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  1. do they think they are going to chat with Captain Stubbing and he will make things all better. i read someone wrote to the president of P&O to seek help with changing names because the ta couldnt some people make me luagh
  2. nice scratch mark hope it doesnt scare as bad as the one ony right arm , which stretches from the elbow to just short of my sholder frrom breaking the funny bone a few years ago. hope the recovery goes well for you
  3. i noticed this morning that Pacific Adventure is not heading to Eden as sheduled and looks like its going back to back moreton island and some of the guest on the last cruise was looking forward to going south and now finding they are going north again to tangalooma i was speaking with a couple last night saying they are unsure where they are heading now as their cruise has changed i think they said they were doing pacific islands but now may be heading south to tassie tommorow instead they was not happy little vegemites
  4. it was a bit blowy tried watching some boat pull into the quay and had to manouvere a couple of times to dock
  5. Pacific Adventure has already started to head north probably trying to make it more comfortable for guests just of Gosford and i would say edge would be doing the samething on her way to melbourne. i just finished watching edge leave the OPT while having a feed at rossinis
  6. we Started to cop bad weather once we got from the coral sea in to tasman sea coming back from Tangalooma. we had good comfy sailing up and most of thursday coming back but over night she started to pick up a bit. As i woke up at around 3am this morning i opened my balcony door just a few k's from the sydney heads it was bucketing down and there was a good sea starting to pick up and you could just start to feel the ship and we didnt have the pilot yet on board. i suspect by now or later tonight you are going to cop some of what we got last night but it wasnt that bad but by the time ya get to the heads it may be a bit worse i feel for 2 ships tonight who are sailing out of Sydney
  7. i think you have, you dont have to worry about rushing to the airport like a blue ass fly specially if there is delays getting into port then road traffic
  8. its possible to do it but like anywhere you have to have everything go spot on for you ship arriving ontime then getting to airport if the ubering it and there is no delays on the freeway or having to get public transport to the airport. why put yourself in a position of worry as in are we going to get their on time if we book the earlist flight possible specially if there is delays its doable thou
  9. My Best Mate put me on to mr wongs but he would have went there with work colleagues and said it was the best he has had . and we are only staying at the round the corner in jamison street thought close and handy to mr wongs
  10. i have heard Mr Wongs in Bridge Lane cbd is not bad for chinese? I am thinking of taking the good bride there either before or after our cruise and if she is lucky we go twice if any good
  11. yes a cunning plan i agree , secretly i think we all would like that middle seat gone for the room on a plane .
  12. i also can understand why they do it as well if the op wants to have that middle seat between himself and his wife then he really should be booking the 3rd seat as well . Plus size people have to pay for a second seat if needing the space i think its selfish attitude to be thinking hmm if i book a window and an aisle for the wife and i , in the grand hope that the middle seat doesnt get taken i do accept these things after all we should get to sit where we like providing the seats are not taken and you do't mind someone sitting in between ... i do hope the origional poster is able to select the seats they wish for.
  13. the good thing about Hobart there is 360° views i know Hobart very well after all i had a 27 year holiday there which was the best days of my life. enjoy thou
  14. Sounds like you had a great time and thankyou for sharing this journey on the resilliant lady. The North west coast of Tasmania is very under rated in my opinion and has somegreat places from Devonport through to Smithton in which makes Burnie a good port of call. in my opinion Cradle mountain is a good place to visit but i do believe you need more then a day trip to explore this great region of Tasmania. i have certainly loved reading and looking at your photo's
  15. 8:30pm in Hobart you may find a couple of bars still open around salamanca and around near elizebeth st pier . or you could head down to the round house and win yaself fortune or listen to some music not far from the ship there is Hobart brewqing company ( it used to be where Bob Clifford made the Incats Before he got to big and had to move to Prince of Wales bay) and there is some food trucks there as well by memory
  16. I would be ringing P&O as the cabins dont appeared to sold for an interior cabin , like what you said the 25th of August cruise to barrier reef cruise you can't select a interior for individual it appears on most cruises they want balcony or better for single person. on the cruise i am going on it shows for singles sold out but if you are a 2 person you can aquire a interior cabin
  17. well i think tentions in red sea are going to dictate that . from athens to oz through the red seas with pirates or the long way round whats the accountants going to do
  18. if coming from Greece (Athens) to OZ , it could be costly adventure if they dont want the red sea i dont think its the market here . its just getting here
  19. Yeah i know it dont look like icon of the seas
  20. 1978 many was stunned to wake up to a an iceberg in Sydney harbour 🤣 yes it an April fools joke done by a rich bloke named Dick Smith where he towed a fake iceberg into Sydney Harbour to fool Sydney siders 🤣🤣🤣
  21. coles where i live in vic dont have trolleys that need tokens or coins but there major suburbs do
  22. to me cash is king still i dont like it you buy $5 coffee and you have to pay an extra 1.5% surcharge on top just for tapping the card , just think of all the surcharcges for that $5 dollar cup that could be in your pocket which goes into taxes or the shop keepers funds. that $ 8 doller schooner off beer you tap each time and you 1.5% surcharge they cant charge extra for paying in cash i get eftpos and tapping is away lot of people go these days, i hate card prefer cash at least you know what ya spending with eftpos you can spend more with out blinking and it all could be surcharges
  23. my ist cruise is this April , only decided less the 8 months ago we are doing it 8 months ago i said any coin in my pocket by sleep time will pay for cruise and land days saved alot of $1's,$2's and 50 cent pieces from then . i have paid for 2 passengers +land accom since doing that $3000 worth my wife she thought i was kidding her when i said i brought home coin from the pub or golf any coin that was in my pocket at bed time entered the 1st cruise i can gladly say my change from the pub has paid for cruise and more (spending money i wish , but working on it ) what i would do is pay notes to the bar person any coin in change goes to pocket and doesnt get re used over time and quick mind you if your with drinkers like i drink with lol our 1st cruise is 5 days and we have 2 days either side all paid by my drinking habit lol we only now need to get spending money for 10 days easy peasy now
  24. on our last trip back home to see my Parents in Tasmania, no not a cruise to Tassie my Partner seen the duck idea on faceache reel and thought hmmmm i going to buy 100 small duckies and plant them all around my mum and dads house knowing my mum is a clean freak and anything out of place would be seen . by the time we left back for Melbourne flight she planted all 100 of them, only a hand ful have been found and some was in plain view of mum and dads eyes and these wasnt the ones they found. My partner put one inside the kettle and my father nearly had a heart attack when he went to make his early morning coffee and yelled out Nan(he calls my mum nan) there is yellow ducks in the kettle my mum said dont be sill Barry you senile fool . he said i just pour the boiling water and out popped a yellow duck... The next morning dad gets up puts in some toast out it pops ready to be buttered and his daily intake of vegemite and wondered why the butter and vegemite didnt spread so well as he tried to spread a yellow duck as butter and black going yellow duck with vegemite covering the duck by this time my dad is getting cranky and starting to blame me and thinking i was placing ducks in his food and drink . i said dad i havent even opened the butter or vegemite jar since being here anyway it was quite funny watching seniors wonder around there house playing find daffy duck all weekend they never seemed bored I think this really stems from the days when people would pinch garden Gnomes and put them in funny places. even garden gnomes have a little city on the exit of calder hwy and keilor park drive in Keilor . an interesting practice what amuses some minds
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