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  1. Sorry to hear that but I suppose not real surprising. I think something similar should happen in the US but suffice it to say that all hell would break loose. We already have a masking vs. unmasking war going on courtesy of the current administration, who has been promising that the pandemic is "going away very soon" and also just recently accused our medical profession of inflating the number of deaths blamed on covid because then it "makes more money for them". Seriously? .I mean, you can't make this stuff up....
  2. My wife's sister loves that ship also - been on it countless times on the way to becoming pinnacle. I suspect Grandeur has been very successful for RCL. Often people get on there for weeks (or longer) at a time. I like going out of either port. Besides the Grandeur in March I also have the Summit booked in May so see how they both play out. Right now things aren't looking too good.
  3. The buyer should have known what he was getting via the pictures and description. I take ample pics of anything I sell. Here's the issue - it was a container that was partially used. Originally it had 10 tablets in it. I used 4 of them this season and so clearly spelled out in the description that there were 6 tablets remaining "out of the original 10". However, the issue MAY have been that my listing title referred to a "partially used container of 10 tablets". So I suspect he took this to mean that there were 10 tablets. People don't often read everything nowadays, so if he didn't read the detailed description, it could have lent to some confusion. His negative feedback simply said "the package was open". That's it. I have no idea what he actually was referring to. Still don't and don't really care quite honestly. It took some doing to get eBay to remove the negative feedback. Long story.
  4. Most interesting. I had never heard of them before.
  5. Christmas at Longwood is awesome. We like the chrysanthemum and orchid festivals as well; sadly, didn't get to either this year. Chrysanthemums are still going, but not sure we'll go. Had covid been on the downswing instead of the reverse, we probably would. That thousand-plus chrysanthemum never ceases to astound me. Just more disconcerting going there with the virus numbers escalating. Mushroom soup at the Terrace is an all-time favorite with us as well! To get the benefit of membership dues, we usually try to get there 4 times a year or more, so this year the membership dues have been more of a donation. The renovated fountains are pretty amazing also! Last time we were there was probably early March before things started to ramp up with covid. We like looking for Longwood cats as well.
  6. Yeah, Philly is great. So much to see there. I'm not a huge fan of big city driving and so we don't really get in there that often either. Closest we come is Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square - one of our all-time favorite places to visit. We're members but haven't gotten back there since covid started.
  7. You had a great captain with foresight on how to best handle the situation. I don't think I can say the same for the captain of the Sky - at least in the days leading up to the event. While in the midst of it, I think he acted in the best possible way given the circumstances. We were not kept informed nor aware of ANY sort of weather system approaching. Yes....worst case scenario for us - according to a few maritime experts - was that the anchors wouldn't have held (they didn't initially), ship crashes into the rocks, and could've had as many as a thousand people dead. So, we all thankfully and amazingly surived it only to wind up in a pandemic a year later!!! At the time I figured very little could come along that could be as bad or worse. Wow, was I ever wrong.
  8. And yet would you believe I've never been there? Weird how that sometimes seems to happen from other people I've talked to that live close to an attraction that some people might drive hundreds of miles to visit (as part of a more extensive trip of course) and yet never go.
  9. I'm in Berks county, which has not done well of late. Our daily numbers are considerably higher than they were during the summer. Tee-Rick - you are absolutely correct. My apologies for delving into the political. It sometimes is hard to refrain from doing so given the extraordinary nature of this election cycle. Can't wait till it's over, for better or worse. I'll leave it at that....
  10. ....really???? Have to wonder now with the cases having gone up so much. I get what you're saying since surely preparations have been underway for some time, but truly have to wonder just how cruising WILL resume. It'll be interesting.
  11. Most interesting. Here, many schools (including my district) have opted for all in-school and thus far there have been very few issues. I expected worse. College has been a bit more cases, but still not too bad.
  12. LOL....hated to put too fine a point on it. Sounds like we're on the same wavelength 😉
  13. I believe the same could be said for the US, only - relative to our current administration - I'd substitute "clueless" for "powerless" 😳 OK....will probably take some flack for that one....
  14. Well....they were doing good...not anymore. Nearly a million cases between the two.
  15. Wow! you got that right. Hate to wish one's life away prematurely but...indeed...let this year be over asap and hope '21 brings much better things.
  16. eBay selling is a weird experience at times. People often don't fully read listings, resulting in all sorts of confusion. I had a guy bought a 90s Nordic Track ski machine, paid for it, and simply never picked it up. Finally relisted it and sold it (at a higher price!) I did refund the first guy's money, though should have kept it as storage fees (went on for months). Amazing thing about the guy who actually did buy (and pick it up) is that he drove 7 hours one way for it. When the offer came in, I figured...here's another guy who didn't read that part about "local pickup only", but, sure enough...talk about wanting something really badly. Then there was a tenor sax mouthpiece that would have gotten a .50 sticker at our local church flea market that had guys bidding against each other from several countries and wound up going for close to $900! Never know what'll happen. Sold pool chemicals to a guy who left me negative feedback (though never fully explained why - it remains a mystery though thankfully got it removed) - and apparently returned the item to the post office minutes after opening it. It's still designated "in transit" as though he never received it. So what truly happened to it I have no idea, and quite honestly don't care. He failed to respond to any of my messages. As to the optimism you refer to....what I've found really works is to provide as much description as possible...and good quality pictures. People eat that stuff up (assuming they take the time to read it all). Sometimes assumedly "rare" items turn out to be just the opposite. It's a bit deflating when you think you really have something that'll go for a good buck and then, after doing the research, find out that there are 50 listings of the same thing going for less than $10!
  17. Yep...I believe those are slated to sail into the 4th dimension...I hear there's no covid there.
  18. Same here...not so much nervous as trying to be as cautious as I can. We shouldn't be in the situation we're in, but I won't go further on that score.
  19. Agree totally on not needing air! We're only a few hours away and so love going out of either Baltimore or Bayonne. With Baltimore, though, we love the inner harbor and so usually add a few days pre-cruise. That was the plan for this past March and again next year.
  20. Cool item! Tempting to buy it and then resell as an auction - this is just the sort of thing that could get bid up depending on the interest. A bit surprised that the seller is doing this as a 'buy it now'. I think I'd list as a 10-day auction.
  21. Like most threads here on CC dealing with the various predictions and thoughts on future cruising, it's ultimately just more armchair quarterbacking.... 🤔
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