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  1. Vest = waistcoat, never seen a string one but seen some very nice crocheted ones, they were all the fashion for the 60's (1960s not age) hippy girl (or boy) with floral flared trousers. Have to search the attic for next cruise.
  2. Consistency is easy. It's less work than different words in different places resulting in confusing inconsistencies. That's what's annoying.
  3. Dress as you please as a code, means dress as you please. We cannot read anything else into it , or judge the results if we don't like them
  4. By the way I feel "dress as you please" is the most ridiculous NON dress code ever. However, if that is the code, it is not up to us to judge the dress of others, or to ask them to do otherwise. We can judge the sense of who wrote those words
  5. My post wasn't about decency or what I prefer or I would do , but simply the wording of code, there is only one arbiter of what we should wear that is Cunard. Not passengers. Hence the wording of the code matters. Dress as you like means one thing, it means dress as you like, and if it was the only code it would override what any guest believes is appropriate. Cover up indoors means something else. I just find it very sloppy, what is difficult about having exactly the same wording, in the website on the brochure and daily programme.
  6. In my first post I was simply pointing out what the rules as clearly stated on the Cunard website say, that is "dress as you please in all areas of the ship", which would allow bathing wear inside. I was and always will up hold the dress code as written by the only Arbiter, Cunard. If you had bothered to read my second post , I was again not objecting to the Cunard dress code just to the fact that there are two incompatible versions of it. If people are told "dress as you please in any part of the ship" , then no one should object to people following that rule. That applies to self appointed Cunarders, who see themselves as guardians of the dress code If people are told " swim wear must be covered up before entering enclosed area " then that is what we all should do. They are both concurrent instructions there is no last instruction. If I read the daily programme at 9am and then go on the website at 9.05 am, the website becomes the latest instruction . Thus it is not clear which one has presidence. The rules should be identical on the website and on all other medium. There should be no debate. I'm happy with either version of the code but not both at the same time. As for me finding another cruise line that is nothing but my business.
  7. All I can say is left hand and right hand. I believe in rules and consistency, surely it should not be beyond Cunard to have the same dress code in all media. It is absolutely useless to publish one dress code on the web site to be read before you arrive at the ship and a different one in the daily programme on the ship. The statements " swim wear must be covered up before entering enclosed areas" and " dress as you please in all areas of the ship" are two completely incompatible statements. I believe the only arbiter of what you should wear should be the dress code as published by Cunard. This should be clear and the same everywhere. Debates about dress code can be fun, but there really should be no debate.
  8. The website under what to wear says "During the day, you are welcome to relax and dress as you please in all areas of the ship. " Those of us who don't get paper anymore rely on the website.
  9. The dress code states that you can wear whatever you feel comfortable with in the day , that is before 6pm. So what you wear is in the day is entirely at your discretion. For example there is no rule that states you can't walk from your cabin to the pool and back in in bathing attire, but you might stand out if you wore it to lunch, not to be recommended but it's your choice. It's nice to see that Port Royal has added the word please to his bathing attire recommendation, he has become less strident. After 6pm the dress code should be strictly adhered to. For me , Dressing well in the evening, getting ready, having a drink before dinner surrounded by people who also have taken time to dress up is part of the fun.
  10. Cunard allows national dress, if a bolo tie was the official dress of a State then if you come from that state it should be fine. However I don't know if states have the equivalent of national dress and if any have a bolo tie as part of official or unofficial national state dress
  11. It's called a black tie event, to distinguish it from a more formal evening dress , a white tie event, not because the ties have to be black. The orginal black ties were a blue/black mix, which looks even blacker than pure black at night under artificial lighting . When I referred to Curchills straight bow tie, I was referring to the fact it was a proper hand tied bow tie , which is almost impossible to get perfectly straight and even. Not a that he never wore a black bow tie. I was encouraging the OP to have the fun and frustration of tying your own.
  12. Like lanky lad can't wait to dress up for dinner A dark suit is fine, but why should the women have all the fun , get a Tux ( or DJ for us Brits) , experiment with different bow ties , have the fun of tieing your own , you never saw Churchill in a straight bow tie, get a few different cummerbands. Bring out your inner Peacock, remember in nature it's the males who have the best plumage.
  13. Only done one P&O cruise, Capetown to UK , last leg of a world cruise All I can say was everyone followed the dress code on P&O in those parts of the ship where it was mandated. I found dress, and passengers in general just as smart as Cunard. Perhaps it varies depending on the itinerary , but I expect this is true of all lines. I don't go anywhere near the buffets at anytime or non formal dress areas on formal nights
  14. Is this before the summer 2022 is put on sale.
  15. Saga prices are in line with seabourn, regent so you should compare their service with these lines not P&O. A 2 week cruise is 6k dearer with Saga, you'd be hard to spend that on p&O. HOWEVER the saga price could be money well spent if it's service is that of luxury lines
  16. Thanks, it's pot luck coming back from wintering in SA, we need a ship going from Capetown to UK in either the last week or so of March or first two of April. Also want to go the quick way up the Atlantic, not through Suez. We take what we can get , so far it's been only Cunard and P&O .
  17. Thanks for your comments, I'm a relative cruise newby 4 cruises, 3 of which Cunard QG, 1 P&O. Three of the four have been A to B trips coming or going to south Africa, only the Cunard Baltic was a simple cruise for its own sake. For the long journey north and south Atlantic and bay of Biscay, a midships cabin is a must. We also went midships on the Baltic although it was wasn't necessary, but after a bad BoB it was the only way to get my wife on a ship again. We now both agree that for Med , Caribbean etc we'd go aft Q6, but midships for crossing oceans First cruise was P&O Capetown to UK , I thought the suite was better laid out than QE/V q3/4 cabins, the Q3/4 was fine for ourselves but cramped for guests. Anyway all we could get for 2022 Capetown to UK midships was a PG . I think although long and thin it offers almost as much practical space as the badly designed Q3/4s. Interesting to compare PG food to QG, over the 3 QG cruises the novelty of ordering off menu for me wore off quite quickly. Only went off menu once on last cruise. Comparing the P&O trip to Cunard , clearly the P&O main dining doesnt compare to QG but neither would brittania. As we were on Aurora only select dining was Sindhu, a very nice Indian restaurant but not for every day. I'd choice another ship with more select dining. The P&O evening entertainment was superior to Cunard by a long way. I didn't find the ambience on P&O any different to Cunard. Thanks for thoughts about smaller ships e.g. Seabourn. There is great appeal, especially in the smaller ports they can get into. I don't think we will go down the Regent route with excursions included as we like to do our own thing. I'm also 50:50 about the idea of all inclusive on the smaller luxury ships . Tend not to drink in the day, but at night I like to choose something special . In the end we do like cruises even if a bit late coming to them, and can't wait for new brochures, but I think I will be flexible and timing and intinary driven, not ship or cruise line driven.
  18. I've weakened and booked our return from South Africa in 2022 on Q.V., have quite a bit of stuff that wont fit into suitcase to bring back. As a last minute thought couldn't get QG so went PG. Very interesting to see if I feel QG is worth the extra £5k over QG. I originally said we'd not cruise to 2023 but we now are thinking about booking summer 2022 onwards. My choice of cruise will always be intinary first. But open to 3 options 1) Suite in a medium level line (e.g P&O in carnival family) , with a large balcony, and then make very daily use of select dining to enhance experience. 2) Cunard Grills ( or other ship within ship concept ) 3) Small "luxury" ship , e.g. Seaborne What are people views/experience
  19. I was just about to book Q111N , but dithered thinking it may be cancelled, but should I go for it, it looked great value 10k for 20 nights in QG. That's life
  20. Tattoos and piercings don't upset me I've grown used to them, they don't have the same significance they used to have, you can't judge people by things like this any more. I know some very nice even if misguided people with tattoos. But it's when every other word is ***** that my skin crawls. Can't say any more or I will be cancelled.
  21. Voyage personaliser has always worked for me but I still can't access my account, where my details and preferences etc are stored
  22. Both Cunard and P&O websites won't link a new booking to an account. Presume either personal data has been taken off line by carnival as a precaution , good. Or the've been ransomed, bad. Cant but wait and see.
  23. They say online booking is working , maybe for new customers, but mine won't link to my account.
  24. They have my name , address , dob on my account, which leaves me open to identify theft They should have deleted credit card details after refund, and passport details should have deleted as when last cruise was cancelled and luckily I haven't inputted them yet for 2022 cruise. But who knows what they keep in back up. As Majortom said worrying, let's see how long it takes them to contact us. My bet is never. Working from home is not always as secure as working from office. It can be but that takes time and investment.
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