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  1. Manhattan blocks on the West side are 1,000 feet long east/west (about five blocks per mile considering the width of the avenues), and 250 feet long north/south.
  2. I am pretty sure Coral Princess will sail from Brooklyn, not Manhattan. If she wants to explore Manhattan, she should plan to spend a night or two before boarding in a Manhattan hotel. If she wants to pick up stuff before sailing, she should do it before boarding - the area around Brooklyn Cruise Terminal offers very little.
  3. I think “PPO” means Preferred Provider Option - hardly unlimited coverage, and almost certainly not covering overseas medical evacuation.
  4. Great point - for a fare difference of not much more than $5 your taxi radius is much longer, so pay more attention to wide variance in hotel room costs rather than trying to save on taxi fare.
  5. In my experience HAL and Cunard both have Catholic priests on board on all sailings.
  6. If you meet any standard definition of “problem drinker” (usually more than four drinks per day for a man or three for a woman) it can be worth it. From posts here it seems like six or seven is the minimum target. I don’t understand wanting to get a buzz on every day on a cruise, but if it important for you to do so, go ahead. Of course if a person regularly drinks that amount year round, he probably can handle that amount and stay what he feels is “sober” (disregarding what he is doing to his liver).
  7. Makes sense - as long as you KNOW you will not need it. A lot of us like the idea of being able to grab spur of the moment opportunities. I have a number of relatives living in UK - which I am virtually certain to visit at least once every other year - often on short notice. I also occasionally book a cruise on short notice - which may require a passport. Keeping a valid passport - with reasonable life left on it - is a must.
  8. The fact is that many towns/cities which are attractive in themselves have little interest in attracting cruise passengers - who rarely contribute to the local economy.
  9. Yes - it’s $19 to Manhattan -depending on your hotel’s location, you might also need a short taxi ride.
  10. If someone is planning serious travel which requires a passport he will not sweat possibly wasting a few $ worth of passport life to insure that he will be able to make the trip.
  11. Unless, of course, Silversea, Regent, Viking, Seaborne, or the like (which offer 2020 and later builds) decide to tap the upscale mid-Atlantic market.
  12. While we all hate waste, that $10 or so penalty for renewing a passport a year early is a small price to pay for comfort (unless one only sails in minimum inside cabins, buys three-day old bread, and dented cans of vegetables vs. fresh or frozen).
  13. I have mine too - the right one holds small paper clips and the left on larger paper clips. i was fortunate enough to find that my four children fairly completely assumed all the china, glassware, small rugs, pictures and most furniture which became redundant during downsizing. Of course, the final distribution is not likely to be my active concern.
  14. Which means, of course, that you will have paid - with your all-inclusive fare - for enough water, and Diet Coke, and porn as the the heaviest consumer could swill down - because the line is not in business to give anything away free. Finally, you may also be paying in advance for “free” babysitting (among countless other “free” items) because if a line decides to include some “free” things, do you really think they will only include those free things which you personally would want.
  15. Sort of a variable - if there were two or more large ships dumping passengers at the same time the police would probably not permit that sort of pick up. Once we came in on a small ship - carrying about 650 passengers - with no other ship in port —- easy pick up.
  16. An excellent point: too many cruisers seem to believe that something is “FREE” if it built in to their basic fare. It’s sort of like being happy you are given FREE wheels when you buy a car.
  17. Only if they completely rebuild access roads to achieve significantly higher clearance.
  18. Surprised - here cotton clothing is recyclable. I guess a lot of synthetics might be different, but I would not know why. Because I tend to stop using clothes before they get really tattered, virtually everything is welcomed at the local Person to Person center (which gives tax receipts for stuff in good shape).
  19. I have about 10 tee shirts (only worn as undershirts or sleepwear) and 10 grandchildren - but no link between the two categories. When badly worn the tees are demoted to cleaning cloths and finally go into the recycle bin.
  20. No - but the way I usually do things like that is to fly over, travel in Europe and come back on the QM2 - better to get the flight over first, and not have it to look forward to - also, I find it easier to adjust to time changes on eastbound flights.
  21. Less than 72 hours IS last minute - and last minute is what I have been talking about .
  22. This post did not exclude last minute name changes - and for many the last minute is when it would become an issue - when one passenger was ill or just changed plans.
  23. Yes they have - when done in a timely way - but not at the last minute.
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