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  1. We were on Oasis too. Still symptom free. Hope everyone washy washy-ed enough! I know both ships were together in Costa Maya, so what are the chances only 1 person per ship? ...with letters going out at same time for both! i am not trying to read much into it, but seems strange both letters were sent at same time.
  2. Off Oasis today...Captain said they will be anchoring somewhere in Bahamas. May go out into Atlantic a couple of times to test systems. He joked it will be first time Oasis has actually truly anchored...he hopes the anchor works! Most crew will stay onboard, but will have choice to go home.
  3. Boarding on Sunday...I will have one Sunday afternoon! DQ probably uses the same bags.
  4. I don't want this to come across completely rude, but if you think you have a better solution, please present it. In the meantime, I think this is list is probably very accurate to within a week or so of a change.
  5. We are on the same cruise. We have "suggested" arrival time of 11:30, but I plan to be there by 10:00, hoping to board between 10:30-11.
  6. We love Anthem. I do not understand why Quantum class gets such a bad rap? People complain about the layout...it is a ship...long and narrow? Maybe I am good with direction, but I did not find it any harder to navigate than any other ship I have been on. We have been on in January during the Jewish holiday and I personally did not find it to be any different than other cruises I have been on, but I am a pretty laid back person. When we were on in January, I think we were lucky with the weather, it was great. My kids were on the flowrider until late in the day on the last day heading back to Bayonne. There is so much to do inside as well. My kids were 13 & 10 as well and they lived in the Seaplex and on the Flowrider. We only went in the indoor pool once and that was the 1st night of the cruise. Go enjoy your cruise and form your own opinion of the ship. It's what you make of it, but I think you will enjoy it.
  7. Thank you Twangster for another awesome review. Anthem is our favourite ship! We were on the same cruise in 2018 to Miami you referenced earlier. As you were aware, Captain Srecko was also on that cruise and he was just fantastic. We spoke with him a couple of times around the ship and he was great with my kids who remember seeing him as Captain on Quantum during the Mighty Ships episode.
  8. When we were on Anthem, our cabin attendant made up the sofa bed with separate sheets almost like two separate beds. The sofa bed, when made up was same level across, not like Kenโ€™s photo above. If they can do it like that, that would be even better. Just speak with your cabin attendant.
  9. I personally will never know as I can't get there early enough to compete with all the blue towels that enjoy sunning themselves without a human to block the sun.๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. That is a great sign for all those sailing Nov. 24.
  11. I am curious what cabins your originally had booked and how many in each? We have connecting cabins on deck 9 in March, 2 in each room. When they change the category of a cabin, are they changing the maximum number of people in the room? Are they going from 4 down to 2 or 2 up to 3or4 if that makes sense that someone can clarify for me?
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