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  1. You might check with the company that issued the certificate as a lot of the hotel chains have temporarily relaxed their requirements to use expiring points and such.
  2. My sister and I both got an extra room key for my Mom’s room, as she wears hearing aids and we didn’t want to be banging on her door early in the morning when we came to take her to breakfast. We all three went down to Guest Services.
  3. I normally drink bottled water at home, but had no problem with the taste of the water from dispensers on my Royal Cruise this past fall. I filled my water bottle with the cups of water.
  4. When I’ve had price reductions, they didn’t cancel and rebook. They just adjusted the balance due or refunded my credit card if I had paid in full.
  5. I was on Serenade do the Seas in November, and the muster drill was outside. Our room steward actually knocked on the cabin door a few minutes before the official announcement and told us to go to the muster station.
  6. I had a battery pack plus several extra batteries for cameras in my carry on and had no issues either at the airport or the cruise ship back in November.
  7. I do not believe that a tour of the rum factory was included with our trolley tour. We gave our ticket to the gentleman from the company at the pier and he gave us a sticker to wear that granted us admission to the trolley for the day.
  8. Yes, we were in Key West on November 13. You get on the Trolley at their office and then you can get on and get off at as many stops as you wanted. You had a little sticker to indicate that you had purchased the trolley for that day. I booked through Royal Caribbean and got a pretty good deal since I booked during one of their sales. We rode all the way around as did many others. Others hopped on the Trolley, if there was room, at various stops and then got off a few stops later. We were on a music theme cruise and needed to get back to the ship for a pool concert or we would have ridden the Trolley more.
  9. I was on Serenade of the Seas two weeks ago, and many doors were decorated with no issues.
  10. I purchased the Trolley through Royal Caribbean. We were given a sticker to wear which allowed us to ride the Trolley as much as we wanted all day. We chose to ride the Trolley the entire circuit of 13 stops and then choose the stops that we would get off and explore. You did have to get off at the first stop and catch a new Trolley, but the trolleys were generally only a few minutes apart so not much of a long wait. The only downside was if you wanted to get to Trolley Stop 10 and got on at Trolley Stop 2, you had to ride through all the stops between 2 and 10.
  11. I will definitely post my impressions after the cruise.
  12. Royal recently had a Labor Day sale on the refreshment package which reduced the price by 30%. I would suspect similar holiday sales might reduce the price of the package in the future.
  13. 1. Yes, just get the booking number from her and you can make payments on your part of the cruise cost after setting it up in Carnival Cruise Manager. 2 and 3. Yes, you should be able to add any purchase such as WiFi, spa, or excursions on Carnival Cruise Manager. Generally, it asks which customer is purchasing the item. 4. When you do your on-line check-in, you can add separate credit cards for each person.
  14. On the Royal Caribbean website, they have the Trolley listed as a hop on hop off experience. I have it booked this coming November, so hopefully their description is correct.
  15. Per the Royal Caribbean website, the fine is $250.00 (although they call it a cleaning fee).
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