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  1. We have crossed Atlantic last November to Caribbean, fine in a Midship suite, even so my wife needed a tablet. However it was bouncy in Aft speciality restaurants enough to make us cut meal short and same forward in Brittania lounge. Would be lucky to have a smoother crossing. Our 4m waves are about as good as it can get in winter, could be a lot worse. Midship was fine
  2. Forward suites look great bargin compared to midship in terms of space per £. But we've found Discovery and adventure to move quite a bit, in what for other ships would be moderate seas (anything above 3m waves) Brittania lounge unusable. Be warned.
  3. You must compare prices , UK prices are often better than US even with no offere
  4. In the end it doesn't matter, they need a popular upmarket restaurants, that doesn't overlap with Epicurean or Sindhu and that's not niche. A sushi (as they have it already) plus a Chinese would I think be very popular.
  5. For people who deliberately don't pack the right clothes, your comment is appropriate. alternatively people who have had the rare and unfortunate ocurance of lost or late luggage. No one should be expected to lug a huge carry on plus a suit carrier. They haven't chosen to flaunt rules, and for all you know aren't capable of carrying all that hand luggage. Just lighten up and enjoy the cruise
  6. That's taking the fashion sharing economy to another level.
  7. Sorry not I to rental or slop chest, would buy what I could on board or in shops. Minimal to see me over, no pressure. Expect consideration.
  8. I'll continue with my chosen lines , Cunard ( QG ) , Saga , Seabourne, Ritz Carlton Yacht club, so you know which other lines and on Cunard which dinning room to avoid.
  9. Thank you Victoria2. Travelling is about maximising my comfort. The place for clothes is primarily in the hold. I've never made use of my 96kg allowance, but would if I have to. The thought of lugging a suit carrier , through security , to the lounge, then the long walk to a plane , then back through immigration, baggage hall , then the transfer to ship finnally through check-in and security once again. No way.
  10. I pack with risk in mind but it's casual comfortable and light, but that wouldn't cover a formal night, and I'm not I to rental clothes. I don't want hand luggage that weighs as much as a suitcase. Nor do I want the bother of a suit carrier, yes I know they will hang them up. So no lessons thank you about be prepared and pack kitchen sink in hand luggage. As you can't control if your luggage is delayed it can't be seen as a strategy to dodge dress code never mind what the unsympathetic dress code fanatics say.
  11. Agree, but also, if my luggage was lost , I'd appreciate some flexibility. I would be most annoyed if I was told had to eat in the non dress code part of ship.
  12. "Means to me" is vague and clearly not enforceable. Again what people think or say doesn't count, it's what's written down that counts. It is not difficult for Cunard to make the dress code unambiguous, as they have not done this, I think they purposefully want it to mean everything to everybody. So as not to put anyone off, sound formal to the formalister's sound casual to the casualister's (invented words)
  13. I've used their dry cleaning service. Although not included, it's actually much much cheaper than our local dry cleaners. So get DJ dry cleaned at end of cruise. But thinking logically should bring it "dirty" and get it dry cleaned on first day.
  14. Thanks for that , I've never noticed this. But come to think of it , every time I get notice of auto renewal price, a quick comparison site check , I can get it cheaper. Often with same company. So I end up negotiating and renewing on phone
  15. Yes but you can have Sushi wherever you sit , at any table. So effectively it is one restaurant. The only thing is if you sit at Sushi bar you can only have Sushi. However it seems Sushi and Vegan food are too niche for Arvia, hence adding Asian fusion , which I expect will have heavy Chinese element to widen clientele base.
  16. It also sells Sushi, which is definitely not Vegan or even vegetarian
  17. If Cunard wants a more tailored look they should write it down, communication by telepathy doesn't work . Saying "wear what you'd wear to a smart restaurant ashore" is too vague to be meaningful.
  18. I have a different opinion, I think jeans violate the spirit of the dress code, but thats a personal interpretation. However they don't violate letter of the dress code so therefore must be allowed. Jeans are certainly a subset of the wider class :- trousers
  19. Yes everything I had worked, it's about new cards , new loans etc To open a new credit card (to get Avios) had to go into Experian switch credit lock off , apply for new card (online), get accepted, then 30 mins later switch credit lock back on, easy.
  20. Apologies, I'm sure it used to say no jeans, but you are right that rule must have gone . As jeans are a type of trousers, they must therefore be allowed, even good old blue jeans. As no mention is made of trousers colour Only mention is no ripped jeans (but presumably you can have ripped trousers as they are not mentioned, ha ha)
  21. Exlonder you are righr . If trousers are made of denim they are jeans, jeans don't have to be blue , that's why some cruise lines say no denim to make it clear. If they are not denim they are not jeans I just don't understand the "CAN I GET AWAY WITH IT QUESTIONS" or ANSWER by people saying they got away with it Yes people have got away with black jeans because they don't look like jeans at first glance and Maitre D is busy. But jeans of any colour are against the rules and if spotted when Maitre D is not busy you may end up having to eat in buffet or pub for rest of holida. if you have no proper trousers. Yes you can often get away with lots of things. But why not just make life simple and follow the dress code.
  22. We heard (butler) they were going to add Asian fusion to the Green and co menu to widen the appeal. The restaurant is lovely, food good, but likewise it was half empty. No need to change restaurant, just widen menu appeal. It will stay an upmarket speciality restaurant.
  23. Many papers and https://etias.com/articles/eu-border-security-ees-launch-2024 say october 6th for biometrics and fingerprints
  24. We had to get them to measure our Swiss army knife blade just made 4cm now go in case. However first night had a steak , given a nasty looking steak knife with 5 inch blade, far more deadly. But rules is rules.
  25. Mine was a theoretical question, as except for summer when we don't travelbout of Cornwall , then often like our next cruise, have only 3 weeks between travel. I was caught in the Capita breach via pension , get on Experian ASAP and put credit lock on. If scammers can't do a credit search, can't take out a loan.
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