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  1. My husband and I aren't the most adventurous eaters (no fermented shark or puffin for us). We really enjoyed dining at Snaps if you're looking for tasty food that's a bit more familiar.
  2. Chicken parm is only served on certain nights, but I recommend it. Same goes for the meatball appetizer. Whatever you do, avoid any bolognese sauce items. Last I had it, it was exactly the same sauce from the buffet. Which is fine, but not for the extra cost!
  3. We did an overnight in Cairns with Celebrity and had a similar time frame as you. I'm not 100% sure of the name anymore, but I believe we did an off-ship reef excursion with a company named Reef Experience. It was a full day - they're all long trips! I can't tell you exactly what time we arrived at the cruise tender dock, but we had a 6pm sail away and made it back to the boat with time to spare. It's likely your ship will have shuttles waiting near the Cairns marina (an extremely short walk from where the reef tours dock) that you can easily hop on and get back to the boat with them. Celebrity did. Check with them on that! Hopping on the last cruise ship shuttle from town will alleviate any stress of getting stuck in traffic. You'll want to find out the tender times from Norweigan as there is likely a set schedule and they probably won't make accommodations if you need to leave early in the morning. We did a nighttime rainforest tour on day 1, so we wound up staying overnight at one of the hotels at the marina. Otherwise, I'm not sure we'd have made it to the reef tour in the morning! The ship docking times (and tender times) made it tough to do what we desired. However, if you're willing to swallow the bitter pill of paying for a hotel room, it will open more options for you. Cairns is freaking awesome! Have fun!
  4. We took this one last April. I can't quite remember when it left/returned, but it did leave in the morning. There's an option to include the koala experience (for more $, obviously). And yes, the bus did drop guests off in Brisbane who wanted to get off. We got off and just took the shuttle back to the ship in the evening. Taking the shuttle back didn't cost us any extra.
  5. The pasta with the meat/bolognese sauce in the Lido. We get it a few times on each cruise.
  6. The pre-cruise time in Quito was just okay. We wanted to arrive a day early to ensure there were no issues with us missing the flight to Galapagos. It's your typical walk around with a large group and see the main sites tour. They also take you to a ridiculously touristy equator museum. If I could do it over, I'd skip their tour and hit up the cloud forest or something on our own. I found our tour in Quito to be dull, but I'm more of a 'hiking/get outdoors' type than a 'stand in a historical church for 30-minutes' type. There are non-Celebrity tour options available once you arrive in Quito. We missed the post-tour because our flight back to Quito was badly delayed and we wound up staying on the boat until 2pm the day we were set to disembark (which was nicer than seeing a market in Quito, in my opinion) and didn't arrive in Quito til 8 or 9pm. It might be worth staying for at least 1 night post-cruise, just to ensure you have no issues with your flight. Staying at the JW Marriott the night before the cruise leaves would also make it convenient to get to the airport and on their charted plane with the group. As for bugs, they were a non-issue when we went in November. They recommended not wearing any bright colors, as they can attract them. We didn't encounter any bug problems whatsoever. The Galapagos is amazing - have a wonderful cruise!
  7. You were on the same cruise as us :). I spent a ridiculous amount of time prior to the cruise trying to find an independent way to Whitehaven that fit with our port times. I came up empty-handed. After boarding, we signed up for one through Celebrity that was never listed on their website, but obviously we never made it to shore. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. At least we were treated to lovely weather for all ports after the Iris fiasco.
  8. We booked with Karambole and were told Christelle would be meeting us at the pier in a blue shirt. We looked everywhere and couldn't find her. My husband began asking other vendors if they knew where to find her and it turns out she had sent a different guide (male), but failed to tell us. Had we not asked around, we'd have never found him. Apparently, there were supposed to be three others in our group, but they never found the tour. We ended up having a private tour that day! I'm glad we figured it out because we had a great time. Our guide (English-speaking) was amazing and very friendly. I'd recommend it. Just know to ask around the pier if you have trouble locating her or another guide - the other vendors know who she is and will point you in the right direction.
  9. Do you happen to know of a boat that could take us to Whitehaven beach between 9a-4p? Most of the tours I see run until after 5p.
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