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  1. Yes you could be correct but if you take this report and the video here it starts to look more and more likely what has happen.
  2. Yes you are correct. But in this case it is like the ship is under arrest. And while the Captain could go to sea and just leave under the law he really cannot. Japan can revoke the docking and transferring through it waters, they can also issue a arrest warrant for the Captain if he does not follow what they say. So while he can he can't in this case.
  3. This link may explain part of the reason we are here now. Here is part of that news report from the 11th of February 8 days after the start of the quarantine. And with only 135 positive. "Within the Japanese government, debate continues over whether to put valuable resources toward screening everyone on board the ship, diminishing its ability to deal with future outbreaks." Seems clear they made choices about testing to save the resources they had. They did not want to spend the money and use the test kits. They wanted to save for Japan. https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/02/00ff9a937d41-focus-japan-torn-over-whether-to-test-all-on-cruise-ship-for-coronavirus.html
  4. Princess Cruises is my first choice for cruising, I was on the Sapphire in January, will be on the Emerald in April and if it is still sailing the Diamond Princess for Christmas here in Asia, I'm not happy because this has effect not only guests and crew but also friends on mine on the ship. David Abel is a friend of mine and we have talked up until today, I know he will pull through this with his wife. It is very strange that they are sending him to a place with no internet or outside contract. it really seems like Japan wants David and Sally to stop reporting to the World. It is also clear the quarantine on the ship was a total failure, in fact the ship seems to have spread this virus. So far less than half the guests have been tested, if the infection rate holds better than 50% of the ship would be infected. right now it is over 28% of the complete tests are positive. I hope to get more information if David's phone is working or he gets a Japan prepaid phone to use. Thant is the sad bad news...How about some good news? Do people remember the Honeymoon Couple David and Sally talked about.. Alan & Wendy Steele? Alan who is young just about 59 tested positive a few days into the quarantine on the ship. But had no signs, he was sent to the hospital, and retested many times. His wife Wendy was left alone in the Cabin. Alan was told today a few hours ago (Now 10:30 pm Tuesday in Japan) that he will be released from the Hospital tomorrow and he is free. Wendy was just tested about 12 hours ago and it will take a couple of days to know if she is virus free. I do not understand why they (Japan) waited almost two weeks to test her? seems crazy to me. Hoping her tests is clean and she can go home. Have talked to Alan several times over the last few hours he is very happy and will go to a hotel near the port. His first stop will be McDonald's as he hates the local hospital food he was served. Several of them around the port so he will be happy. It is good news he is cleared, bad news is he will miss the UK flight home as it should leave before Wendy is cleared. So again yes sad that David & sally are positive but I know they will be fine. Happy that Allan and Wendy are one step closer to this being over and done.
  5. Sorry your cruise was cancelled but really for the best in my honest opinion. The Sapphire is a great ship we were on her in January just as this all started to break. I do home the coronavirus does not turn you off to cruising Asia in the future. it really is a wonderful part of the World.
  6. Expat Cruise

    Vietnam Visa

    The ships do not operate as US Companies, the Corporations conduct all business outside the US System and therefore play almost no US Taxes... If anything the cruises lines are anti American at their core.
  7. It will take you about 3 1/2 hours by car to get to Bataan from Manila. From Bataan you can take a small boat to the Island. You can also take a ferry from the Port of Manila to Corregidor Island which is about 2 1/2 hours transit time. From Corregidor to the mainland Battaan is a short trip. Because of transit times better to stay off the ship in Bataan. My wife is from Bataan, the Bataan Port is about 90 minutes away from our house. You may also want to consider spending the night in Subic Bay, several nice beach hotels. Here is a local company you can look at. https://traveltales.ph/destinations/corregidor
  8. Here is the notice from Princess Cruises Updated February 4, 2020 at 4:30 PM PT Confirmed cases of Coronavirus on Diamond Princess Princess Cruises can confirm that the first phase of health screening of all guests and crew onboard Diamond Princess, by the Japanese Ministry of Health, has been completed. We were notified that amongst the samples that have completed testing, 10 people have tested positive for Coronavirus. These 10 persons, who have been notified, will be taken ashore by Japanese Coast Guard watercraft and transported to local hospitals for care by shoreside Japanese medical professionals. It has been confirmed that the ship will remain under quarantine in Yokohama. The length of the quarantine will be at least 14 days as required by the Ministry of Health. The ship plans to go out to sea to perform normal marine operations including, but not limited to, the production of fresh water and ballast operations before proceeding alongside in Yokohama where food, provisions, and other supplies will be brought onboard. Guests will continue to be provided complimentary internet and telephone to use in order to stay in contact with their family and loved ones, and the ship’s crew is working to keep all guests comfortable. Princess Cruises will continue to fully cooperate with and follow the instructions of global medical authorities and the Japanese government. We will also be cancelling the next two Diamond Princess cruises departing Yokohama (Feb 4 and Feb 12) and will begin notifying guests today. Princess Cruises confirms there are 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew currently onboard covering a range of nationalities. Approximately half the guests onboard are from Japan. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/diamond-princess-update.html
  9. Yes I knew it was cancelled the 24 hour delay I was talking about was the passengers leaving the ship. I should have been clearer, my bad..... This has create big problems many of those on the ship have missed flights home. And most of the passengers from America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand would have already been in transit to the ship for the next cruise. This is going to get much worst before it gets better. I'm concerned about our Hawaii Cruise in April..... will we be able to even fly from the Philippines to Los Angeles..... A single short cancelled cruise (5 to 7 days) costs the cruise line in revenue 3 to 4 million dollars. Countries are closing borders without notice. The Philippines within the last 24 hours banned travel from Hong Kong and Macau, Mainland has been banned already. Other countries are putting their heads in the sand, in Cambodia the PM Issues a statement saying he would throw anyone wearing a masks in public out of the country. Lots of false information around the only thing I see happening for sure is more and more cases. China just built several new hospitals... 10 days from ground breaking to open. This is real and very few firm answers available today.
  10. Late night your choices are limited. International Cafe will have salads, soup, and sandwiches, also desserts. Around 4:00 am they will change over to breakfast mode with muffins and danish and egg sandwiches, this last until about 9 am in the morning. On most cruises we keep fruit, cookies, breads in our cabin. Bring zip lock bags from home is a big help. My wife has taken cold cuts and cheese from the buffet to make sandwiches during the night.
  11. Here is the notice from Princess Cruises about the Diamond Princess. Which was held for 24 hours in quarantine during a 24 hour turn around. Updated February 4, 2020 YOKOHAMA, Japan (Feb 4, 2020 GMT+9) - Princess Cruises has confirmed the turnaround of Diamond Princess has been delayed for approximately 24 hours to allow Japan public health authorities the opportunity to review the health status of all guests and crew on board. On the previous voyage, a guest from Hong Kong, embarked in Yokohama on January 20, sailed one segment of the itinerary, and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25. He visited a local Hong Kong hospital, six days after leaving the ship, where he later tested positive for coronavirus on February 1. While on the ship he did not visit the ship’s medical centre to report any symptoms or illness. The hospital reports that he is in stable condition and the family members traveling with him remain symptom-free. The safety, security and well-being of all guests and crew is our absolute priority. The review of the arriving guests and crew, by Japanese health authorities, is standard practice after a guest tested positive for coronavirus and we are working closely with the local authorities to provide detailed records to facilitate their review. Diamond Princess arrived in Yokohama early from a 14-day round trip itinerary, which departed from Yokohama (Tokyo) on January 20 and was scheduled to return on February 4. There are 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew on board.  We will provide a further update once we have more information.  https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/diamond-princess-update.html
  12. You should come into Pier 15 or the Pier next to it, Pier 4 is for the local ferry services. I do not believe they are setup for customs at pier 4. In any case they are less than 1.5 miles apart 2.7 Km. From Pier 15 Fort Santigago is a 1.2 km or a 10 minute taxi or 15 to 20 minute walk. From the Fort to Manila Cathedral is only about 500 meters. A tour is not needed you can do this on your own, English is the common langue in Manila so no issues with that, it is a fairly safe area as long as you do not wear lots of jewelry and flash cash. Prices are in pesos but many exchanges both at the port and along the way, also ATM machines, to take pesos. My wife and I live about 2 hours north of Manila I know the area well she knows it very well if you have other questions.
  13. Sorry but not a recommendation... observe the dress code seems to be be very clear. Does not say we suggest says "When formal nights are held, please observe the dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all our guests." Not your choice to change the rules because you do not like them. Formal When formal nights are held, please observe the dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all our guests. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses for women Tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits with a tie for men
  14. Sorry but it is not a suggestion it is a dress code. When you see a sign on a door and it says crew only is that a suggestion or a statement of the rule ? The bridge says authorized personal only can the guest just decide they don't want to follow that rule and storm the bridge? The answer to all these including the dress code is they are the rules. As I already said the only question is does Princess and the crew have the backbone and integrity to follow their own rules.
  15. Most of the time the crew lacks the backbone to enforce the dress code which has not changed. It is now more about you as a guest do you want to respect others on the ship and follow the rules, or do you feel you are somehow special and the rules don't apply to you? The choice is yours but understand sometimes Princess crews have a backbone and enforce the rules I have seen smart casual turned away on Princess cruises within the last year. The formal night dress code is not a suggestion or recommendation, it is the rule on the ships. Princess makes it easy to know what to pack and what to wear when you’re dining onboard our spectacular ships. There are two designations for dress codes: Smart Casual and Formal. Smart Casual Guest attire should be in keeping with what they would wear to a nice restaurant at home. Skirts/dresses, slacks, and sweaters for ladies Pants and open-neck shirts for men Dinner wear such as pool or beach attire, shorts, ball caps and casual jeans (with fraying and/or holes) are not welcomed in the dining rooms. Shoes must be worn. Formal When formal nights are held, please observe the dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all our guests. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses for women Tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits with a tie for men
  16. Pattaya is a ghost town now. just spoke to a friend who lives on Pattaya Beach. He said the Chinese have left and tourism is down by 90%. From the live phone video I saw reminded me of Pattaya in 2001 after 9-11. If this keeps up some great deals will be offered.
  17. The city has changed over the last couple of years today it is a massive building site the Chinese have come in and are building many casinos and resorts. The local population was thrown of the land and most local business closed. So not a lot to see or do here. I'm involved with a school in Sihanoukville step up by a Expat NGO group. The locals in the area live on less than single US Dollar a day. It is a very poor area. Here is a link to Shine if interest in a real look at local life here. Our small school is now taking care of 150 children every day. https://shinecambodia.org/ The Tuk-Tuk are very comfortable and will sit up to 4 people they are a great way to see the country side. Pricing is in US Dollars, a short ride a mile or so should be $1 to $2 max. A longer rental for touring around should be $10 to $15 dollars for the day, 6 to 8 hours. Many drivers will try to get more but you really should not pay it. Paying more will in fact result in not getting as good of tour. If you are really happy with the driver give him a tip at the end. Also if you stop for lunch you should offer lunch to the driver. The food is wonderful in Cambodia and very cheap. Even in Phnom Penh in December (Most Expensive In Country) my wife and I would eat full meals for under $15 dollars total. Boutum Sakor National Park is to far away in my opinion it will take 2 1/2 hours by car each way. Ream National Park is about 18 KM 12 miles away, it will take about a hour to get to it, that is a option. The country side is well worth seeing.
  18. I'm in SE Asia (Philippines) and getting information local information. A couple of cruise ships have tried to make port calls here from China and not allowed into the ports. The national air carrier and several other regional airlines have stopped flying to Mainland China. I flew from Singapore on January 21st and already several red flags raised but very little really done. Base upon what I have seen thousands of people have traveled through the area already, many before the outbreak was known. China is building new hospital in record breaking time, 10 days from ground breaking to open for the sick. The WHO believes it will take until May for this to peak. So it will affected all travel in SE Asia, air & cruise. I already have rebooked my flight to Los Angeles for a April Cruise. Was traveling through China, now will go direct Manila to LAX. The next month will be very telling.
  19. The prices being quoted at the port are Falang pricing. More than double what they should be. I still have some Real Estate interest in Pattaya (30 minutes south of the port). So I make a coupler of trips a year to the area. The Pattaya to Bangkok prices offered by many taxi car services are much lower than what has been post. If I was coming to the port I would setup a car from Pattaya. The costs Pattaya to Bangkok should be about 1300 Thai Baht ( about USD$42 dollars) and the same or even a little less for a port pickup. And really no reason to keep the taxi all day, very easy to get a taxi in Bangkok for the return trip. One sevice I have used is https://pttaxiservice.com/ out of Pattaya.
  20. You need to understand that while the daily menus may change. The overall stock of food and supplies takes much longer. Having talked to mangers and done Ship Tours, I was told that they order the food and supplies for the ships 6 to 8 months in advance. This does not count local fresh items, like fruits and vegetables. The restocking of the ships is set this far out. The same beef used in Miami is used in Australia. So product has to be order and placed into shipping containers and then shipped around the world to many ports for restocking. Therefore it does not seem possible to change menus based on comment cards. The amount of port, beef, chicken, etc that will be on the ship is preset almost a year before the sailing of your cruise. It is really a whole separate business keeping Princess ships stocked for the guests. With changes needed to be made a year or more in advance from the Corporate level to the ships cruises. The menus are also adjusted for seasons and the market the ship is sailing in. The number of whole turkeys on ships for a Thanksgiving or Christmas cruise is very different than a July 4 cruise. A item can be change on the menu IE one chicken dish for another, but they cannot say stop chicken and switch to beef.
  21. PRINCESS CRUISES CAPTAINS LIST: as of 02/01/2020 Dates include specific sailing dates or end dates unless not specifically deduced. CHANGES SUMMARY: SHIP CAPTAIN Caribbean Princess Marco Fortezze (as of 11/6/2019 sailing) Coral Princess Dariusz Balana (as of 10/18/2019 sailing) Todd McBain (returns this winter before last Antarctica cruise) Crown Princess Domenico Lubrano Lavadera (until at least 2/2020) Diamond Princess Gennaro Arma (as of 9/2019) Emerald Princess Martin Stenzel (confirmed through 4-29-20) Enchanted Princess Nick Nash and Gennaro Arma (beginning 6/2020) Golden Princess Aldo Traverso (as of 9/25/2019 sailing) Grand Princess John Harry Smith (as of 10/13/2019 sailing) Island Princess David Galloway (as of 10/17/2019 sailing) Majestic Princess Dino Sagani (contract began 10/18/2019 sailing) Pacific Princess Andrea Spinardi (as of 11/11/2019 sailing) Regal Princess Fabrizio Maresca (until 2/2020) Tim Stringer (returns 2/2020) Royal Princess Tony Draper (as of 10/26/2019 sailing) Ruby Princess Steven Lewis (as of 11/22/2019 sailing) Sapphire Princess Paolo Ravera (as of 10/19/2019 sailing) Paul Slight (as of January 1, 2020) Sea Princess Tony Ruggero (as of 11/3/2019 sailing) Sky Princess Heikki Laakkonen (until 12/7/2019) and Michele Tuvo (officially 12/7/2019 [source] // unofficially 11/21/2019) Star Princess Mariano Manfuso (as of 11/4/2019 sailing) Sun Princess William (Bill) Kent (as of 10/17/2019 sailing) TO UPDATE THIS LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including the above headings AND these instructions, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click the "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes.
  22. Have used Phamtours.com for this port. Because it is a cargo port and nothing here, no taxis, stores, phones, etc, it is about 8 KM to the closest town. HCMC is about 90 minutes away, so you really need a tour pre booked if you plan to go to HCMC. Pham offer a complete tour including Driver & Guide, all admissions, Lunch, Tri-Shaw rides, Rex Hotel rooftop coffee stop, War Museum, Local History, Shopping. At $60 per person, no deposits required it is a great tour. Email for Pham phamtoursvietnam@gmail.com
  23. The cruise line association issued the following: "Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) pledged that its members will deny boarding to anyone who has traveled through mainland China in the past two weeks, in addition to other precautions." https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/01/31/cruise-ships-deny-boarding-anyone-who-has-been-china-recently/4622855002/
  24. Have done Nha Trang as a port stop 5 times in the last two years. It is a very nice port for several reasons. 1) Walk out of the port and you are in the business area, taxis, tours etc, and many business at the port. 2) Really nice beaches a short walk or taxi ride away. 3) Many things to see around the city and just outside of it. 4) Great Waterfalls, springs and private baths and spas are all around. 5) Lots of local history and easy to get around 6) A nice Fishing Village and several interesting temples. 7) Private Resort Island with it own Sky Tram is close to the cruise port. 😎 Great Shopping for not only low cost items but high quality art About visas: Princess charges $56.00 to process a visa on the ship. It is much cheaper to apply online for your own e-visa at $25.00 dollars. Takes about three days you will find many agencies who will process visas but I would only recommend going through the official Vietnam Government site. https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/trang-chu-ttdt note the gov.vn in the web address only the Government of Vietnam can use this, many claim to be official, approved, etc, all the others are agents. Tours: You can book with the cruise line but it is costly, and bigger buses, or you can just walk out and hire one of the waiting drivers. I would recommend using a official license tour company. With insurance, bonded, and real guides. We have done many tours with Phamtours.com email phamtoursvietnam@gmail.com Dung Pham is a very good operator and provides many different complete tours. His very popular all day cruise tour ship tour is Only $60.00 includes, a complete tour with several stops, a riverboat tour, a great lunch, drinks, and a English speaking guide with you from start to finish. Also small tour size limited to 10 guests, he may have several tours running from the ship but keeps each group small with its own van, driver and guide. A great way to see Nha Trang
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