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  1. If you requested a deviation (early arrival or late departure by up to 2 days), NCL will give you $25 credit per person per transfer. You just need to arrange your own transportation to and from your pre- and/or post-cruise hotel.
  2. It appears that "COVID Tested" flights apply only to international flights arriving in Italy. If I'm flying from Paris to Venice, that's an intra-EU flight and a different set of rules apply. The confusion stems from whether Italy considers the trip's O&D or just the last segment when it comes to applying COVID restrictions. Guess that's something Italian Consulate has to answer.
  3. Interesting read: http://www.italia.it/en/useful-info/covid-19-updates-information-for-tourists.html So what happens if you connect via Paris or Frankfurt? Technically you are already in the EU after arriving in Paris and Frankfurt then clearing EU's customs. What about London? If you transit through London airport's "airside", does that mean you are arriving from the US since you were not admitted entry into the UK?
  4. Send an email to mscexistingreservations@msccruisesusa.com on price matches. I am booked on Seaview for December this year. In late April the price dropped by more than $400 for the cabin category. I sent an email and next day received an updated confirmation with the lower fare. My friend was having an issue with his VC & Voyage Selection discount not applying along with his 125% FCC. Phone agents couldn't do anything. Contacted via email. Took MSC a couple of weeks to work it out, but he got what he wanted.
  5. Intra-Europe flight only. MSC USA remains the unloved step-child of the MSC family.
  6. Let's assume $4823 includes BOGO air to Miami, which is probably $99 from VA, then the cruise itself is $4724. Your earlier cruise was $2969 without air. That's an increase of $1755, almost 60%! I know there are a lot of pent up demand for cruising, but at those price points I'm booking Yacht Club on MSC.
  7. This site should change name to "Cruise Fans" from "Cruise Critic."
  8. I see MSC has gotten into the weekend "booze cruise" business. Divina's 4-nighter with Easy Pkg is less expensive than its 3-nighter with Easy Pkg. If I were to cruise the Caribbean this year, I'd take the Seaview out of Fort-de-France for southeastern Caribbean. Looks way more interesting.
  9. Thank you! Missed it on my first reading. BTW, can't seem to find the PPB upgrade for my Pride of America booking. Is it not offered for that ship? I know PoA has a different beverage package, the Hawaii Beverage Package that includes bottled water, fresh juice & specialty coffee in dining room.
  10. You are right. I'm spoiled for being on the east coast of US. Flying from west to east usually means red-eye flights.
  11. NCL said flight schedules will be sent 60 to 45 days out. Unless you requested deviation on the flights, NCL will book departure flights that arrive on the same day as embarkation and return flights on the same day as disembarkation. For cruises out of US ports including Hawaii, all ports can be reached with same-day flights from the east coast (yes, NCL booked me on a 5am flight from east coast to Honolulu connecting at DFW). With European flights, they depart a day earlier. You can play around with Google flights and get a general sense of the dates.
  12. Here it is: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2021.pdf Edit: It doesn't list any wines though. Probably varies by ship/itinerary.
  13. The discussion mentioned ordering bottles at lunch & dinner, then taking them back to staterooms. The convenience of having bottles, even opened, in our own staterooms is quite significant, at least to me.
  14. Back tracking a bit on what's included in the PPB. The version @BirdTravels posted seemed to be the most up-to-date, as on NCL site it's named "premium-plus-beverage-package-2021.pdf." Here's a link to the file: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package-2021.pdf If you look at the end of fine prints, you'll notice "05/21" printed. If it's only by glasses, then the value of PPB is severely limited.
  15. While they won't keep track of the dollar amounts, which would be arbitrary because NCL sets the price, they are tracking how much you drink and whether if you used the included specialty restaurant meals. When NCL's bean counters determine that the average costs of all drinks consumed per passenger are over $20/day, they'll increase the listed price of the drink package and collect more from the 20% "gratuities."
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