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  1. Followed this thread for a couple of years now and I'm sorry but I really don't get it. These blocks are really nothing, if you travel through Mainland China you will find them in many markets. The prices are several dollars, the shipping will cost more than the blocks. Can also be found on sites like eBay at higher pricing. When eBay has been suggested. The main reply to that was we don't want to buy them we want to trade them. But either way buy or trade you really have not earned them so what is the real point here? If it is about having all the ships you have sailed on, then you can just buy them. If it is about earning them, trading is not earning them, it seems to be a cheat? Really not looking to flame or start a issue just the whole Psychology of this thread makes for interesting reading.
  2. Expat Cruise

    Singapore Port

    Most ships use the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, which really has very little around it. A short walk to the MRT and you can access anywhere in Singapore. But maybe a better choice would be to check out of your hotel and have them hold your bags, go site seeing and then return pic up bags and take a taxi to the port.
  3. Expat Cruise


    Have flown them Business Class, it was a good trip. Not up to the standards of lines like Singapore Air, Emirates Air Line, Cathay Pacific, etc but would used them again. They seem to have great deals on Business Class Tickets.
  4. Yes Pattaya is known around the World as the number one destination for Sex Tourist..... And if you go to Pattaya you will find 100's of clubs and bars with very friendly workers..... But the city is much more than just the bars and sex. The Island just off the city is a great day trip, good cheap ferry service. The city has wonderful food and great shopping. If you are looking to purchase gold Thai Gold Jewelry (Baht Gold) is 23kt and priced within 5 to 10% of the melt down value. Great place for clothes shopping, custom suits and values in the markets. The beach is the heart of the city with a walk along it. The "adult fun" is around in many areas but "Walking Street" at night is the heart of these activities, so not really a family place on Walking Street at night. But still you will see many families. If you want a better beach without the "adult fun) go three km south to Jomtien Beach. it is a nice beach without all the added outside factors. I lived in Thailand for about 8 years from 2001, it is a country that is very friendly. Bangkok is worth seeing but heading south of the port to Pattaya or Jomtien Beach is worth consideration.
  5. Was just in Japan, only for a half of day, but had no issues. Lots of ATM machines so could get yen and everyplace seemed to be happy with credit cards. I would not exchanged at a US bank as the rate will be poor.
  6. Expat Cruise

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    I agree I am in Hong Kong about every two months. 5 to 7 times a year for the last 10 years. Have notice changes and right now yes some issues but still very safe. Street crime is low in the city, I have always felt safe, will be back in a few weeks and have no issues, just aware of the protest and stay away from them. On a positive note have talked with several suppliers in the city and all very willing to make deals now becasue business is down. One supplier I know in the Jade Market is selling at about 35 to 40% less than his normal high season prices. He has half the customers so is trying to do volume. It is a buyers market.
  7. Have done both several times, Hong Kong is one of our regular get away spots, with a trip about every two months. My choice would be Macau much more to see and do, the Island is nice but many Buddha in Asia. You do need your passport as it is a special zone like Hong Kong.
  8. Expat Cruise

    Phu My port

    Have done a Phu My port stop on three different cruises over the last year. Walking was not allowed on any of the three. They had shuttle buses to take you from the ship to the gate. A few people tired to walk and security turned them around.
  9. From March 2019 Sun Princess Robe, BBQ Apron, Picture Frame, Pictures, 2 Princess Bags, Note Pad, Princess Pen. Since it was a Australian Currency cruise we paid in AUD at $175 each, (USD$123) so better deal than the US Currency cruises at USD$150.00
  10. I agree the other factors are important...... But buying with the OBC is another value that is added to the overall investment. It really should be looked at, for tax year 2018 my return was over 12.8 percent between dividends and OBC, so the OBC is a important part of the overall stock value.
  11. Anyone else looking at the price of the stock? It has fallen since the beginning of the year. not sure how much lower it will go but it makes the stock ownership credit look even better. Added to the fact that the stock pays a good dividend at about $2.00 per share or 4.3% return. So the 100 shares required for the OBC is under $5000 dollars. If you take a couple of cruises a year your return on investment will be over 10% total. (dividend plus OBC). We have used the program for years and saved a lot of money on our cruises. The market analyst are down on the company now but long term it seems like it is still a great move for those cruising, with the company. https://www.nasdaq.com/article/heres-why-investors-should-steer-clear-of-carnival-ccl-cm1168991
  12. That is like when you are stopped for speeding saying I was just doing the normal flow rate of traffic. You still get the ticket. It is fraud, even if you are not caught. Selling integrity & honor for a the price of a coffee card is not something most would do.
  13. Pattaya is only 30 minutes away from the port, your times are not correct. It is only about 25 kms from the port to Pattaya. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is another option if you do not want to go far, it is about 30 minutes east of the port. Has one of the largest collections of tigers in the World. It is a breeding center for tigers. Many large areas with tigers and other animals.
  14. Used my cards without a pin for purchases in March. Really no issues. One shop declined a card for under $20.00 three hours later I charged about $1500 on the same card no issues, so you should have more than one card.
  15. Yes you can bring soda on the ships, they really did not seem to care. The soda package was about AUD $8 per day and the internet was about AUD$20 per day. These prices are from a March 2019 Cruise.
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