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  1. Good morning, I'm already on my way to Madeira so sailing past Gibraltar in the early morning. See you tomorrow....
  2. 2 ship days for me too. I visited Valencia 20 years ago to stay with a friend who was working at a school there and really enjoyed the city but my photos are long gone unfortunately. Our only visit to Gibraltar was in 1972 when my new husband and I had our first holiday abroad together and, again, the photos have disappeared into the mists of time. I am looking forward to seeing all the posters' photos which I'm sure will bring back many happy memories.
  3. Hi Ardennais, I insert all the photographs first and then scroll up to the bottom of the first photo where I click on the right side and then press my enter key twice. I then move my cursor down to the bottom of the next picture and repeat clicking the enter key. Sometimes I insert one picture and then click on the bottom corner twice to create a gap before either typing in a comment or inserting the next picture. Sorry if this isn't very clear but it's easy to do once you know how but tricky to explain the process .🤔
  4. Ajaccio looks lovely and we would live to visit sometime. Although we haven't been to Ajaccio, we have been to Propriano, Corsica, on a Thomson cruise in 2010 and thought it was very pretty. I could only find these 2 pictures..
  5. Our second visit was in 2019 when we did an excursion along the Amalfi coast to Amalfi....a stunning but scary ride! The bus ONLY hit 2 vehicles along the way which, apparently, was less than normal!!! Amalfi was gorgeous. We did a boat ride along the coast which gave us a different perspective and then spent an hour in the town.
  6. The Naples area is stunning and I need to go back because there is still so much to see! I would love to spend some time in Naples itself and also go to Herculaneum. Sadly, we don't cruise with P&O very often because, although we enjoy the ships and the ambiance, I find their itineraries are very limited and repetitive. Our first visit to Naples was in 2006 when we did an excursion to Capri, Sorento and Pompeii Capri Sorento
  7. we hopped off the HOHO bus at Mdina and spent an hour exploring this mediaeval city before resuming our island tour
  8. We also did the northern circuit of the HOHO bus which left from just outside the port gate and was a bargain at 10 euros
  9. We took the lift from the quay side to the city battlements,, 1 euro return, and then wandered through the streets of the old town
  10. We too had a fantastic Nile cruise in 2008 and share your sentiments about the lovely people and amazing sights. As you say, it is heart-breaking to see the impact of the political unrest on the ordinary people. Now onto Malta and Valetta. I had several holidays in Malta in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and then hadn't returned until 2017 so it was very interesting to see how much and how little had changed in the intervening years. The most noticeable change was the increased amount of building at the seaside resorts but the rural areas had changed little. The sail-in to Valetta harbour
  11. Now for some that are the right way up! Cairo
  12. Egypt was definitely out of our comfort zone when we went in 1992 on our first cruise and I was very nervous of a place and culture that was so different to our own but I was captivated. That first visit gave us the confidence to visit many more 'exotic' destinations in our future travels. These pictures are from that 1992 trip and I'm having the same problem with them being sideways so apologies for that and for the outfits!!!
  13. Our first visit to Rhodes was in 1992 on our first cruise and we went to Lindos. I only have 3 photos from that visit because it was in the days before digital cameras so we had to eke out our pictures to fit in with the 36 on a roll of film!!! We look so young too. For some reason the pictures that I scanned from photographs sometimes post sideways and I can't find a way to turn them round so apologies.... I'm now looking forward to Port Said!
  14. We particularly enjoyed the walk up the hill from the town to the castle...
  15. We like the Med in the low season when the weather is usually OK and the places are not crowded. We have been in Rhodes in August and it was lovely but packed!!!
  16. Good morning everyone, it is gorgeous here with a clear blue sky but quite a frost but it was lovely and warm as we sailed into Rhodes harbour at the end of November 2015... The ship docks so close to to the old town which is a real bonus...
  17. We visited the huge Golden statue and the House of the Virgin Mary
  18. This thread is so uplifting in these gloomy times and I'm loving revisiting such exciting destinations. We have been to Kusadasi twice, the first was at the end of October 2008 and the second time was at the end of November 2015 so we enjoyed pleasant weather and missed the crowds.
  19. and, lastly, my absolute favourite....The Grand Bazaar Now Kusadasi...here we come !!
  20. Our last port was Istanbul and we were up early to see the sunrise before joining our city tour. The city is certainly the meeting place of east and west...
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