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  1. Yeah, my 100% cloud cover up in the Finger Lakes was pretty interesting too. 🤔
  2. Wow! Man, that went quick. Figured it might. Not surprising though since the ship only holds 82 passengers. Guess people are willing to put up with the heat and humidity to see the eclipse. For my part, I hate this weather so had little interest in going. I got to see what I could see (which wasn't much!) during the April eclipse. People that are really into eclipses, I've heard, chase after them.
  3. Yep...those were great and some of our favorite cruises.
  4. Sounds like good reasoning to me, but, they probably also see a chance to fill a ship for a total eclipse. Ever since the one back in April, it seems this is going to become more popular since Princess cruises (I think anyway) passengers had great viewing of the eclipse during a Mexican Riviera itinerary. If the Viking trip was during fall or winter, I'd be more interested.
  5. Well, so now there's yet another option from Viking to see the 2007 August eclipse in Egypt. Tempting in alot of ways, but creates some significant logistical issues for me, not to mention that I hate hot weather - not sure about being in Luxor with 100+ temps in late July / early August.
  6. We do as well - but have done this mostly if we're no longer on the ship - like during a pre or post extension. Otherwise, during a day off ship (or a few hours for an excursion), we generally don't bother getting anything to eat locally and simply wait till we get back on board. Or, if we know there's going to be free time to grab lunch during a longer excursion, we'll often just take along granola bars or other crackers to munch - much the same as how we travel by car if we don't want to take time to stop to buy lunch. This is not in any way to eschew being adventurous, but just much easier. Each to his/her own. Some people seem to thrive on trying as many of the local foods as they have time for.
  7. Yeah, and how about Canada / NE? I'm so disappointed (and told them about it more than once) that they moved those cruises to roundtrip Boston instead of Bayonne. As 1025cruise mentioned above, they will go where they make the most money. I'm betting the Boston roundtrip does better for them than Bayonne.
  8. Wait till the Sagrada is (allegedly going to be) finished in two years. That'll be a major tourist draw. Already is, of course, but it'll be even moreso.
  9. True enough. Places that might have years ago showed up in a book of "out of the way travel destinations" likely aren't anymore.
  10. LOL...I get it. Guess I'm lucky to be within 2.5 hours drive of either Cape Liberty or Baltimore, so we do like cruising out of either one with RCL or X. Even so, there are other itineraries - Canada / NE, and also Eastern Caribbean, unless you want to stick with only 7-day cruises. My favorite is CA / NE - wish they'd bring them back to roundtrip Cape Liberty instead of Boston. Those itineraries would be way more convenient for you and eliminate the flight completely, if you like cruising up that way.
  11. Makes sense. Wow..you must sure love that Canaveral / CocoCay / Nassau itinerary!!!
  12. How come purchased? Assuming, then, that you didn't have enough cruise points to earn at least a few of the ones you mentioned (?)
  13. So you get a choice? Seems everyone's been saying that they're told there are no more clear ones.
  14. Yeah that's cool, but I just think the clear were nicer.
  15. Have to agree, even though having never actually seen a colored one up close. Looks too much like one of those screen backgrounds that they (at least used to) use on formal nights for pictures. If I actually had a collection of these, I probably would include it although as an only colored one against all other clear ones, it would surely stick out. Just looks 'cheap' in my opinion, by comparison with the etched. And, of course, I'm sure it IS much cheaper for them. Some day - if they continue it - new cruisers might never know that there used to be clear ones, so it'll be all good.
  16. As in...the same stuff you make mint tea from? I had it in a flower bed years ago but it runs like crazy. Roots go out basically horizontally! It crowded everything else out, so then I tried putting it in a huge plastic pot and burying the pot in the ground. It didn't grow well in there, so after that I pretty much gave up on it, but now you're inspiring me to try again! Maybe in a container again. What might have happened is that I dug a huge chunk of it from the bed and put it all in the same pot. Maybe too many roots all in one place all crammed together. I should start from scratch with small plants and see what happens. Love drinking the tea.
  17. LOL....looks like they work well for that purpose actually!
  18. You did really well. I got mine for $75. I think the listed price was $100 so I made an offer on it. Some of them go for quite high - either auction or 'buy it now'. I had told my sister-in-law, who's pinnacle and has loads of these things - that if she ever decides she's tired of using them as doorstops, she can make some money on them!
  19. I can virtually guarantee that they won't send it. I fought the battle and lost (detailed in another thread), being told in no uncertain terms that if it's past a year no go. When we were on the ship we requested it and were told they were out of them and that they'd send it to us. Never happened. Got busy with other things and then simply never thought about it anymore until recently. That was for 140 points. So I bought a clear one on eBay. I must say that I really don't care for the colored. If I get one of those for 210 I'll probably sell it. The one I bought was for the Enchantment. Those are a bit harder to find.
  20. Exactly. We mostly have done RCL and X because of both Baltimore and Bayonne being within 2+ hours driving distance, so most of our cruises have been out of there. Most disappointed, though, that X has changed the CA/NE itineraries to roundtrip Boston instead of Bayonne. I like Viking over both of them and wish they went out of our two local ports. Never sailed out of NY.
  21. Pretty wild. The whole tier / points system always amazed me. Such a gimmick to draw customers in the final analysis. 'I only need TWO more cruises to reach ____ level' ,etc. Great incentive. Even moreso when it applies to a related cruise line such as exists here. We also like cruising with Viking, which doesn't bother with any of that stuff.
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