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  1. An excellent point: too many cruisers seem to believe that something is “FREE” if it built in to their basic fare. It’s sort of like being happy you are given FREE wheels when you buy a car.
  2. Only if they completely rebuild access roads to achieve significantly higher clearance.
  3. Surprised - here cotton clothing is recyclable. I guess a lot of synthetics might be different, but I would not know why. Because I tend to stop using clothes before they get really tattered, virtually everything is welcomed at the local Person to Person center (which gives tax receipts for stuff in good shape).
  4. I have about 10 tee shirts (only worn as undershirts or sleepwear) and 10 grandchildren - but no link between the two categories. When badly worn the tees are demoted to cleaning cloths and finally go into the recycle bin.
  5. No - but the way I usually do things like that is to fly over, travel in Europe and come back on the QM2 - better to get the flight over first, and not have it to look forward to - also, I find it easier to adjust to time changes on eastbound flights.
  6. Less than 72 hours IS last minute - and last minute is what I have been talking about .
  7. This post did not exclude last minute name changes - and for many the last minute is when it would become an issue - when one passenger was ill or just changed plans.
  8. Yes they have - when done in a timely way - but not at the last minute.
  9. Not at all - just saying that the overwhelming majority of cruise passengers strike me as preferring low costs to quality experiences. Yes, something should be done — and consumers should be aware that consumer protections cost someone something - and if it doesn’t cost the consumers directly, it must cost the provider (the cruise line) - and don’t you realize that any costs the cruise lines bear will be passed along to the passengers?
  10. I agree that cruise lines failing to notify booked (and prospective) passengers promptly about itinerary changes is deceptive at best. However any proposed “Passenger Bill of Rights” would be almost certain to result in an increase in fares - any action which might limit the line’s revenue stream would have to be offset. There is no free lunch (except, perhaps, on the Lido deck).
  11. Has anyone else recently experienced surprisingly improved turnaround time on Government processing passport and Global Entry renewals? We just got our renewed Global Entry cards less than 10 days after submitting application. Having been advised that use of our expiring cards would be extended by a year to allow for anticipated processing delays, we were happily surprised.
  12. Yes - it’s like the telescoping walkway from the airport gate to the plane - it is intended to get you there, not to entertain or educate you.
  13. Good point - I wonder how they will handle re-opening of Baltimore port. I cannot believe they would return to a different port from port of embarkation.
  14. Of course that would be just the start of a return to higher cruise prices. The direction still seems to be downward - in per person space, and amount/quality of included things. As long as the mass market lines continue to be able to fill bunks on ever more, ever larger, ships they are likely to do everything possible to hold down fares. I would not be surprised if evening entertainment events started coming with a charge.
  15. While a flight to EWR might be cheaper, you should consider the much higher ground transfer cost from EWR to Brooklyn. Also, the closest hotels to Brooklyn Cruise port are in lower Manhattan.
  16. It is interesting to hear from people who are willing to pay thousands for a cruise, hundreds for air fare and hundreds more for a pre-cruise hotel, and then sweat over a $20 or so cab fare. Almost invariably free shuttles involve waiting and crowding even when offered.
  17. I believe I would prefer my chances on Amtrak than with an airline on day of cruise.
  18. You seem to miss the fact that today’s “all inclusive pricing” on mass market lines includes a lot less than used to be covered in the past — because the only way those lines can offer the tempting prices is by having those tempting prices cover less, and then selling the add-ons.
  19. The design/decoration of a facility tends to reflect its function. A cruise terminal needs to deal with thousands of people being processed for a couple of hours once in a day (perhaps only one or two days a week) - none of whom wants the process to take more than a few minutes. Airports are set up to handle a continuing flow of thousands of people fro early morning to late at night - most of whom plan to spend a minimum of an hour - and often more - including getting something to eat.
  20. That mention of Delaware makes me wonder if you OP has considered Amtrak on day of cruise - avoiding both hotel and parking costs.
  21. Not just “yes”, but yes of course. Why would any port facility want to spend money to pretty up a mass-production processing facility?
  22. Why would the cruise line’s want to give up an almost sure-thing revenue stream? They would have to increase their basic fares to offset that loss of income - and the “Big 3” you mention now base their pricing model on low advertised fares and nickel-diming to pad the bottom line. If you want included internet you should consider upscale lines which frequently provide free internet. The mass market lines live on low advertised prices and as much on-board spending as they can squeeze out of their passengers —- who, as you note, are folks who need “ good, frequent and often lengthy connection”. They are as unlikely to give up that income stream as they are to return to free room service.
  23. Important distinction: in my case (having been born and raised in Manhattan) when someone refers to “NY Cruiseport” I think of Manhattan - certainly not Bayonne, NJ (in a different state), or even Brooklyn (which was a separate city until a little more than a century ago) and which lies outside of New York County - and is hardly as New Yorkish as Manhattan. My apologies.
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