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  1. The city was a very nice contrast between Spanish colonial architecture in the centre and the very modern buildings that we saw as we sailed into the port....
  2. Cartagena was a pleasant surprise after hearing so many negative things about Colombia. I'm not a lover of zoos but it was interesting to see the creatures that are kept in the little one at the port terminal... I found these in the terminal shop!!
  3. Curacao looks lovely so thank you for posting such beautiful pictures. I have really enjoyed our tour through the Caribbean. I am very sad that so many cruise lines are getting rid of their small ships because we loved being able to visit the smaller destinations like Bequia and Mayreau on Adonia. Unfortunately, our budget doesn't very often run to sailing with the companies that have the smaller ships but thank goodness for FO and their unusual itineraries. Sorry about the rant! I'm looking forward to docking in Cartagena tomorrow
  4. Our last stop was, of course, Grand Anse beach... It's a sea day for us tomorrow as we haven't been to Curacao but I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  5. ...and then to the Grand Etang volcanic lake and nature reserve... This was followed by a visit to a rum distillery where for $2pp you could have a guided tour +rum tasting or for $1pp you could just taste the rum!!! My DH enjoyed the rum and I loved the groundnut cake which was a bit like a spicy nut brittle...
  6. We did a tour out to the Annandale Waterfall...
  7. Good morning. We really enjoyed Grenada -nice people, lovely scenery, beautiful beach and clean city. St. George's
  8. We had a guided walk through the rain forest to a beautiful waterfall before spending some time in Anse La Raye.
  9. In 2016 we did an excursion to the centre of the Island so these photos of Castries were taken from the vehicle
  10. Gorgeous pictures this morning that bring back happy memories of the week's holiday that we had at Morgan Bay in 2000 and the visit in 2016 while on Adonia. We are very fond of St. Lucia. On our first visit we did a trip to the Sulphur springs followed by the catamaran cruise back to Castries....sorry about sideways photos again! i wish we were as agile as this now!!!
  11. Loved the bird pictures and Eddie99, you just brought memories of my dear, late father-in-law flooding back. He loved to say that rhyme to his grandchildren who thought it was hilarious. Great memories of a wonderful man. Great pictures of St. Kitts. Unfortunately, we didn't have the best experience there as we were docked way out of town in a very remote area, it was a Sunday so very little happening and the weather wasn't brilliant either. We did enjoy the sugar train ride and there were a lot of very merry passengers when we got off!!!
  12. It was our first visit to Tortola and we really liked the island. The pictures of the other islands are stunning so, if we go to Tortola again we will try to visit them. The port and Road Town
  13. We got some pictures of the lovely coastline as we returned, via a beach, to St. John's St. John's
  14. Our next stop was at Nelson's Dockyard and we were amazed to see how much development had taken place since our previous visit in 2000.
  15. Our driver took us straight to Shirley Heights and we were the first to arrive so it was wonderful to see the views without the crowds
  16. It's overcast and chilly this morning so it is such a treat to see these glorious pictures of Antigua. Our best visit was on Adonia in 2016 but we weren't expecting there to be 5 huge ships docked that day plus our baby! We dashed off the ship as soon as clearance was given and managed to get an island tour at the port gate immediately before the hoards descended.... Take no notice of the time stamp. It is wrong because i forgot to reset it for Caribbean time....senior moments!
  17. On the second day we got the local bus to Holetown where we spent a few hours reminiscing about our first visit 22 years before....
  18. As the cruise was a B2B, we had 2 full days on the island. My husband is a keen bird photographer so, after some research at home, I found a place where he would probably get some photos. It was a delightful garden called the Graeme Hall Wildlife Sanctuary where we spent a very pleasant 3 hours...
  19. We walked into Bridgetown... with a little help on a hot day!!
  20. More great photographs this morning. We had our first visit to Barbados in 1994 and stayed for a week in Holetown after our first 'posh' cruise which was on Monarch of the Seas . It gave us a love of the Caribbean. We have returned twice on cruises, the last time being in 2016 when we did a B2B on the lovely Adonia. My pictures are from that cruise, starting with the port.. ..
  21. Our second visit was in 2015 and we did a tour of the north east of the island where we, unfortunately, had very poor weather. Our friends went to the west and had glorious sunshine!!!
  22. Madeira is a stunning island and I would love to explore a bit more. We are not city people so have only passed through Funchal on our way out into the countryside but it seems to be a very nice place. The sail-in was beautiful... On our first visit in 2013 we went across the island and stopped at the glass viewing platform....definitely not for the faint-hearted... We travelled along the coast.... and then went west across the mountains to the little resort of Porto Moniz...
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