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  1. When I was on the MSC Seaside in Nov./Dec. 2019, they did have a solo meet and greets.
  2. Barb, You're correct that the military discount can't be combined with the 5% discount. But you can check the 5/10% or 5/15% discounts to see if your sailing is in either of those specials. Here's the link to the 5/15% discount: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club/msc-club-pax-type-515 You'll notice there's also a link for the 5/10% discount above the Search section. -Mark
  3. This is my thought also. NCL or other cruise lines won't change their itineraries until after the CDC allows them to start cruising from the US.
  4. To clarify: In my understanding, they do fall under the CDC but they won't fall under the Conditional Sail Order.
  5. I believe because they're sailing with less than 250 people (passengers and crew).
  6. Hi Rachel, The experience is not always a different cabin but more with what benefits are included. It can be confusing but for instance, a particular balcony cabin can be a fantastica experience or a Aurea experience. Of course the Yacht Club cabins also include the Yacht Club private area is like an experience itself. Certain cabin types may only be available for certain experiences. When I first started looking at MSC, it seemed like a maze. To make it easier, first decide what type of cabin you want (Inside, OV, ect.) than decide what benefits you want.
  7. MSC just posted that all Caribbean itineraries are canceled through the end of May. Here's the section that states the cancellation: OTHER ITINERARY UPDATES MSC Cruises today also updated the itineraries for the start of its summer season (beginning in April) as a result of the delay in the return to availability of certain ports across Europe and is canceling all other itineraries in the West Mediterranean for April and May 2021, with cruises there resuming from June 2021 as planned. Similarly, in the East Mediterranean cruises are canceled for April 2
  8. The YC is the experience so I'm confussed with the Aurea Experience being the only option. It might just be the MSC website being confusing. Not all of the Aurea experience perks are included in the YC. The YC get the "Premium Drink" package, access to the thermal spa but doesn't get the free massages. On the MSC Seaside the Gelato was included but I'm not sure if it is on the Meraviglia.
  9. Diver0311, The YC comes with the equivlant of the Premium drink package.
  10. You can't upgrade the drink package on-line, you have to call MSC or your TA. Sometimes this can be a process if you don't get a person who was trained properly. Just make sure that you know how much it should be. I've had luck a few times but not all the time.
  11. The problem is that the FCC hasn't been issued yet. If you wanted to put the deposit down, you should be able to apply the FCC when your issued it. Obviously ask before hand just to make sure. I believe that MSC is planning on issuing the FCC's for Jan. cruises at the end of Jan. Once they issue it, you can use it.
  12. I would ask your TA or call MSC to find out. If I was to take a guess, it's referring to the cruises cancelled with the specified dates (Sept. 16 and after). But I could be wrong. So it doesn't hurt to call and ask.
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