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  1. Thanks Michael for your kind words. I like to let everybody know that I transferred all the picture that are on my website to 🛳️deckplans dot com with the understanding that they always be free to view for everybody. My website will still be available but there won't be any upgrades of pictures especially for the new ships but 🛳️deckplans will do a good job of getting those when they come available. Theo
  2. We stayed in C315 through the Panama Canal 2 years ago and liked the larger balcony. These balconies are half covered which we thought was nice as to have some shade. I have no idea if MUTS will be a problem from the Aloha deck (never stayed on that deck) but did not notice it from Caribe deck. Theo
  3. Try to stay with BE and see if the BE cabins on the Caribe deck are available C311+312+314+315+316+317. These cabins have a larger balcony 😉. Theo
  4. The OP shows Coral in the header. Theo
  5. FCC's might proof to be totally worthless. Theo
  6. No IF (and that is a big IF) they go bankrupt then, yes we are concerned about our deposits. Maybe 10 cents to the $ if any. There are probably larger problems to deal with than us cruisers. Theo
  7. YES & YES & Yes Unless Princess goes down the drain but I can't see that happening. Theo Theo
  8. Already a tread on this subject. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2741635-are-our-cruising-days-over/ Theo
  9. If that is the definition than there is a lot of age discrimination; Driving age:16 Drinking age: 19/21 Cruising:1 person has to be 21 President of US: has to be 35 or older etc. etc. See this insurance note; Theo
  10. We too like to stick with Princess and have already a cruise booked. However, as we are in our late seventy/early eighty we probably are going to be out of luck if Princess implements the "over 70 medical clause". I think that NO doctor in her/his right mind is going to sign the "good to travel" form because of the legal consequences if something goes wrong with the cruiser. JMHO of course, time will tell. Theo
  11. We were hoping to meet you guys again on a cruise but with so many cruises you are going on it is hard to T(h)ra(c)k you down. For us it has been too long a wait to go on a Princess cruise again but if all works out we are on our way in September on board the Coral Princess. AAAHHH the memories; Theo
  12. https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/golden-grand-star-princess Theo
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