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  1. Wecome back Jamie! I sailed last Sept so it was before drydock but hopefully the things I really liked about it didn't change. I really liked the entertainment. I thought there was a lot of good live music throughout the ship (Sugarcane Mojito Bar, Q Texas Roadhouse, District Brewery, Cavern Club (Beatles also played in the main theatre which I liked better than when it was in the Cavern Club). Also liked the comedian/magician in the main theater (I believe his name was Dan) It was also the first time we were on a ship with the Q Texas Smokehouse restaurant ---really enjoyed our meal there. Enjoy!
  2. Hi Duck. We did love QC. We did the Hop On Hop Off bus which was very nice, We also went to Montmorency Falls and really enjoyed our time there. We found the people everywhere in QC to be very friendly and nice.
  3. Thanks to so many who provided a great deal of info on the NCL Joy DH and I have sailed on the Pearl, Gem, Breakaway, Escape, Prima and now most recently the Joy. Sharing some thoughts here on the Joy. It was a great cruise on a beautiful ship. *The crew and service were superb throughout. *Enjoyed dinners in the in the MDR (Manhattan Room) and in several specialty restaurants: Cagneys, Teppanyaki, La Cucina and Q. All were excellent but on this sailing we thought La Cucina was exceptional in both food and service (very much a pleasant surprise as that had not always been the case for us on other ships) *Really liked the shows in the theatre -Footloose, Elements and Dan Bennett. The Beatles were really good in the Cavern Club but for us not worth the wait --- the much better option was seeing them in the theatre ---it was nice that there were 2 Beatle shows in the theatre so many more could attend. Great music throughout the ship with the most memorable being all entertainment in the Mojito Bar (and an added bonus was that we finally got to meet Chocolate Cowboy!), District Brew House (Beau Tahana) and the Julia Hatfield Band in Q. The cast from Footloose also put on a great show in Q - Broadway Cabaret: Best of the 80s. *Surprisingly did not miss the thermal suite. Had a great spa service (head to toe special) *There seemed to be more entertainment options and overall things to do on this ship even though there were only 2 sea days. There was always something going on that we wanted to do. *First time we did the BTS tour and it was nice but likely one and done for us. Ditto for the Wines around the World which was nice but just not for us (which was kind of funny as it seemed that most folks really liked the wines) *Except for the forward elevators and buffet, the ship never felt too crowded---always got a seat at a show, bar, casino, atrium, etc. Never waited for a drink at the bar---even when in port and only 1 bar was open per deck--- they had plenty of bartenders so we never had to wait. *First time we used the laundry service and it worked well. Of course nothing is perfect so here’s some things we didn’t like as much *Found it difficult to have a relaxing breakfast on this ship. More so than on any other ship/sailing we have been on. I realize you can also get Room Service but we prefer eating outside of the room. *Every time we visited the buffet ((breakfast or lunch) it was VERY crowded and VERY difficult to find a seat whether for 1, 2 or 4 persons. First time in over 10 cruises we found that to be the case. In addition, during the breakfast hours they started shutting down one side of the buffet about 45 minutes before the end of the published time (so 9:45 instead of 10:30) which I felt added to the chaotic atmosphere. Perhaps they do that on all sailings to get ready for lunch but it was the first time I noticed such crowds. After a few days we avoided the buffet at breakfast and went to the MDRs *Breakfast at MDRs Savor and Taste --- whether or not there was a line to get in, there was a long wait to get your meal at breakfast. Also a long wait to simply get coffee/tea (or milk if you don't care for coffee mate). I wondered why they didn't also serve breakfast in the Manhattan room too or why the hours for breakfast in the MDRs weren't longer? The Local also looked crowded at breakfast time so we passed on that. *Forward elevators were crowded much of the time. I wondered whether they were smaller than on other ships? I mostly use the stairs however when others in my party ride I do too and they were often crowded. I was surprised at how many people would actually push their way into an already crowded elevator but I guess folks have different boundaries on personal space. *Overall we had a great trip and would sail on the Joy again.
  4. Have had Vibe passes on the Escape and the Prima and it never felt crowded. No issues for us in getting a lounger, umbrella or a seat at the bar. However, sometimes it was windy so umbrellas were closed.
  5. 1. Yes. On a recent cruise on NCL Joy they had 70s, 80s, Glow, Latin and ABBA parties 2. It ranged from very casual ( shorts, sweats, sneakers) to dressy (dresses, dress pants, heels) and everything in between. I think you will be comfortable however you choose to dress. 3. A few times those that were scheduled to be in Spice H20 were moved to the Atrium due to weather. Some were scheduled for the indoors night club which on that ship was The Social (on the Breakaway that would be the Bliss Lounge ) 4. I think most were about 45 mins to an hour Happy Cruising! Have a great time!
  6. FYI the pool in the Thermal Suite on the Prima seemed very different than the one on the Escape to me. I liked the one on the Escape (with the bubbles and waterfall) much better. However it seemed much easier to get a heated lounger on the Prima.
  7. Thanks Beach. We decided to come home right after Quebec as we were unsure of the weather situation/impending storm. However, we will keep this great info as we may decide to go to Montreal at another time. Thanks!
  8. Hi Cheer. On our 7 night to Bermuda last spring on the Prima the scheduled shows were Day 1 at 9 pm : Sail away with Syd Normans Day 2 at 9 pm : Syd Normans Rock the Pour House Day 3 at 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm. : Syd Normans presents Rumours Day 6 at 9:30 pm Syd Normans Rocks the Pour House (I believe this one was cancelled) Day 7 at 8:30 pm Syd Normans Rock the Prom I’m not sure you can really count on this as your itinerary may be different (length, days in port etc) and they may simply change the schedule of the shows. Even though the above were scheduled one was cancelled ( I think it was Day 6) On that sailing I vaguely remember one of the band members saying they did 5 shows for the week and that they had Wednesdays off….but that may have pertained to just that week/itinerary
  9. On the Joy recently used laundry for the first time…only sent underclothes, socks, t-shirts jeans. Like Graphic Guy, we also toured the facilities and found the machines to be heavy duty so I wouldn’t send anything delicate. They came out fine and were nicely folded. However if we were home we probably would have wanted to iron some of the t shirts and DH’s cargo shorts (but they weren’t very wrinkled, we are just accustomed to doing so)
  10. Hi. On our sailing last week they said the steam/sauna ( not sure if they have both or just one) is not included with the purchase of spa treatments. They said it would be $20 per day or $99 for the week (actually our sailing was for 8 days).
  11. $19;95 ($23.94 with service charge) for 6 bottles
  12. Has it been made official that the Ca/NE scheduled for Monday won’t be leaving until Tuesday? Yes I too hope their trip back isn’t too rough.
  13. I was wondering if we wanted to permanently disembark an hour or so earlier than the typical disembarkation time if that would be a problem. not sure we will even want to do so, just figuring out all our options. Thanks!
  14. Hi all. Cruise ship scheduled to arrive be in Quebec City on 9/12 staying overnight with cruise ending morning of 9/13. Will already have been to a few other Canadian ports before arriving in QC. Can we disembark earlier than the listed 8am disembarkation time or do we have to wait for some official disembarkation process? Not sure how early they will have someone by the doors to scan you out. Thanks
  15. That’s what I usually do but I’m really going to try to pare it down on the next trip.
  16. Wow. That will be my new goal. Thanks!
  17. Thank you all so very much. Lots of good info here!
  18. Hi all. Wondering if you can turn your trip into a B2B while onboard assuming there is any availability. I am thinking you would likely have to call or book it online? How many days in advance would be required? If successful what are the logistics (luggage, check in)
  19. Yes DH and I are both platinum so its great to know we each get a bag. I think leggings will work most days--excellent idea. Love that you provided the full packing list, that really helps. We had not considered the Amtrak train back to NY but now I'm thinking why not. Thanks again.
  20. Really excellent tips here and I so much appreciate it! Thanks so much to you all.
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