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  1. I was actually referring to an earlier post which stated that the poster was hoping that it would not affect the British Isle cruise which is normally a 12 day cruise and leaves from a British port. So my thinking is; why OK over in the UK and not in NA? Theo
  2. Just a thought, if 8+ days sailing is deemed unsafe to/from US ports what would make it safe to sail from any port outside the US for 8+ days? Theo
  3. The name “Wuhan virus” has been rightly or wrongly, depending who you ask, given to the Sars-CoV-2 virus (Covid19) probably for the same reason that the H1N1 influenza A virus was called “Spanish Flu” although it probably started in Camp Funston, Haskell County, Kansas USA according to Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu Theo
  4. On one of our first cruise, in 2006 coming from Hawaii (roundtrip LA), with Celebrity we had a "stop" in Ensenada at about 11:00 PM for maybe 15 minutes. There was No way for passengers to get off the ship and we always wondered if this stop was made to satisfy the PVSA ruling. If I remember right I think that the lines were not even attached to the shore. So maybe it can be done. Theo
  5. Too bad it is for US first responders only. All responders and medical workers ("World wide") do a wonderful job. No, I do not fit in any of those groups. Theo
  6. Just Google it, I did. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/technical-guidance/naming-the-coronavirus-disease-(covid-2019)-and-the-virus-that-causes-it caribill you beat me to it👍 Theo
  7. Although I know the name “Wuhan Virus” my recollection is that it is only being used by a very small group of people. The more common name of Covid19 is well known. Theo
  8. I thought about it but Nah I will keep my "Renmar" name. I always can ask my DW to start, how does "SopOma" sound, Sop being the first 3 letters of our granddaughters name and Oma is Dutch for grandma. Actually, I will lock that name in before I post this. Theo
  9. Wonder how to change ones screen name on CC. Maybe just check your profile and/or account? Have to check it out because after 15 years it is about time. Theo Found some answers on this tread from 2018; https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2596081-cannot-change-display-name/?tab=comments#comment-55990969
  10. Better than my numbers; 5 foot 10 inches---240+ lbs. 7" shorter & 40 lbs. heavier. Spare tire is doing well🙂. Theo
  11. I believe they all came to the "warm" west coast and parked their big rigs, campers ,trailers and what have you on Vancouver Island. Accommodation on Vancouver Island is hard to come by even hotels, motels etc. Theo p.s. My grandkids love it, they both are working at a campground and normally they get laid off during the winter months. This time they probably will work throughout the winter.
  12. Credit where credit is due, yes it was your post that gave me the idea. Theo
  13. This maybe/probably has been asked before but somebody posted on an other tread explaining how they got their CC name. So, here it goes; How did other Princess passengers choose their CC name? My CC name is made up of the first names of our sons---RENe & MARk. Very simple but some may be way more interesting😉 complicated🤔 or sinister😈. Maybe I should have posted this somewhere else on CC but the moderators will take care of that if needed. Theo
  14. Interesting. Could be a subject for a fun tread to know how people choose their CC name. I will start that tread and see what happens. Theo
  15. I think we are not going to solve the difference in spelling and pronunciation on these boards but I like to put my 2 cents (or any currency) in. For instance; Colour or color Flavor or flavour Roof to me sounds like "Ruff" in the US Knight--night they both sound the same to me. (I know, different meaning). Anyway, I enjoy this tread; it teaches me some proper English/Canadian/American etc. Theo
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