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  1. incooect , i have booked with p &O adventure with mini suite and part of the conditions is priority boarding, if they dont , they have falsely advertised the product
  2. P&O state priority boarding with mimi suite . and thats what they advertise. i wouldn't be to happy if told proity boarding and was told to line up with those that paid basic fair (NO OFFENCE TO THOSE THAT CANT AFFORD TO UPGRADE OR GO MINI SUITE STRAIGHT UP) Advertise it you agree to terms and cons you should get what you want
  3. sold the house i am in lmao i can sell ice to eskiomo on A.I Chat i'll be right i think i'll stay on my holiday that isn't going to get me the sack
  4. while i agree we should start to live with covid but on cruise ship its hard to Avoid people specially when you have 1000's of passengers on board. i believe people should use common sense themselves and get tested if coming with flu like systems to protect others and isolate themselves no matter how hard it is to avoid the fun of a holiday. so others dont have to come down with a flu or covid its now should be common sense and 1st nature to people to do the right thing, rather then be selfish and continue as normal.... get flu like symptom - test if tested positive dont go if tested while on holiday you isolate and keep the community safe it your responsibility having the shocking disease as much as the cruise company or Airline company to help keep others safe from covid thats not living in fear thats living in keeping other safe from covid
  5. i have never cruised in my life , This current affair story would never make me judge wether i would cruise or not. I reckon i could find thousands of stories that condemn all forms of travel and if i believed all those dreaded Stories i would never take another trip on plane bus or boat or any form of automobile in my life. i like to find out for myself in life with in reason and judge myself because everyone handles situatiomns differently i feel for the couple but i also feel rccl tried to please them but they made the situation worse for themselves by going to ACA in the 1st place
  6. its not a great feeling when something goes missing and no-one is entitled to more then what your item is worth in this case its a suitcase with womans clothing that may have been a $100 suitcase and $300-$400 worth of clothing RCCL had offered priority laundry while on the cruise and maybe they should have had a chat about can we get these washed the night before so they are ready for the next morning they was offered obc why didn't they choose some time to go to where the shops are and find something comfortable to wear even if it was a t shirts and track pants just to survive in why your clothes was being washed They finally had the lost item, although it may have been back at the terminal where they got their luggage back i agree with some of the other posters by going to ACA they have voided any compensation really if rccl didnt offer a brass razoo then sure go battle it out through the ombudsman or whoever for fair compensation no way i would have let this spoil my holiday specially if i can wear clean clothes even its the same thing day in day out
  7. that is 1 reason why the spirit of tassie stopped berthing at Station pier , it was competing with the cruise ships . I would imagine now that S.O.T now in Geelong Station Pier Should be upgraded to suit the bigger cruise ships . i believe the is a stategic plan to revitalize Station pier to suit the modern day cruise linears. i think if Melbourne wants to keep cruise ships coming in to Melbourne they have no choice to upgrade the facilities . to be honest the spirit of tassie berth at station pier looks shocking and run down already where the vehicles would head up the ramps with huge weeds ..etc
  8. it would be after mid day somewhere in the world they say
  9. best thing a person travels wether by plane or ship is to invest in Air tags that can be monitored by your phone Air tags or similar are small gps's that you place in your cases and it signals to your phone making this small investment can save you alot of heartache in the end as you can track your suitcases it isn't going to stop luggage going missing or misplaced luggage they are worth their weight and gold specially when you can show the person on a app the suitcase is in that small radious and can that person guide them to it or atleast have someone look for it this could mean having your luggage with in a short time or not getting your luggage back at all and saving the heart ache of travel insure claims etc its a win win for both parties as small things like this can save crew and passengers time and money. Anyway thought for everyone to look into in future
  10. P&O Adventure which was the Golden Princess before being refurbished
  11. it my partners and my 1st ever cruise unless you call the Spirit of Tasmania a cruise lol we both have sleep apnea and have cpap machines 1 can we bring Distilled water on board with us? 2 what things are we likely to run into trying to plug our machines in prepared to purchase a Powerboard(if allowed with extension leads if need be to plug these 2 devices in) 3 would it be much easier to buy a powerbank for 1 cpap device and plug the other 1 into 240v if possible or 2 powerbanks and charge up during the day via 240 with a powerboard or double adapter? for me i cant afford to live with out my cpap without it i am likely to go walkabout stark naked asking for sugar to some poor unfortunate persons room or if i survive that i will be wanting to fall asleep all day and never leave the cabin day or night The last time i Slept without the cpa i ended up at 2am in the morning going to get the lawn mower and started to cut the old ladies front lawn next door with my mrs telling me i cant do her lawn yet you are waking up the neighbours so i do not wish to have this happen on a cruise i may just happen to take control of the ship and steer us in to trouble waters lol We are not doing this until April next year and only a short cruise to Morton island Any advice from others with Cpap ? Thankyou in Advance
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