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  1. We did 4 last year, but only 1 this year. We did have another cruise scheduled for November, but have had to cancel due to an illness in the family. However, next year, barring any unforeseen obstacles, we're currently scheduled for 6 (the wife retires at the end of this year and I retired in 2017) since we will have an abundance of free time on our hands. 😀 Garnett
  2. Like others here, I emailed Guest Services and had my OBC in about 48 hours. Garnett
  3. Not sure what browser you're using, but in Firefox, once you've signed in to Cruise Critic, simply go to the main page on the Carnival board and click on the blue dot to the left of the thread and that will take you to your first unread post in the thread. Garnett
  4. Carnival waived the fee for me once, but I believe the fact that I had about 10 other cruises already booked for the future weighed somewhat on their decision to do so. Also, as I recall, I was wanting to cancel a 7 day cruise and move it to a newly booked 16 day cruise, so the longer cruise did mean an increase in revenue for Carnival. In waiving the fee, Carnival made it abundantly clear that this was a 'one-time-only deal' and I shouldn't count on it happening again in the future. Garnett
  5. Apparently, some of the Carnival gift cards they have do not have PIN #'s... Garnett
  6. In looking at the community boards on the AARP site, I'd say it's VERY glitchy. Several inquiries as to why the site is doing this or that. Also, it APPEARS that they still will be offering Carnival gift cards once they have their ducks in a row. Below is a post from one of their administrators in answer as to if Carnival gift cards will be back. AARPTeri Community Manager Re: Carnival gift cards 95 Views Message 3 of 5 ‎09-25-2019 10:00 PM @David3520 and @juditha99205 They will be back! I will update this thread when we have an issue resolved with them. AARPTeri Report Inappropriate Content Tags Add tags
  7. Yes, I'm able. Having said that, when I clicked on the "Account" tab, it refused to show my transaction history. However, when I refreshed the screen, the history was there. Garnett
  8. I agree with the above, however, they have removed the verbiage that indicates that Diamond, Platinum, and FTTF are OK to enter. Best that I remember (and I'm 98% sure on this), the sign now says simply that the rooms won't be ready until X time. However, if you are priority, you can enter and go to your room. Garnett
  9. Depends upon your start time relative to cruising. From my perspective, I do think the cruises are cheaper when adjusted for inflation...however, I started cruising in 1974 on Eastern Steamship's SS Bahama Star. While I don't have records from that cruise, I do have memorabilia from a 7 day cruise on NCL's Skyward in 1980. On that trip, I paid $900/person. Think about it...a 7 day cruise in 1980 dollars for $900/person...and that was an outside room (porthole) on a 16,000 ton ship, which is minuscule by today's standards. But, I do agree that pricing has increased over the past 10 years or so, but I chalk that up to the economy recovering from the latest recession and the ever-present rule of supply and demand. Garnett
  10. "Penal Canal" LOL Ya gotta love auto-correct. I texted my sister last week that I had to put "new tires on my cat"...meaning "car". Garnett
  11. No, no regrets. My wife and I have 6 Carnival cruises booked for 2020 and another 3 booked for 2021...and I haven't looked at late 2021 (which just opened) yet. Honestly, I don't see FTTF as on the same level as Platinum/Diamond...maybe I'm deluding myself, but FTTF doesn't bother me. As far as the loyalty gift goes, yes, some of them have been meh, but for the most part, I've enjoyed them. Sure, I'd trade it for free internet or something similar, but until that happens, I'll be content just to receive a small token of recognition from Carnival.
  12. Possibly, but only if they exchange each Platinum for a FTTF passenger. However, if they continue to control the amount of FTTF offerings based solely on the amount of Diamonds sailing, they could still increase FTTF revenue. Regardless, this is only my speculation....nothing else. Garnett
  13. Nothing would surprise me, but in answer to your question, I don't think taking away the Platinum early debark is on the table. Given that the process (usually) is very smooth and requires few Carnival resources, I think Carnival will probably leave this perk alone. Having said that, I do fully expect Carnival to take some form of action as it relates to Platinum early EMBARKATION. Getting on the ship as a priority and being able to go directly to your stateroom definitely requires much more of the housekeeping staff...and as we've all experienced and seen previously, sometimes the staff just isn't up to the task given the labor cutbacks and the growing # of Platinums. In the past year, I've been on two cruises where we were told that our room won't be ready at embarkation. We were able to drop off our carry-on luggage, but asked to leave the stateroom until 1:30. Given the above scenario...and from a business perspective...it makes sense (to me anyway) to switch your focus from a very large group of passengers (Diamonds, Platinums, FTTF's) and re-focus on a smaller group of passengers....especially, when that smaller group includes FTTF passengers who are generating basically free money. Honestly, if Platinums are excluded in some way going forward, I would expect to see the FTTF offerings increase. i.e. for example, instead of offering 50 slots per cruise, increase it to 100 slots. Bottom line, for Platinum passengers, I see Carnival preserving the early debarkation, but putting some form of restriction on the early embarkation. Only my opinion... Garnett
  14. Generally speaking, no. In my experience, Carnival used to be somewhat lax about this, but in recent years seems to have tightened the reins. From what I've personally experienced as well as seen/read, Carnival will now ask for your daughter and her family to go through the normal embarkation process apart from you and the priority process. Of course, you can always elect to board with them, if boarding at the same time is important to you. Others may have different experiences, but I believe the above to be accurate. Garnett
  15. FALLFAVESAVE19 = 2000 points 19FALLFAVESAVE = 1000 points Garnett
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