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  1. Considering a 29 day Pacific crossing offered on the Ruby and the Golden in April 2020. I’m not familia with either ship so would like your thoughts on these two ships. The Golden’s price is lower🤔. Thanks
  2. Has Island fixed it’s propulsion problems?
  3. Thanks for the website, ordered it and look forward to using it on my next cruise. Love the picture of you and G, handsome couple. I spend every morning reading your blog and living vicariously...
  4. It’s always the other guy..
  5. Jeannie I’m loving your blog... Interested in the silk sleep sack you use, especially since you can wash it and it dries quickly. Looked on Amazon and immediately got confused. Any suggestions about brand and size. Thanks
  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2019/10/03/carnival-cruise-line-not-doing-enough-to-clean-up-pollution/3850107002/
  7. I think it’s a great idea to do away with the balloon drop. Balloons are deadly to wildlife, especially birds.👍
  8. I believe we have the same TA, have you asked her about upgrades?
  9. Partybarbie thank you for the taking the time to post pictures and your comments regarding the IP. I’m having a problem getting over the fact that there isn’t an international cafe, it’s one of the venues I enjoy on Princess ships, especially since we are looking at 28 days to the South Pacific.
  10. I’m thinking it will be a bit noisy with dining just below my balcony as well as constant traffic to and from tables. On Royal and Regal there was a seating area with very little traffic and it was a peaceful setting. .
  11. Looking at a cabin on Emerald above the Al Fresco Dining Area and have no idea how noisy or problematic the dining area would be. Always booked obstructed balcony on Royal and Regal in this area and enjoyed the peacefulness. I’m concerned, thanks.
  12. We’ve never cruised the Caribbean at Christmas and since we need to distress after difficult health issues I’m wondering if there are a ship load of children running amuck. I remember some threads discussing the pros and cons of holiday cruising but with this new format I can’t find the information I need. Thanks
  13. We are interested in learning about cabins PR712, PR716 on Island Princess. Never sailed Island and have heard conflicting opinions about her; we will be on the ship for 28 days so my cabin (sanctuary) is important to me. Thanks
  14. Hi All, did a search regarding R728 Regal Princess and found complaints regarding vibration. In the past we have enjoyed aft cabins and know about the vibration entering and leaving ports and have no problem with it but a reviewer stated the vibration was constant and kept him from sleeping which makes me hesitant to book this cabin. Having the hangers rattle all night would not make a restful cruise. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Thank you all for the great information! I’m #44 on waitlist for early dining 🥴. This will be our first time on a small ship and understand the Pacific has outdoor seating in the Buffet which I love, hopefully the food is OK. PescadoAmarillo’s blog regarding the Pacific P intrigued me (that’s how I know about outdoor seating in the Buffet) so we are planning a 14 day cruise and thank you Pescado for all the great information re the ship as well as the Islands.
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