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  1. Another tribe member late to the party - I blame being on the other side of the world! Oh well, page 3 isn't so bad, looking forward to following the rest!
  2. Last time I was at Ilse de Pines, I did a tour of the island with a local driver for about $35 from memory. We went to about 4 different places, including the old ruins of the original gaol which I found fascinating but may not interest the kids! I have also done a turtle bay tour from there, it was definitely turtle bay as we only saw one! It was a lot of fun and some good swimming though. On Mystery Island, I have done tours with locals out to find turtles for about $20, but there is great snorkelling if you walk through the market area and across to the other side of the island. If you head to your right along the beach, there is a lot of really good reef to swim around. Sorry, I have short hair so can't help with the braiding!
  3. Sorry Chiliburn, I've only just seen this. I think there is lots to see and experience, depending on the interests of the visitor. I know they run a hop on/hop off loop that stops at various places around town, including parks, museums and seafood eateries. There are also lots of tours on offer, including swimming with sea lions, visits to oyster farms, visits to national parks and koala sanctuary areas. There are always markets on, showcasing local talent and the walk from the ship to the markets along our beautiful beach, with it's sculptures of Makybe Diva and the recent addition of the Tuna Poler is fabulous as well! There are also a number of friendly pubs with outdoor seating across the road from the beach for a nice meal and a frothy if that takes your fancy!
  4. I'm so, so glad that the Golden Princess is in tomorrow and not today! 44 degrees, roaring northerlies with gusts up to 80kph and a power outage from about 1pm this afternoon, with no end in sight as yet! all our schools have been closed for the day, my friend's agistment centre is in a direct line if the fire from last Monday gets going again, so we evacuated all the horses to the race course by 7am. I started work at 4.30pm, looking forward to some coolness but to no avail, evidently essential power does not extend to aircon in offices! Hopefully the change arrives and power is restored by 12.30am when I get home!
  5. Welcome all to my fabulous home town, we've put on a wonderful morning for you, not sure it's going to stay that way as it's forecasted to get windy later. I hope everyone has a great day, unfortunately I'm stuck over the hill working all day! I am going to a Princess cruise presentation after work, to drink wine and wave goodbye as she heads back out.
  6. Shucks, really you didn't want to miss out on being on our first ship for the season on Wednesday, I'm sure!
  7. I'm so glad that you had a great time on your cruise, I hope the snorkelling went well too!
  8. Talia Beach is about 150ks west of us, heading towards the WA boarder. it's pretty cool that it was still intact after all this time.
  9. Thanks so much for pointing this one out Aus Traveller, it's a great read and has some fabulous photos!
  10. Thanks so much for a fabulous review, I'm pretty sure my bucket list is fast becoming a '44 gallon drum' list!
  11. Hi David, Can you please add: LincolnLegend, 30th Sep 2019, Pacific Explorer, 4nt to Moreton Island and LincolnLegend, 1st March 2020, Carnival Splendor, 10nt South Pacific. Cheers, Anne
  12. If you head to Angelo's once you are on, there are multiple desks set up to help you book any specialty dining you want.
  13. Hey aussiebossyboots, I haven't snorkelled from Noumea, but have enjoyed the aquarium, the tchou tchou train and the hop on - hop off bus at various times. There is also a Patisserie one block to the right of the cruise terminal that will spoil you for ham and cheese croissants for life! Lifou: OMG don't miss the Jinek Bay pass! We spent about 2.5 hours in the water there, we ended up right out at the drop off, which we were told afterwards usually results in a whistle and call back but didn't for us. So many fish and critters among the coral and outcrops, it was fabulous! Mare: head for the beach and take your snorkelling gear as there are some good areas, depending on the tide you may have to head out a fair way but it's all protected inside a reef system. Isle of Pines: We were there at the beginning of May and did do the Turtle Bay and Brush Island excursion. We only saw 1 turtle in Turtle Bay but saw others along with rays and fish at Brush Island. To be honest, I would be more inclined to snorkel around the sacred rock, as long as the weather is kind, it is a nice swim to go right around it and there is plenty of wildlife to be seen. There are also local tours available for about $30 per head which give you a good tour of the island for a couple of hours. I found the old prison fascinating and could have spent lots longer exploring!
  14. I have seen it mentioned elsewhere that P&O appear to have discontinued this package, but definitely keep an eye on the planner in case it reappears. I cruised on Explorer at the beginning of May and did both "A Taste of Salt" and "Love Riot" with the meal included. Both evenings were fabulous, a lot of laughs and great food. As for snorkelling, let us know where your cruise is stopping as we did lots on ours!
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