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  1. my ist cruise is this April , only decided less the 8 months ago we are doing it 8 months ago i said any coin in my pocket by sleep time will pay for cruise and land days saved alot of $1's,$2's and 50 cent pieces from then . i have paid for 2 passengers +land accom since doing that $3000 worth my wife she thought i was kidding her when i said i brought home coin from the pub or golf any coin that was in my pocket at bed time entered the 1st cruise i can gladly say my change from the pub has paid for cruise and more (spending money i wish , but working on it ) what i would do is pay notes to the bar person any coin in change goes to pocket and doesnt get re used over time and quick mind you if your with drinkers like i drink with lol our 1st cruise is 5 days and we have 2 days either side all paid by my drinking habit lol we only now need to get spending money for 10 days easy peasy now
  2. on our last trip back home to see my Parents in Tasmania, no not a cruise to Tassie my Partner seen the duck idea on faceache reel and thought hmmmm i going to buy 100 small duckies and plant them all around my mum and dads house knowing my mum is a clean freak and anything out of place would be seen . by the time we left back for Melbourne flight she planted all 100 of them, only a hand ful have been found and some was in plain view of mum and dads eyes and these wasnt the ones they found. My partner put one inside the kettle and my father nearly had a heart attack when he went to make his early morning coffee and yelled out Nan(he calls my mum nan) there is yellow ducks in the kettle my mum said dont be sill Barry you senile fool . he said i just pour the boiling water and out popped a yellow duck... The next morning dad gets up puts in some toast out it pops ready to be buttered and his daily intake of vegemite and wondered why the butter and vegemite didnt spread so well as he tried to spread a yellow duck as butter and black going yellow duck with vegemite covering the duck by this time my dad is getting cranky and starting to blame me and thinking i was placing ducks in his food and drink . i said dad i havent even opened the butter or vegemite jar since being here anyway it was quite funny watching seniors wonder around there house playing find daffy duck all weekend they never seemed bored I think this really stems from the days when people would pinch garden Gnomes and put them in funny places. even garden gnomes have a little city on the exit of calder hwy and keilor park drive in Keilor . an interesting practice what amuses some minds
  3. Had a 27 year holiday in Tassie. and as a kid i was a jetty rat on those wharves fishing for anything i could catch on a hand line. once i had enough fishing and about 1pm before salamanca Market finsihed on a Saturday i would head over to my cousins food van and my cousin would give me and me mates a good feed of what ever we wanted wether it be cinnamon donut or dagwood dogs and he would shout us coke as well , didnt even have to line up just have to knock on the caravan door and we was set..... anyway i think its a great place for cruise ships in one of the most scenic harbours in the World which offers alot to the any traveller before getting off a plane or a ship.. The best thing about Hobart in my opinion is the panoramic views where the hills are not all covered by Houses . it may not be the tropics but it certainly has charm in Hobart. Love the charm of wharves in Tassie
  4. Where the spirit docks in Corio that is privately run which i think tt-line lease and they have sole use and doesnt cater for cruise ships . vic ports run the shipping channels only in Geelong. Station Pier is Owned by vic ports/gov
  5. is the weather coming from the direct south as the bay there is rather sheltered from the east and west and north the winds are not that bad really but hey Driving to Port Arthur is Not that far really, an hour and half and you could be there . i used to depart of Port Arthur a fair bit to chase Southern Bluefin Tuna and turning east to Tasman island . if they drive or get sailed to port Arthur they are not missing out for thos wanting to go there... for others may just want to stroll the surrounds of hobart again i thinks not huge thing not coming into port Arthur and tendouring
  6. Resilliant Lady has no seen Australia for the 1st time as it makes it way around from Darwin Sheduled to arrive in Sydney i believe on dec 4
  7. More Dramas for the guest onboard Pacific adventure any of them choosing to take a trip up Mt Wellington will be disappoint as there is only 1 road up to the summit and its closed for sheduled maintenance As Hobart was not expecting any cruise ships and thought this week would have been the perfect oppurtunity to close the road. The only other way they can do this is by 1 of the many walking tracks but i would think that is not such a great idea as you may not get back to the ship on time
  8. Just a warm up with Jeff Green love comedy might do a comedy cruise one day , however i was nearly put of comedy when my golfing partner said he was comedian, i just Pea'd my self laughing and thought yeah ya pulling me leg ya little wogboy (please no one take offence he took it like a term of endearment and i wouldnt say it unless i knew the person really well) However though looking through youtube for something and a comedian showed up and i took a double take and sure enough it was my golfing partner i played golf with week in and week out.. So sat and listened to his comedy skit , well did i luagh, well no i did'nt i thought his comedy had no appeal what soever, yeah i had a giggle at some of it but 90% bored me.. the weeklater i said to him , mate i think you need to find some new stuff ya youtube comedy skit was boring but got a giggle at 1 or may be 2 of ya jokes but that was just me. he said oz thats fine mate i know my taste isnt for everyone. we still are friends but since i have moved golf clubs , we have drifted our ownways.
  9. my father would have been better killing someone for murder he would have got out quicker lol yes 40years is along time in any job, but to be working in a prison for that long is truely amazing effort, any of the emergancy workers wether its prison wardens, police,ambos, firies and not forgetting our nurse and drs its amazing to their long service in jobs like these. my Sister used to own home in Gielston bay opposite the geilston bay high school there. Gielston bay is a very nice area but basicly borders on a rough area known as Risdon Vale. however Risdon Vale since my days has cleaned up bit and there is some good walking trails around Gielston bay by taking a walk around to shag bay where their is the old boiler and the only way you see that is either by boat at a distance (to shallow to get a boat in there) or by foot. i could easily live in Gielston bay
  10. yes my father did nearly 40 years there hm rison prison also known as the pink palace
  11. bit late to see this but i was brought up through the 70' and 80s on national pies it was my mums treat for us at the end of the school week where she would send us with brown paper bag with 1 meat pie and a creambun on the bag and we would then put it the lunch tub to give to the tuck shop ladies. i always liked fridays , however my 2nd cousin worked for national pies and can remeber when he came to visit he would drop of bags of national pies and cream buns and other goodies then my father found a cheaper source of pies from her majesties prison (now his majesty) where the convicts made there own pies and was sold and i tell ya what some of these convicts could bake a good pie , Dad would bring a fortnight supply of them home every fortnight but still cant beat a national pie
  12. your quite right , Ron was a legend truely going to missed by the footy world
  13. ex Sydney Swans coach and a legend of the game Ron Barrasi has passed on mainly played for the Demons (melbourne) also did a stint at the blues as coach and captain as a playing coach RIP Ron Barrassi
  14. condolences to Mr gut2407 and wife and family may him cruise the 7 clouds while looking down from the heavens R.I.P Mr Gut2407
  15. i need to hold my tongue on this subject i hate being late to anything and if i was late getting back to a ship leaving port , i would be so gutted and angry with myself i'm not even sure i would head to the next port to catch up i would most likely end the holiday and cruise and sob my way back home . its rather funny though watching some of these videos.
  16. commiserations to the swans you guys faught hard to get back into the game , i am over the moon that blues won . the blues may get knocked out this Friday night Against melbourne but its going to be an iffy one with both clubs having a couple of big name players out. i believe it will be a Collingwood vs brisbane with collingwood as favourites having all their finals at the MCG however Brisbane dont play well at The "G" if they get to the grandfinal but i am going to tip them to beat the pies anyway some good footy was played all weekend
  17. ya quite right there narrowly missing out last year , the doggies got to taste how carlton felt last year lol but 10 years being out of the finals race is along time , but i am just hoping for a great game and blessed that the blues made the finals its set for a great finals series
  18. Blues have a score to settle with those swannies some time ago by knocking them out of a finals race . time the blues get a bit back in all seriousness though despite the odds and who is favourite the finals series is lot different to the minor premiership season that just finished ... its all or nothing and each game from either side have to win other wise season over . As carlton Supporter i am just wrapped that the blues clawed there way back and i think Sydney will see a different blues come the 8th of September Go blues
  19. i expect carlton will have a very full side with cripps and doc and hopefully pittonet as well weitering may go for a week after the incidence with toby greene , some are confident he will only get fined Acres may not play depending on his collarbone after scans
  20. way the blues vs gws game 1 week of final might just well be Blues vs Sydney swans
  21. the swans are Carltons enemy today the only team that can knock carlton out of a home final finishing 5th it certainly going to the wire between melbourne and sydney go blues
  22. wow , take the gate pass out its less then $5 for the rail component must be some gate that cost the $16:00 but hey they have got you over the barrel though
  23. Come to Melbourne try getting a taxi to take from spencer street to spring Street melbourne , they will not even open the cab door for that. come to melbourne catch an uber from spencer to spring streets they will not accept your ride and if they do they will tell you to cancel not far enough ride for them Come to melbourne get a taxi to take you from spencer to the cruise terminal at station peir they will give you a set fee like $100 or more . yeah ya can on tram packed with 100 people on the tram and ya might have 4 suitcases and 3 kids in in tow , but makes it very squishy and you may not get all the luggage aboard special if they are young kids that cant carry suitcases where a shuttle you may just pay a certain fare for hubby,wife+3kids and get 4 suitcases picked up from the hotel to cruise ternimal hassle free and they may pick up of a couple stops i'm just talking from melbourne perspective here , but i would say Sydney will be very similar
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