your deposit is always refundable, great to have them and use them when ever you book with Princess.
  8. Not true credit cards protect clients from merchants going bankrupt. You will get back the amount you charged on your credit card. https://www.mic.com/articles/182435/get-money-back-what-to-do-if-a-business-you-paid-goes-bankrupt-before-you-got-your-purchase
  9. Princess will find somewhere for you to dock and get you home. Have they told you already that the cruise will be refunded to you like all the other cruises that have ended early.
  10. Which means you would still book with Princess Cruise again. So When I posted "Every single reply says they will book Princess again." The statement was correct as you posted before my post. Booking newer Princess Ships is booking with Princess. Interestingly the oldest ship in the fleet the Sun Princess has the most experienced Princess Guests on it, the last cruise 1400 out of 2000 guests were Elite. So the most traveled guests on the line seem to be happy with the older ships. Thank you for supporting Princess Cruises
  11. Your travel agent seems to be giving you false information. Here is the letter I got for one of my two canceled cruises. Since it is being done by Princess, what your travel agent wants is meaningless. You can use the link in this letter to take you to the Princess site and anyone can cancel and select the option they want. Dear Todd, Recognizing our responsibility to our guests, our crew and the global community, and after very serious consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, Princess Cruises has made the difficult decision to voluntarily and temporarily pause our global ship operations for 60 days, effective immediately through May 11, 2020. While we know you were anticipating sailing with us, we apologize and sincerely share in your disappointment at hearing this news. Please watch this video I recorded last night which provides more information and the rationale behind the decision. This decision was not made easily, but following on the heels of the World Health Organization officially classifying the COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic, with the virus now present in almost 115 countries and regions, we felt it was our duty as a global partner. We hope you will stick with us by selecting Option 1, and give our team a chance to shine at a later date by transferring money paid and accepting a significantly higher value future cruise credit that can be used on any voyage through May 1, 2022. For some, choosing the future cruise credit may not be financially possible, so we have Option 2 that is a combination of a refund and future cruise credit at lower value. Your Departure Date In 2020 Option 1: Transfer Money Paid + Bonus Future Cruise Credit (higher value) Option 2: Refund + Future Cruise Credit (lower value) March 12 - March 25 225% future cruise credit 100% refund + 100% future cruise credit March 26 - April 8th 175% future cruise credit 100% refund + 50% future cruise credit April 9th – May 10th 150% future cruise credit 100% refund + 25% future cruise credit Please let us know your preference through this easy-to-use online form. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to welcoming you onboard. As we embark on the immense task to pause service of our fleet of 18 ships, our goal is to reset the environmental conditions onboard, incorporating all the learnings from the world’s public health experts like the World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We will also use this time to refocus our attention on providing the best service and experience possible for you. With your support, we will emerge from this time of trial even stronger. We look forward to serving you while connecting the world for years to come. Thank you for your understanding, patience and ongoing support. Sincerely, Jan Swartz President
  12. The Diamond Princess is a great ship it is not going anywhere. Princess is not going to cut back ships the demand on Princess ships has always been very strong. Some have suggested that Princess should long term park some ships. Sorry you do not long term pit assets worth 100's of millions into long term parking. All the ships will be back in service, it may take some tome to get the ships up to the sold out level Princess has been on but it will happen. In the meantime I think for the next 1 to 2 years we will see get deals on Princess Cruises. I'm looking forward to doing my 3 to 5 cruises per year with Princess, the ships crew and sailings are great and always will be.
  13. We always keep several FCD coupons on hand that way can book and hold any cruise regardless how long it takes Princess to process credits.
  14. Every single reply says they will book Princess again. I agree, we took a future cruise credit for our cancelled April Hawaii Cruise, have three more booked and 8 FTC $100 dollar coupons each. Also I have been buying and adding more Princess Stock, so I now have a great investment in the future of the company at a much lower price per share. it is a win for everyone all around.
  15. OP You need to get the message here, Virgin does not believe they need travel agents. No reason to pay agents who really add no value to a cruise, just give the guests a better product at a lower price, because of the savings of not paying travel agents. I happen to agree with this Travel Agents add nothing to Cruise Travel. But I do have several issues with the ship and what they have done. The standard cabins without real beds is a stupid choice of design. That in the standard cabins no double, queen or king size beds will hurt them, single beds only. The bathrooms are really small. I been on private boats under 50 feet in size that have bigger bathrooms, this is a big missing of the mark. And the ship has no pool, the little thing they are calling a pool would not even be considered a pool for a tiny private home. They did not use people who cruise when they designed the ship and made many errors that can be seen just from the PR information. The other mistakes will not be known after a cruise. I do find the pricing to be reasonable considering all the things included.
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