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  1. And about 20 ferry crossings between Cologne & Mainz . Theo
  2. We probably can narrow that down a bit by looking at those 40 stops and then look for a ferry service at that location. I think we are looking along the same lines, so to speak, for the answer. However, I think @notamermaidmentioned the rail line stop and a ferry service, could also narrow it down. Theo
  3. I found out you are right. My DW, who apparently has a better memory than I , told me that we did go to Murano the second time we were in Venice to visit a glass blowing factory. Of course she is right, duh. I found some more pictures from inside the glass place. My picture must have been taken at a point a little closer to the object. Anyway, it still means that @Host Jazzbeauwas the first one to mention the location and then @gnome12 came up with the name and location. So, either of you can claim the price (NO fighting please 🙂🙂). Theo
  4. By the looks of it there is more than one of these around the area. We have never been to Murano Island but have been to this city a few times. It seems to be pretty obvious now where our picture was taken. If I remember right we have seen it at different places so it is probably portable. The last time we have seen it there was some kind of clock tower as backdrop. Our picture was taken along one of the many canals but don't know which one. Like to know though. Yes it is made of glass. I think that @Host Jazzbeau has given 90% of the answer. Your turn I guess. Theo
  5. OK here we go. City & closest river. Might be a bit of a stretch. If you can name the exact location that would help me out with sorting out my pictures 😊. Theo
  6. Tell me about it. Most of the time when I wake up the right answer is already given. I think together with @vada_9we pretty well cover it from end to end timewise. Theo
  7. I will make sure by the time Europe wakes up that there will be a posting 😊. Theo
  8. It is amazing what I am learning in this tread. I always thought I was pretty knowledgeable about geography but there are so many places shown here of which I had no idea. Probably could have found all this stuff on line but that would have taken many hours (days-weeks-even months). Thanks to all for the education. So, who has the complete right answer and should post the next picture? Theo
  9. Designed by an architect by the name of Luythens (spellin?). He designed quite a few of memorials by the looks of it. He was British I think. Have no idea regarding the flags being significant other than the memorial being in France for British soldiers. Theo
  10. A memorial, in Picardy France, for the missing soldiers/servicemen of Britain & some other countries who died in Battles of the Somme during WW1. Theo
  11. Nobody playing this game anymore? I have not seen a posting on this tread since last Wednesday and there used to be multiple postings each day. Theo
  12. Maybe a new map app is on the horizon?? 😉 Theo
  13. What happened to the 1.5 to 2 miles by car or the one day walk, it sure send me down the wrong pad. As far as I can tell it is more than 75 miles from Aux-en-Provence and walking this distance would be a real task. Where did your cruise ship dock or did you go there as a pre or post tour? Theo
  14. It probably all make sense ones we know the answer but so far it does not for me. Theo
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