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  1. Expat Cruise

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    The problem is only Hong Kong & Macau are visa free. You can do a guide day trip to main China but only covers one day. The protesters really do not want to interact with Foreign Nationals. I was in Hong Kong last week came came across a wall of protester. I was wearing very popular red hat, they saw the hat and broken the line and allowed me to past. No issues. Hong Kong Protesters are carrying American Flags they love the Untied States.
  2. Expat Cruise

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Another option for you would be to stay in Macau. And then take the high speed ferry from Macau to Hong Kong Island. Just a short trip to the cruise terminal by taxi. This is not the SkyPier Ferry Terminal.
  3. Very much worth doing will be on a sea day in the morning. Limited to about 15 total guests. Some nice pictures, robe and other gifts, worth more than the $150.00 charged.
  4. The best way is the MRT system, but you need to know which of the two cruise terminals you will be using. Princess uses both of them. The MRT does not have a stop at the terminal but the stops are fairly close to both terminals.
  5. Mid ship lowest deck and inside cabin on the center line of the ship will give you the least amount of movement. But going to a lower deck can give you more engine and equipment noise. Deck 9 is mid ship and two decks down so less movement. But for most cruises you will not notice the difference.
  6. We saw them at the Royal Melbourne Zoo and in Sydney at Taronga Zoo.
  7. You are correct but many people who get sick on cruise ships is from food poisoning. Also if your system is weaken by Bacteria you are more likely to get virus. The CDC has very good information for those interested. https://www.cdc.gov/norovirus/index.html The three main ways to spread and all can happen on cruise ships. Having direct contact with an infected person Consuming contaminated food or water Touching contaminated surfaces then putting your unwashed hands in your mouth
  8. Really blame the training? How much training does it take to tell people you must log in and log out of your shift. They also sign a terms & conditions of work that tell them they can be terminated for not logging in and out... And they still cannot understand or remember to do so. The truth is you can offer all the training you want the education levels are so low very hard to train even for simple things. So I'm absolutely must have not understanding of food safety... Why would I stop cruising I do not get sick I have all these third world bacteria in my system and can tolerate them? I go to Bali and I'm fine you go and you get Bali Belly.... In 40 years and almost 90 cruises never have had food poisoning on a cruise.
  9. The cruise lines only report if they hit the legal limit.....Anything under this limited is not reported. I think you will find these issues on all ships but most of the time they have them under control. Really want to talk about crew training before the being on the ship.... it is a joke. Lets talk about the Philippines because most crew members come from here. It is easy to get the paperwork for this training. Even if they go to the training it takes much more than a class to train people here. I'm involved in a business here that hires many workers, we are able to terminate about 1/3 of them within the first month because they cannot even get the idea of clocking in and out of work down. A full 1/3 cannot remember to punch a time clock.... you really think they understand food safety? Sorry that is a dream world. Yes some comes on with the guests but the main place for these issues I believe is with the crew.
  10. I'm sorry but I see this another way, I really do not believe it is on the passengers, I believe it starts with the crew. You really need to understand most crew members come from third world countries and have no idea about food safety until they start working for the cruise line. I see this everyday, go to the local markets in the Philippines and you find fresh meat and fish out in the open, no refrigeration, no packaging just laid in bins. Most family do not even understand refrigeration, leaving cook foods out at room temperature to eat later. So it becomes very hard to train people to change what they have been doing their whole life. Add in a new ship with new crew and limited training on the ship and these outbreaks happen. Having spent the last 20 years outside the United States, most of that time in third world countries.....what my friends visiting cannot eat I seem to have no issues with. Most travelers are exposed to bacteria that is foreign to their systems. This is one of the leading reasons people get sick. The bottom line is if you travel , you may have these issues with gastrointestinal illness. You need to be prepared. We travel with a complete personal pharmacy, drugs for almost anything that could come up during the cruise. (All legal with a visit to the doctors office first).
  11. Sorry but your information is wrong this cruise was booked less than 30 days ago. Princess does not have a fixed policy of 90 days for final deposits. It is 75 to 120 days depending upon the length of the cruise. Cruises of 5 days or less final payment 75 days before, 6 to 24 day cruises final payment 90 days before, cruises 25 days or more final payment 120 days before. many guests think it is 90 days because they take cruises which fall in the 90 day window. But if they believe it is always 90 days they will be wrong.
  12. We had the Pub Lunch two times on the Sun Princess (18 Day Cruise) it was not in Wheelhouse but in the Main Dinning Room. IMO it was among the worst meals offered for lunch in the MDR. Not a meal we look forward too.
  13. You should just select anytime dinning. That allows you to eat when you want. On port days many people will want to eat late those with anytime dinning will be place in front of early dinning that missed their time period. On our cruises we have never seen only anytime dinning on Princess, always also have fixed times.
  14. Welcome to the site. You do know you can also bring soda on the ship. We have found even allowed at port calls, never had a issue. If you drink a lot of soda consider the soda package about $12 dollars per day..... it does not cover cans but unlimited from any outlet on the ship. We order one or two 12 packs of water and then fill the bottles with soda for drinking in the room.
  15. If you want to book before you are on the cruise yes. But once on the cruise you can book anytime if space open.
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