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  1. Because of timing, there beingbno Cunard Mediteranean cruises in early summer, I booked a suite on P&O, for a 19 night cruise for £10k c.f. the Cunard equivalent, but in September not early June as we wanted which was £18k. Physically P&O suites are as good a QG, if not better , you get a proper dining table. You don't get grills deck or QG dining. However will eat in speciality dining most nights, spend a lot on Wine and Champagne and still have a healthy saving. Would and will still go QG for the right cruise at right time, but Cunard must get it right to be worth it. QG competition isn't Britannia but suites on other lines. P&O, offer same space for less, other cruise lines offer better service at same price, but without the special feeling of dressing for dinner on Cunard.
  2. Unless the next grade up takes you over a significant threshold i.e. Britannia to club , club to princess, princess to queens , then always tick no upgrade, which you can do on Cunard website. Upgrades are bound to be to one of the more unpopular cabins in a higher grade. If you want to take the gamble of an upgrade, might as well buy a saver fare and save money as well as gamble on cabin position.
  3. They accept jpegs as well as PDF, when printer scanner broke I just took a photo on tablet and send that.
  4. I've found Cunard to be very efficient 're share holder credit. You get and immediate automatic response that email has arrived , and if you've booked directly a new booking confirmation with the OBC in a few days. If through a TA , it may take a bit longer , but when I used a TA , they forwarded the email the same day
  5. I've never managed £300 per night , nearer to £380. This is an impossible question, everything depends on individual circumstances. If the choice is 1 week in QG vs 2 in Brittania that is one question, then I'd say the premium wasn't worth it. If you can afford QG and don't have to sacrifice anything else, e.g. other holidays etc etc, and it will only go to tax man in the end , then spend it, the premium is worth it.
  6. Seen that, let's see what Cunard do. Meanwhile survive 70 mph winds hitting Cornwall tonight and tomorrow.
  7. I was lucky, I asked the same question a quite few years ago with Cunard. The lady on the phone said yes I could have it. I then booked on phone. When I got email confirmation no 5% discount. I emailed them they replied saying as I hadn't taken cruise it wasn't applicable. I said listen to what your agent said you made a verbal contract with me. I got the 5% off. Just need the right agent on phone.
  8. QE is heading south on Sunday right at big swell on Monday night through Tuesday, QM2 depends on route it takes. Might have to go north to miss it.
  9. A red or green suit would be great, they are a real style statement for someone young. A grey suit which is nearer to dress code to me says I don't have, can't be bothered with a DJ
  10. QE leaving Southampton on Sunday. I see 10 metre waves predicted for bay of Biscay Monday, rising to 12.5metre as we approach NW Spain on Tuesday. (WWW.weatheronline.com) Anyone had experience of either ship in these waves
  11. I must be unlucky then, ended up in a 100yard queue. I will be behind everyone knowing my luck, try and get there before 12am. See rough seas predicted bay biscay 10 metre plus up to 12.5 as you near Spain on Monday and Tuesday (www.weatheronline.com)
  12. I must be unlucky then, ended up in a 100yard queue.
  13. We have so far booked select but it's a matter of economics, at launch the OBC plus discount makes Select not much more expensive. If we were booking at another time without the select discount and there was a big price difference then it depends on cabin you are booking. We like a midship full suite, where basically there are no bad cabins, so a guarantee would work, as you can't be downgraded. However in a cabin grade where there are cabins you don't like in that grade or the grades above, then a guarantee is a much bigger risk, much more likely to end up with cabins no one wants. But if there are no cabins you don't like in in the grade you chose and any upgrades would be true upgrades it's a good deal. Need to spend a lot of time looking at deck plans.
  14. Thank you Jean. We will I think stick to Club ,we have early sitting, and hopefully continue with our string of nice table companions. I don't know what we'd do if a similiar situation to your disaster last year occurs. Did you try to move table, if so what was the response. I think I would try to move to freedom, or if not ask for a table change in club, but don't know the chance of success
  15. Thanks for all your thoughts We are going on a 19 med cruise. We will eat in MDR on all formal nights. In Sindhu and Ocean Grill on the 7 port nights, undecided on rest but most probably MDR. So far have had great table companions who we don't see in day and enjoy catching up with at night. Still contemplating freedom vs club.
  16. Jean We've always used club, and been lucky with table companions. The freedom of freedom dining appeals but we like a table of 6 to talk to others. My one worry about freedom dining do you have time to get past the introductory conversation, my name's...... , ....., etc
  17. Tackyness does bother me , bias does and all papers are equally guilty of that even your preferred so called non tacky ones and getting more so by the day. If you rely on papers for your news, you must read at least 3 or 4 to make your own unbiased opinion and to understand the mood of the country you must read papers you disagree with. Hence I always read your posts. Many of us have given up on papers and use multiple sources on the internet. But back to the subject of formal nights. If your prejudices are right. Given that the Tacky Wail as you call it has a circulation greater than all your preferred papers combined and its market share is growing, then the writing is on the wall . It looks like we'll all have to get string vests like Onslow as formal attire. But of course you may be wrong about both the mail and it's readers tastes. I think they would support formal nights.
  18. I personally am of the opinion that one formal night isn't worth packing a DJ for. I very happily take one for 4 or 5 formal nights in a cruise. However I wouldn't want to eat in the buffet, I am on holiday and want waiter service. So under current policies would be forced to take a DJ. So I agree with the sentiment that the other restaurants Sindhu, Ocean Grill Epicurean should be outside of formal dress code . As someone said think of the formal nights going to dinner dance, so only the MDR , the bar nearest to MDR and the ballroom need to be be formal , the rest should be smart casual. Actually if you think about it formal dress discriminates against men. A woman can wear a nice dress that would do for smart attire and no-one would say any thing. A man must bring separate set of clothes. I wouldn't go on a cruise with one formal night a week. However if they change the cruises I've booked on, which all have plenty of sea days and my expectation is 5 formal nights I will not be happy. Iona is a different ship in many wsyd ,But I expect it is the way of the future. Especially for all the family friendly ships. Hopefully Arcadia and Aurora will retain more formal nights.
  19. I think 1 formal night a week is a waste of time not worth packing extra clothes. Either drop them completely or have at least 2 per week. One person week shows they are trying to please everyone and will please no-one.
  20. I thought they encourage you to use a paper towel to open toilet doors.
  21. We had this just once in a 17 day cruise on Aurora in Port in Tenerife , we did not go ashore, but could use anywhere in front of funnels due to prevailing wind covering front with soot. All the soot must have come down early before we got up. They were cleaning it all day. Never had any problems when the ship was moving. But due to invisible polution will now try to be forward of funnels when sitting outside.
  22. Just one more thought, always wondered why we can't order drink before hand using cruise personaliser. Mrs W gives me grief about drinking her champagne.
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