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  1. An interesting acquisition would be Paul Gaugin/Ponant. Lot's of signs of problems and customer unrest (visit the Paul Gaugin board on CC). same or slightly higher demographics, Viking has no or little South Pacific presence, euro and med routes are more complementary then competitive, expedition ships and new cruise ships are in scope with Vikings. More important neither company is public and that minimizes regulatory issues. Deal could be done over dinner with some fine wine.
  2. There was a TV story earlier today (don't remember the source) about nationalism and vaccines and the Oxford effort was quoted. The story essentially said that there is an outside chance it can be available in the EU in limited quantities by the end of the year but because of the US attitude that if it wasn't developed here by a major Pharm it can't be any good it is unlikely it will quickly gain US approval. The story went on to trace the approvals of HIV and SARS vaccines and the offhanded rejection of the South Korean test kits. The US Pharms are making expensive and high risk investments in development and manufacturing facilities. Oxford is teamed with a second tier US manufacturing company in Mass. so do you think the big boys will risk a vaccine on the US market before they can grab a piece of the pie? The story went on to show how US developed vaccines were treated the same way in other countries around the world.
  3. My deposit came through in 3 business days and remainder in about 6. Bank said there is a mandatory hold based on value and in some cases they have to verify transaction prior to posting. You can call the credit card number and they can tell you when it will post.
  4. Also booked same air in February and I rarely book that far in advance. We were supposed to go to Mexico next week and decided to cancel the Air last night. I carelessly canceled the Tahiti Air instead. According to the AA website if the flights were before April 1 there would be no cancellation charge and a credit would be issued that can be used on any flights this year. Instead I could be out up to $1500. We will probably be able to negotiate it down when we are ready to use it. My guess is they will be moving the free cancel up periodically.
  5. Numbers on the PG site have been consistent. I have checked several times since the end of February. One thing I noticed is the same cabins appear in both C and CC and D and DD. If you are using a third party site it is not unusual to see strange things. 166 total cabins also came from PG website. If you can only get FCC for cancelling I wouldn't do it unless I new exactly what I was doing with the FCC. If you wait it out things may improve or they may come up with a creative itinerary.
  6. Yes C category cabins Not all entertainers and cruise lines are created equal, some may be guaranteed a cabin of a certain class but more then likely they are assigned a staff cabin. If there are available guest cabins at sailing they get first choice. Under normal conditions this cruise is a hard sell. Because this is a post dry dock cruise, some are afraid the cruise may be delayed or there may be ongoing construction. I did a quick count of available cabins and came up with about 60 of 166 cabins.
  7. Also on the 6/6 cruise. Our payment is not due until April 6 and if PG is not in the cash for cancellation mode there will be one more cabin available. Also tracking availability and at the beginning of the month there were about 6 C's available. Jumped to about 30 before they announced suspensions and is now at 20.
  8. surprisingly the Viking payment schedule didnt affect bookings but according to Viking rep it stopped a lot of the fake booking shenanigans. There were always around it for frequent cruisers or smart TA's Windstar is owned by Anshutz Corp, a large hospitality group Paul Gauguin is now part of Ponant IMO both are high risk. HAL is part of Carnival, If they require health certificates for the over 70''s, they are history😉 My guess would be some restructuring and consolidation, some super deals to rebuild the base and a lot of complaining on CC boards.
  9. Here is a quick look at new builds: 2020 thru 2025 Viking Ocean 6 ships 930 berths ea Viking Expedition 2 ships 375 berths ea 8 new ships 6,330 berths total NCLH Norwegian 4 ships 3300 berths ea Regent 2 ships 750 berths ea Oceania 2 ships 1200 berths ea 8 new ships 17,100 berths total Past 5 years Viking 6 new ships 5580 berths total *NCL 4 new ships 16,239 berths total Does not include Regent Numbers come from Viking&NCL Website and Cruise Industry News Many of the river boats are not owned by Viking and the other lines. These are owned, built and subsidized by others to generate local jobs. It harder to pin down the true costs of the ships because what you see published is often the shipyard cost. There is also an aftermarket that is considerable.
  10. One other thing to keep in mind is if your airline changes your flight(s) more then 1 hour they will allow you to cancel for free (revenue and award tickets). AA has also done it for me when it was less then one hour but it was unreasonable for me to make my connecting flight.
  11. I was responding in general to post #26. I reread your posts and if I understand your dilemma correctly PG cancelled your April 11 cruise and offered an FCC to be used in the next 18 months. The value of the FCC does not include your pre and/or post package nor airline flights booked through PG. The April 11 itinerary is not repeated so you will be forced to use the FCC on a lower value. If you have travel insurance, have you discussed your situation with them or better yet, a knowledgeable agent? If you are already ticketed you can probably cancel at no charge. You can deal directly with the Airline that issued the ticket. This is not necessarily one of the airlines you are flying on. Check with one of the airlines involved and they will give you the ticket number and booking airline. The major airlines are now allowing cancellations for flights thru April 30. If it was booked as non refundable and they will issue a credit for value of the flight that does not have to be to same destination. Life was simpler and more forgiving a few weeks ago. I was booked on an Oceania Cruise for June that was one of the first cruises cancelled in February and I was bitching about it taking a few weeks to get the cash +25% FCC refund. O was afraid of loosing customers then, now they like Ponant are afraid of losing a cruise line. The reason you cannot use your PG FCC on Ponant is there is usually a firewall set up after a merger to prevent one party from dragging the other down. Maybe when they bailout the cruise lines they will bailout the screwed passengers,
  12. The cancellation or change of ports in most cases is not initiated by the cruise line. It is weather, docking conditions logistics or other technical reasons. I don't know PG's policy but on other lines when there is a port change after embarkation there is a small OBC or the port taxes is refunded, Normal times I would expect a cash refund for a cancelled cruises but Ponat or PG simply does not have the cash on hand for refunds. Borrowing cash is possible ,but I imagine with no income and the merger debt FCC's is there only choice.
  13. True, we don't know the Viking debt structure but we know NCLH has been adding new ship capacity faster and greater then Viking. Been on multiple Viking and O cruises in the past two years. All of the Viking ships were 100% booked, 2 of the 3 O's were well below full capacity. All lines will have to make adjustments, my guess is both Viking and NCLH will push back the new builds and NCLH will streamline operations by possibly rolling O into NCL or Regent. BTW... I have an NCL cruise booked for early next year and while my in box is deluged with messages starting with "Our passengers health and safety is our primary....." and the one from NCL " Norwegian Cruise Line is making a nominal adjustment to its daily service charges..... "
  14. St. Pats promo same as Presidents day promo. Had my TA check on three cruises, Best upgrade was B2 to A3 Gty. on a 7 day cruise, Plenty of Suites, A2's and A1's were available but no upgrade path. Lots of optimism needed to book at this time. The fact that the US ban may be lifted in 30 days doesn't mean all ports will be open and cruise ships will be welcome. Probably one of the reasons the cruise lines started curtailing operations was they were running out of available ports. If the Corona Virus continues to behave like the flu it can be cyclic ie. subside for a while and a month later start peaking. This means the Fall and Winter cruises are at risk.
  15. As far as what happens on cancelled cruises, it is on a cruise by cruise basis. PG cruise cancelled 2 days ago went directly to the final destination, Tahiti, and the passengers may remain on the ship until the end date so they can meet up with their original return flights. Another cruise a few days ago went to the nearest port and passengers are being put up in hotels while the cruise line arranges transportation back to the final port or other passenger requested destination
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