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  1. Re-booked a Hawaii April 2020 cruise under the new sale. The bottom line after taking into account the old -package vs the new sale saved about 13.5% from my current booking. Also able to upgrade the cabin so a win win.
  2. Yes you do need to inform Princess but not before the cruise you need to give Guest Services a photo copy of your visa. You should also keep one for yourself. That said you also need to check your room account and make sure you are not charged. My wife is visa exempt, because in Asia she travels on Philippines Passport.... so not visa required for Vietnam. But princess did add the visa fee to my room account once. It was taken off when I pointed it out.
  3. I'm sorry but Princess is giving you false information, or mis leading information. You have every legal right to get your own visa, I have done this 3 times in the last two years with Princess. If you already have a visa you will not be charged. The Princess Representative you were talking to was reading from a script. "cruise line will issue the Vietnam Visa for $56 for every cruiser unless informed not needed." It sounds like you need to go through Princess but you do not, it is not needed if you already have the visa. Do you want to believe a worker who has never been on a cruise, or get information from Princess Cruises done this year? Anyone can get a e-visa and use it and save money.
  4. You really do not have a lot of time. If you drop the bags it is 15 to 25 minutes to get to the main area of Boston IE Quincy Market Area, and then the same back, So maybe Drop the bags and stay in South Boston for a nice breakfast on the waterfront.
  5. Yes it is I grew up in Boston, went to college and worked around Boston. But when I went back and it was my wife's first visit I used this hop on hop off service. You should get off at the Old Charlestown Navy Yard, and view the USS Constitution, also should stop at Faneuil Hall Quincy Market, at the back side of Faneuil Hall is State Street and the Old State House. If you have time a stop at Boston Common / Boston Public Gardens is worth the time. If you want is is less than a 10 minute walk from Boston Common to Faneuil Hall Quincy Market. Also to get back to the ship you could take the Boston Water Taxi Service, would give you a nice look at the inter harbor. Boston is a great place to visit but you do have limited time with just a Port Stop. Enjoy your trip.
  6. Really it is a 3 minute walk located on the pier, less than 600 feet. How can you say the EDCI Lot is not a official lot? Drop the bags on the east side of the pier, park on the right side and walk 3 minutes. Really hate all the mis information that seems to be blindly posted to the internet from 12 Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02210, USA to Raymond L. Flynn Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, 1 Black Falcon Ave, Boston, MA 02210, USA 3 min (0.1 mile) via Design Center Pl and Black Falcon Ave Mostly flat Use caution–walking directions may not always reflect real-world conditions 12 Drydock Ave Boston, MA 02210, USA Head west on Drydock Ave toward Design Center Pl 49 ft Turn left onto Design Center Pl 285 ft Turn left onto Black Falcon Ave Destination will be on the right 338 ft Raymond L. Flynn Black Falcon Cruise Terminal 1 Black Falcon Ave, Boston, MA 02210, USA
  7. Expat Cruise

    Hong Kong

    If you are in Central (Business Area) or Kowloon you will not find them, if you go to the New Territories in the woods and the freshwater wetlands you can find them. Overall not a problem in Hong Kong.
  8. In Portland my choice for Maine Sea Food would be Gilbert's Chowder House located on the harbor at 92 Commercial Street. The food is very good here, you can get a traditional Lobster Roll or a BLT Lobster Roll. The whole fried clams and clam chowder are about the best you will find.
  9. No if you are on a Medallion Ship the coffee card, drink Packages, etc are on the Medallion. If a regular ship they are on your room pass card. No more extra cards or stickers all done within the system.
  10. You can get on Cityview Trolley Tours at any point on the loop. The drop off pick up point for State Street is in front of the OLD STATE HOUSE, the MBTA (Metro System) stop for State Street is the Blue Line and located under the Old State House. They also have a South Station Stop and one on the waterfront, next to the Marriott Long Wharf and New England Aquarium. Have done the tour a few times because easy way to get around..... truth be told no one ever asked us to even see tickets, and when on the tour I watch the people coming on, again none were even asked.
  11. Cruise Parking Complete Guide: Boston Cruise Port Parking & Hotels (updated 2019 Travel Season) GregSeptember 16, 2019 Ever since 2004, we have been helping passengers in finding secure parking options that meet any requirements. Thanks to our 15-year experience, we have made a parking reservation process so simple that you can reserve a discounted Boston Cruise parking spot online within minutes! We offer you clear and upfront pricing, reviews, and guides on how and where to park or stay for Boston Cruiseport. Raymond L. Flynn Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is a popular Boston’s port visited by half a million passengers each year from April to November. If you plan a cruise from this port and want to leave your car there during that time, knowing what to expect will save you a lot of time. So, we will provide an extensive list of everything you need to know about Boston Cruise Parking and the port itself. Boston CruisePort has a great location – you can find interesting museums, cool restaurants, and a few breweries in the area. Downtown Boston is also very close, and the city center is less than 2 miles away from the port. Therefore, if you get to the port earlier, you can use your spare time and check out some of these interesting places nearby. The closest airport to the Boston Port is Boston Logan International Airport – it is a 10-minute drive away. The fastest transfer between Logan Airport and CruisePort is a water taxi. Note that you should arrive at least two hours before departure. That way, you will have enough time to park your car, board a free shuttle, and go through security. Boston Cruise Parking Boston Black Falcon Cruise Terminal offers safe and close-in parking, and you can choose between uncovered and covered parking structures. Parking rates depend on a parking option, but you can see below that there is no great difference in daily prices. After dropping your luggage, head to one of the following parking facilities: The C1 Parking Lot is situated on Terminal Street. It is uncovered parking structure with no height restrictions, so it is great for oversized vehicles as well. All parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. However, if this lot is full, you will be directed to the EDIC parking garage. The parking rate for ticketed cruise passengers at the C1 Lot is $20 per day. Flynn Cruiseport Parking Lot is available only if you make a parking reservation in advance. It is located at 501 Congress Street, just across from Waterside Place. Free shuttles frequently run between the parking lot and the terminal. The daily parking rate is $21. The EDIC Garage (Economic Development Industrial Corporation) is a more convenient parking facility located at 12 Dry Dock Avenue. This garage parking is very close to the terminal and provides many covered parking spots. All parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Parking costs $25 per day. Parking Option Daily Rate Weekly Rate 10 to 14-Day Rate C1 Parking Lot $20 $140 $200 Flynn Cruiseport Parking Lot $21 $147 $210 EDIC Garage $25 $170 $200
  12. The single entry visa covers you for all your time in Vietnam, you will list your first port as the entry port and the last port is the exit port. Note: Phu My is not listed in the seaports, it is covered under HCMC Seaport, several ports are used including Phu My. Also be sure to select the start date, visa is good for entry anytime from the start day for 30 days. If you do not select a start date the system will select today as the start date. Yes I have been to Cambodia but not with Princess. If I fly or drive in I just get the visa at the airport or border. but you can get a e-visa again from the real Government site it is $37.00 dollars, valid to enter for 6 months and stay up to 30 days. The web site is https://www.evisa.gov.kh/
  13. At any port any bag or person is subject to search and check, so the answer is anyone can be checked at anytime without reason.
  14. Yes you are correct no "official" Captains Table on Princess. But anytime the Captain dines in any restaurant on the ship his table is the Captains Table. Most of the time you do not see Princess Captains dinning in the Main Dinning room, have seen them in the Buffet restaurant. So yes no traditional captains tables on Princess Cruises.
  15. Yes on the TV you can get the Bridge Cam, it is from the bridge and the view is straight over the bow. Have been on the Sun many times and used it. Here is a link to the Sun Bridge cam https://www.princess.com/bridgecams/?shipCode=SP Also it should be noted on the Sun Princess Deck 11 & Deck 10 you have two open deck areas that run under the Bridge, most people do not know about them so almost never used. Located at the end of the passenger hallways. Was on Deck 10 for a sail out from Sydney, while deck 14 was packed deck 10 had only 4 guest using this area.
  16. Sorry but guest cannot win this one. The official line will be we advertised and gave notice to everyone. You need to talk to Customer Service (On Land) and then they will tell you the same thing. So then left with two options, credit card chargeback, very had to win in this case, or arbitration as stated in the cruise contract. And good luck it you try that route. Because regardless of what anyone was told the terms & conditions of the cards allow it. Terms and Conditions Princess Cruises may modify, amend or update these terms and conditions of our beverage packages / offers at any time with or without notice to guests. The terms and conditions as published on princess.com on the date of sailing will apply, in addition to the terms and conditions of the passage contract. Not all exclusions or limitations can be foreseen or published here and may exist or be implemented with or without notice. By purchasing a coffee package, you agree to these and all future terms and conditions. https://book.princess.com/cruisepersonalizer/onboard/viewservicelisting.page?service=beverages&items=0535,0532,0540,2314,2316,0482,0481,0496,0497,0498,0499,0480
  17. it is the same visa, a single entry visa. The visa issued by the ships is a group visa, the government charges the ship $6.00 per person plus port fees. If you are not staying on the ship overnight, extra accounting is required, which means more work for the ship. When you are on a ship's group visa the ship is responsible. Much better to just apply for your own visa directly online and pay $25 dollars, that way you are in control. But you still will pay the port charges, $3 to $5 dollars depending upon the port.
  18. The OP was asking about Princess Cruise. My wife & I have done 3 Princess Cruises with Vietnam port stops in the last two years. Princess will process your visa even if you are on a independent tour. The price was USD$33 dollars with port fee or AUD$55 dollars with port fee depending upon the cruise. The visa they provide is good for all ports. If you are planing upon leaving the ship overnight and or rejoining at another Vietnam port Princess says you need a regular visa (Single Entry). You can get this Visa directly from the Government or if you type in Vietnam Visa to a Google search, you will get hundreds of agencies many trying to look like Official Vietnam Government Visa Offices. They are not and based upon living the last 20 years in SE Asia I would say do not use them. If you want a e-visa it is easy to do takes about three days and costs USD$25.00 dollars. The only site anyone should use is The National Web Portal on Immigration Here is the home page link https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/home This above link is the home page the page to apply for a visa is a few links into the site here is that link. https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/khai-thi-thuc-dien-tu/cap-thi-thuc-dien-tu If you are on any site that does not have .gov.vn in the web address do not use it, you are dealing with a agent. I have done at least 15 visa for myself using this site. My last cruise at least 30 people in our roll call used this Government site and no issues; US, UK Canada, AU, and EU passports. No reason to overpay Princess for a visa. You can get your own and be all set. Once the email with the confirmation is sent make two copies one to give to Guest Services and one for your records. Have a great trip, have been on the Diamond Princess it is a nice ship.
  19. Expat Cruise

    Singapore Port

    Most ships use the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, which really has very little around it. A short walk to the MRT and you can access anywhere in Singapore. But maybe a better choice would be to check out of your hotel and have them hold your bags, go site seeing and then return pic up bags and take a taxi to the port.
  20. Expat Cruise


    Have flown them Business Class, it was a good trip. Not up to the standards of lines like Singapore Air, Emirates Air Line, Cathay Pacific, etc but would used them again. They seem to have great deals on Business Class Tickets.
  21. Yes Pattaya is known around the World as the number one destination for Sex Tourist..... And if you go to Pattaya you will find 100's of clubs and bars with very friendly workers..... But the city is much more than just the bars and sex. The Island just off the city is a great day trip, good cheap ferry service. The city has wonderful food and great shopping. If you are looking to purchase gold Thai Gold Jewelry (Baht Gold) is 23kt and priced within 5 to 10% of the melt down value. Great place for clothes shopping, custom suits and values in the markets. The beach is the heart of the city with a walk along it. The "adult fun" is around in many areas but "Walking Street" at night is the heart of these activities, so not really a family place on Walking Street at night. But still you will see many families. If you want a better beach without the "adult fun) go three km south to Jomtien Beach. it is a nice beach without all the added outside factors. I lived in Thailand for about 8 years from 2001, it is a country that is very friendly. Bangkok is worth seeing but heading south of the port to Pattaya or Jomtien Beach is worth consideration.
  22. Was just in Japan, only for a half of day, but had no issues. Lots of ATM machines so could get yen and everyplace seemed to be happy with credit cards. I would not exchanged at a US bank as the rate will be poor.
  23. Expat Cruise

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    I agree I am in Hong Kong about every two months. 5 to 7 times a year for the last 10 years. Have notice changes and right now yes some issues but still very safe. Street crime is low in the city, I have always felt safe, will be back in a few weeks and have no issues, just aware of the protest and stay away from them. On a positive note have talked with several suppliers in the city and all very willing to make deals now becasue business is down. One supplier I know in the Jade Market is selling at about 35 to 40% less than his normal high season prices. He has half the customers so is trying to do volume. It is a buyers market.
  24. Have done both several times, Hong Kong is one of our regular get away spots, with a trip about every two months. My choice would be Macau much more to see and do, the Island is nice but many Buddha in Asia. You do need your passport as it is a special zone like Hong Kong.
  25. Expat Cruise

    Phu My port

    Have done a Phu My port stop on three different cruises over the last year. Walking was not allowed on any of the three. They had shuttle buses to take you from the ship to the gate. A few people tired to walk and security turned them around.
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