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  1. The design/decoration of a facility tends to reflect its function. A cruise terminal needs to deal with thousands of people being processed for a couple of hours once in a day (perhaps only one or two days a week) - none of whom wants the process to take more than a few minutes. Airports are set up to handle a continuing flow of thousands of people fro early morning to late at night - most of whom plan to spend a minimum of an hour - and often more - including getting something to eat.
  2. That mention of Delaware makes me wonder if you OP has considered Amtrak on day of cruise - avoiding both hotel and parking costs.
  3. Not just “yes”, but yes of course. Why would any port facility want to spend money to pretty up a mass-production processing facility?
  4. Why would the cruise line’s want to give up an almost sure-thing revenue stream? They would have to increase their basic fares to offset that loss of income - and the “Big 3” you mention now base their pricing model on low advertised fares and nickel-diming to pad the bottom line. If you want included internet you should consider upscale lines which frequently provide free internet. The mass market lines live on low advertised prices and as much on-board spending as they can squeeze out of their passengers —- who, as you note, are folks who need “ good, frequent and often lengthy connection”. They are as unlikely to give up that income stream as they are to return to free room service.
  5. Important distinction: in my case (having been born and raised in Manhattan) when someone refers to “NY Cruiseport” I think of Manhattan - certainly not Bayonne, NJ (in a different state), or even Brooklyn (which was a separate city until a little more than a century ago) and which lies outside of New York County - and is hardly as New Yorkish as Manhattan. My apologies.
  6. Not so much “waiting”, but passing along. We have found best bet to cross the avenue (to get away from the mob) and flag a taxi down on the northbound side (the direction towards LGA. Time is a real variable: with weekday rush hour traffic it can be over an hour, on a slow weekend, as little as 30 minutes.
  7. The “tradition” is pretty much the same: he stays on board as long as possible to secure the safe exodus of his passengers. He then is the last, or among the last, to leave alive - or he over-stays and does not get off safely.
  8. Staying on the job (which he has been paid to do) as long as possible is hardly committing suicide.
  9. It depends on the line. Generally, mass market lines charge for room service while premium lines do not.
  10. It would be a rare TA who would want to get mired in the details of local ground transportation.
  11. I assume you will have left your first ship with a fair amount of clean laundry - which will largely get used up before sailing from Spain (probably Barcelona) - but do you really want to waste port call time hunting laundromats? The concierge (or front desk) at one of the places where you will stay while in Spain will be a much more reliable source of information than folks on CC. Of course if you are sailing from Spain the same day you arrive (a shame to miss a chance to see a bit of the country) you will have to use ship’s laundry - that is what it is there for - and surly affordable for a serial cruiser.
  12. Lower Manhattan is ideal for overnight stay before sailing from Brooklyn terminal. A few interesting sites, many good restaurants, a range of hotels from low price to fairly posh, safe neighborhood - and very easy ferry trip on sailing day.
  13. I always wear a blazer while travelling (so no need to pack it). —serves for any formal nights with good trousers, tie and dress shirt— also the pockets are good for carrying travel documents.
  14. Agreed “anywhere” was too broad a term - but I was addressing someone who appeared to be a committed Caribbean cruiser.
  15. No question - Celebrity beats NCL across the board and Southern Caribbean is far superior to dreary western Caribbean. On Summit you will likely have a late night sailaway from San Juan - which is perhaps best sailaway anywhere. You should consider spending a day or two, pre- or post-, in San Juan - definitely worth the time. p.s. Noted you are from Greensboro - I recall many dates ending at the Boar and Castle —- sad that it is gone.
  16. You could consider parking in Stamford rather than New Haven - about an hour closer to Grand Central, and I think more convenient parking, but either would work. From Grand Central the Lexington Ave subway to Wall Street would put you about 1/2 mile from Pier 11, where the passenger ferry (one trip) takes you to right next to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Any midtown ferry pier would be a long walk from Grand Central.
  17. Unless your TA leg arrives early, I think you run a real risk. It recently took me over an hour and a half from on-time T/A arrival at JFK to be cleared of immigration with luggage in hand. When you add getting to likely other terminal, and clearing TSA for next flight, you will have pretty well used up another hour - and remember: you need to be ready to board that flight 30 minutes before scheduled departure. Have you TSA Pre-check?
  18. You need to consider the means by which cruise lines have managed to attract so many more passengers year after year - while having kept the fare increases well below the inflation rate: they have cut expenses by cutting staff - while increasing passenger load, thereby reducing the share of fixed costs each passenger must cover, while reducing their “grocery bills” by cutting amounts and quality of food purchases. Obviously, Carnival has followed this path, certainly NCL as well; but Princess, Royal Caribbean, HAL, and Cunard are essentially doing the same- perhaps at slightly slower rates. You commented that “cruising used to be premium service”; you should realize that, if you want to receive premium service, you cannot expect to pay discount prices. Either pay for the premium spaces and restaurants on the same lines, or switch to premium lines. Anyone who started cruising 30 years ago (when cruising WAS a luxury) must remember the old days, recognize the changes and adjust his expectations.
  19. As I recall, both acts were essentially intended to protect the U S merchant marine interests by favoring US flagged ships and protecting them against foreign competition. The difference between what US crew and foreign crew are paid is probably greater now than ever before - making US cruise passengers very interested in doing away with such protections - which permit ANY US shipping operations to exist. A number of industries have been impacted by the differences in pay standards; how many of you have recently purchased a television set or a camera which was made in the US? Or how many New Yorkers have ridden in subway cars recently made in the US - as opposed to Japan (made from iron ore shipped from the Great Lakes - some of which was smelted with coal shipped from the Chesapeake Bay).
  20. It seems you like to drive - perhaps you are always fortunate with regard to traffic. When I travel for leisure, I want it to be easy, hassle free and reasonably economical - including ALL related expenses. In any case, as I posted earlier: “enough”.
  21. There are always some folks who are challenged when it comes to reading comprehension
  22. I suppose you NEVER experience traffic delays on I-95, and that you would prefer to spend $300 on Uber vs. $128 to park at Stamford station, and that typical per-mile car costs don’t count, So just continue driving. My experience driving to/from Boston, and my preference for a good time vs a hassle cause me to think differently. Enough.
  23. If I were to start referring to Walmart as the Carnival of retail stores - would Walmart shoppers would see that as perjorative?
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