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  1. Miami to Los Angeles, 50 day coming down around So. America.
  2. @Lindaru If you enjoyed cruising, sometime in the future, you might want to look into cruising solo. I have been doing this for years. It is hard at first, but I have come to love and enjoy it. It is something I can do on my own, and still feel like part of a group. My heart breaks for you. Hugs and prayers being sent your way.
  3. I just checked the website, sorted by ship and the first cruise they are showing for Discovery is on 03/01/22 out of Los Angeles. It is a 5 day sailing to Cabo San Lucas. No options for cruises out of Europe. Looks like they are either deadheading to the West or plans are still in the making. I guess time will tell.
  4. I'm wondering if it is a typo? That will barely cover the cost of one martini! 🍸
  5. Tony, so sorry to hear about your friend. Hope he starts feeling better soon. On a disappointing note.....at least for me....I received a cancellation of my 50 day cruise on the Discovery that was scheduled for 1-6-22. 😔
  6. This is what it says for the 50 day cancellation: IMPORTANT NOTICES VOYAGE CANCELLATION - DISCOVERY PRINCESS Please be advised that due to deployment changes, your Discovery Princess voyage has been cancelled. Guests who choose to rebook on to any other sailing will receive an onboard credit of USD $15 per person (credit applies to first two guests on the booking; replacement cruise must be booked by July 31, 2021). Guests w
  7. I am being optimistic that if any cruises on the Discovery are cancelled, it will be the earlier cruises, and the 11/17/21 TA may end up being the inaugural cruise. 🤞
  8. Well poo...received an email from Princess this morning and my 5/1/21 cruise has been cancelled. I was kind of expecting it, but disappointing all the same. 😪
  9. Thanks to @Ourusualbeach for how to fix the settings. I was not familiar with the quote, so I "Googled" it. Came up with a lot of options, but settled on one by John Robert Lewis: "“Every generation leaves behind a legacy. What that legacy will be is determined by the people of that generation. What legacy do you want to leave behind?” ― John Lewis, Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America Thank you for having guided me to such a well spoken man, even if it was not the one being referenced.
  10. According to Marine Traffic dot com, she has arrived and departed San Pedro. She is now drifting off the West Coast. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:371495/mmsi:310567000/imo:9378462/vessel:RUBY_PRINCESS
  11. FYI, you used to be able to exchange it for 2 specialty coffee perks, if you are into the fancy coffees and teas. They used to issue two cards, 15 drinks per card. Now they load it onto your room key Check with the Captain's Circle desk when you get on board.
  12. Color me unhappy....I just got off the phone with RCCL and tried to use cruise 2 FCC's to book both the 7/14 and 7/22/22 cruises, and was told I could not, as they had to be used by 4/30/22. They would be more than happy to book the cruises, if I wanted to give them $450 deposit for each cruise. Thanks, but no. They are already sitting on over $5K of my money. 😡
  13. This is the "brightest light" I have seen in the past few months. Thank you so much for your time and energy in keeping us all hopeful. Me......I'm watching Royal. Happy Holidays everyone!
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