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  1. Another voice echoing that even though I have never met her, her posts helped me a great deal. I always appreciated her sharing her very helpful information. Condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace, Marilyn.
  2. Apparantly the Silhouette has also gone "green". I asked at Guest Relations and was told they didn't have them.
  3. Hi Arno. Just off the Silhouette and Capt. George is the Master. I asked him till when and he said he would be going on vacation on 12/1. Cruise Director was Sue Denning (just boarded in FLL on 11/8). I really miss that they don’t publish the Whose On Board info anymore! Pat
  4. I have traveled with Callie several times, and I’m always happy to find he is the CD.
  5. I'm also in So. Cal. and didn't look into this as I assumed the airfare would be prohibitive. I know what they say about "assuming" πŸ˜„, but did you find the air fare to be reasonable? Thanks for your input.
  6. He is the best! I loved his morning shows!!
  7. I made a reservation there a couple of years ago, and then after doing my research, decided it wasn't for me. It does fill up, so you might book a refundable reservation, then do your research.
  8. But someone will have already slept in "my" bed and used the facilities. I'm teasing..no biggy, but it would have been nice to have heard about from X rather than on CC. Like one of the CD's said, they check CC to see where they are being assigned next. LOL Thanks vtc.....good to hear the difference.
  9. So we aren't really "The Inaugural Cruise". 😞
  10. Thank You JB for this information. I am sailing out of Southampton in early April, and I am planning on spending 4 nights in Bath. Appreciate the input. I hope we are on the same cruise sometime. I have found you to be a wealth of useful information on numerous CC boards! Pat
  11. I agree. I have sailed with her as ACD and she is a bundle of energy and very visible. Congrats on her promotion...well deserved. Pat
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