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  1. Carnival's former Holiday was beached for scrapping early this morning. Here's her picture on the beach at Alang, India. She most recently sailed as "Magellan" for CMV.
  2. Pardon me if I misunderstand you, but I think you're referring to the 180,000 ton (or thereabouts) Carnival Celebration that is still under construction. The "Celebration" referred to in this thread was built back in 1987 and had a GRT of around 48,000. Also, GRT is a measurement of space, not weight. I THINK the tonnage listed here is the actual weight of the steel contained in the ship, but I could be wrong. Garnett
  3. Celebration on the beach at Alang, India. Garnett
  4. It's on a "the Book of Faces" page called "Ship Breaking". You'll have to scroll down a ways, but it's there. The page is open to the public, so you should be able to get in. Relative to the invalid link, did you put the ".com" suffix to the 'book of faces' when copying the link? Garnett
  5. The below link hopefully will take you to a short video showing the scrapping of these ships as of 1/6/21. https://www.*****/shipbreaking/permalink/10160209429543943/ Garnett
  6. Yes, from left to right it's Monarch, Sovereign, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Fantasy, and Carnival Imagination. However, this picture is dated. The last picture I saw had the Sovereign almost completely demolished with only a small portion of her stern remaining. Also, the Fantasy is now dismantled all the way back to her funnel. Garnett
  7. Speculation is that their owner has bought the ships as purely an investment (and not necessarily to operate them) and intends to resell them to new owners at a profit once the COVID pandemic passes and the value of the ships increase. Garnett
  8. That depends... Have you told Carnival which future cruise you want the FCC applied to? If not, then the FCC is sitting in limbo on your original booking (i.e. the cruise that was canceled) and you won't be able to see it. However, if you have had the FCC applied to a new cruise, then you should be able to see it on the Cabin Confirmations email they send you at the time of booking. Garnett
  9. I have had the FCC and OBC moved to a previously booked cruise multiple times (like 7 or 8 times) since March of this year without any issues. Ive never been asked to move it to a "new" cruise. This surprises me and has not been my experience. Garnett
  10. From John Heald's Facebook page... Quick question John, I apologize if I've missed the answer. Have the November cruises from Port Canaveral filled up or have they been taken down/cancelled? We are scheduled to sail Nov 29 on the Breeze from Canaveral and had another couple trying to book but the sailings are no longer listed (they were yesterday). Thanks
  11. As of 30 minutes ago, I was able to see November 2020. However, November 2020 is not showing now. My speculation is that the cruises aren't cancelled...and that they MAY sail. I believe Carnival is being preemptive and is trying to stop people (like me) who just had their November/December cruise cancelled and are looking to see if they can switch to a Port Canaveral/Miami departure instead. Just a wild guess... Garnett
  12. Assuming Carnival cancelled the cruise, then this can be done. I've done this multiple times during the pandemic, so it shouldn't be an issue. However, if you initiate the cancellation, I'm not sure. Garnett
  13. Nor Tropicale (since we seem to have a trend going) 🙂
  14. In years gone past, Peter Knego used to go to Alang and literally procure container loads of "trinkets" and send them back to the US for resale. Here's his website https://www.midshipcentury.com/shop Having said that, he usually was focused on the former liners of a different era and I don't envision him showing much interest in either Carnival's or RCCL's former ships that are currently beached. Garnett
  15. I've booked several cruises (15+) since this pandemic began. The last two as recently as this week. In essence, I feel cruising will return in some form or another, but the bigger question to me is how will Carnival's financial downturn affect future pricing. Accordingly, after consulting with the wife, we decided to book multiple cruises between November 2020 and April 2023. At least we're locked in on the pricing in case prices start to escalate in the near future. Garnett
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