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  1. FWIW -- when we sailed in August, it looked like some of the outer buildings near the outside lot were marked for demolition. It's entirely possible that by next summer, there will be more outdoor parking. They do keep a segment of the covered parking open for handicapped vehicles.
  2. That's what I thought -- but the deck plan is deceiving and I just could not figure out what elevator that was !! Thanks !!
  3. This is why I love CC -- so many people know these ships so well, I knew someone would know. Thanks everyone !!
  4. Thanks Bob !! I knew you'd know !! I see.... the deck plan makes it look like it's in the FWD but it's really in the AFT portion of the ship.... got it. It's been a few years since we were on AD and we weren't Diamond then.
  5. I'm pretty sure Bob will know the answer to this one.... On the deck plan for Adventure, it shows the Diamond Lounge on deck 14 and it shows an elevator -- however, I don't see that particular elevator bank on any other deck plan. Is there really elevator access to Deck 14 forward ? and if so, how do you access it from another deck ? (or, is the drawing just wrong ?) We're going in a few weeks, and my mom is (mostly) in a wheelchair -- she would have problems climbing a flight of stairs to go to the DL. Thanks in advance !! Sandy
  6. CONGRATS on your lifestyle change !!! The Anthem fitness center is my fave !! (I've sailed Anthem 4x) - they have some cardio equipment that my land gym does not have (Technogym Excite crossover -- try it !) The only "warning" about doing laps on the track is the WIND if you are sailing and not docked. You will be walking against some major resistance at least part way around. (I like to do a lap or 2 after I've finished in the gym to cool down.) I would suggest you try to take the stairs as much as possible to add to your daily cardio and maybe not abandon the whole healthy eating but let yourself try things -- it's great to have all of their healthy options (salads, fruits) already prepared for the taking. One of my fave things about a cruise is that someone else is ripping the lettuce and cutting watermelon ! (it's the little things ) If you try something and it's not worth every calorie -- leave it behind !! I will also say that if you get on a machine and you aren't certain - ask the person next to you. Many times someone has gotten on the machine next to me (that I've already determined isn't working properly) and I'll save them the headache of trying it and looking stupid. I've also seen people not quite sure how to use something and I've tried to help them. I hope they accept my assistance with the kindness intended. I don't want to see anyone hurt themselves on vacation. We all want to enjoy the treats without taking home too many added pounds ! I recently became a certified personal trainer and if I saw you struggling, I would certainly offer to help you. We're all in there for the same reason - don't be shy ! Have a great cruise ! Sandy
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